Date Night

Woke up with cucumbers on my eyes? I guess that in the middle of the night, I figured a little pampering couldn’t go a miss and went with it? I can’t remember how it happened, or why it happened? And yes, I DO men sliced circles of cucumbers and not gigantor girthy lengthsof cumber you perverts. (Before you all start inboxing me pictures of your looking deflated willies. ) 🙂

Life is picking up right now and really quite marvellous. I’m working hard, my love life is perfect, Ruby is growing up far too fast for her own good…and i’m back to being Mz.Glamour Puss. Pete is currently in adoration of me and has now been welcomed back into the bed. 🙂 (I enjoy how i banned him from his OWN bed.) Therefore now my sheets are a dream of feathery coziness, consisting of Loverboy, Ruby, Me and a felt duck we’ve aptly named ‘Quack, Quack.’

Got my book pictures yesterday. They were mailed to me in a little bubble wrap envelope and hidden away on a DVD that reads ‘Asda’ on it. 🙂 I was really nervously about looking at them, due to them being raw images and well because i’ve tooted on about how great they are, even before having an actual peek. 🙂

But yeah, i’m blown away. They’re amazing. Infact, so amazing, that Pete got jealous and moaney because he thinks Brian (the photgorapher) obviously must have dry humped my nipple? Lol. He didn’t. I’ve been a model all my life. I have a cheeky nipple that will *pop* out on occasion without me knowing in a photo…when that doesn’t mean there’s a man on the end of it. 🙂

Anyway, i was in the office yesterday actually working hard. Not even working ‘it’…EWW! And well a discussion about MEN arised and it would wouldn’t it, with us all being kitty cats of office space, in bangles and on swivel chairs. Kelly reminded me of the fact that Men are actually the most selfish speicies and think about themselves and their own needs, before any others. Whereas women work in the exact opposite way. If somethings gone wrong…the first thing that aches on our mind is a question of ‘what did I do wrong?’

I was an extremely selfish doll of ‘ooh’ when I was younger, in Hollywood and after my divorce. However now, i’m the most giving being ever. I blame myself internally, when things go wrong, yet actually now, i laugh, place on my tiara and celebrate it…wheni’m in a good mood, or when i feel helpless. Lucikly I’ve turned my own mistaking making into an art. Lol. My bounce-back ability is atonishing and because i’ve been through so much…shit. Woohoo! *Grabs tiara.*

Kelly also reminded me of the fact the people who chose their ‘forever’ partner, always go with what works for them. If you’re a controlling man, you always seem to fond that women who will be undying dependant of you and even though you moan…deep down it’s how you wanted it to be. If you’re a party boy, you’ll either pick a party girl, or a doting female who wouldn’t mind staying at home and looking after your 40 kids on her own, as you go out and get crunk, every Friday, after numerous do’s of ‘stag.’ I think men only get married in order to have a stag do. Lol. Well not the ones that marry me. I can’t seem to get rid of them after a year. 🙂

Anyway, i’ve babbled on about nothing for a good long while now and i’m probably gonna be late for work. Yay!! Can’t wait to get my book out and show you all the pictures. I have another audition in the morning, meaning I won’t have time to pick my fave 10 pictures for editing. But in the mean time…it’s Friday and what does that mean to me…’Date Night.’

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