Date night rocked.

I’ve literally come into work early, just so I can blog. Yeah..we still have internet at home and yeah i’ve really suffered without it. Therefore i woke up at some unGody hour, after a lot of wine last night, laptop in hand, Ruby in the other (who I must admit is an utter gem of gummy delight right now) and I tottered, with my ‘do’ and my overly shadowed slants, into work, and up to my office…i can’t even say it…EARLY!!! *Loser much.*

I’m back to being ‘Chrissie Wunna’ the proper one that gets sprayed in booze, fairy dust and glitter to the merry sound of life, in hot pink heels. My gay friend Adam spent yesterday having Greek men smear champagne on him in Kos. My life has turned quite ‘business’ now that i’ve edged my way up the ladder a little. The most important part other than gin, is that I remember to be ME. In my showbizzy work world, my life has become puzzled? There’s so much going on, so many loose ends, that i’m spinning in a chaotic circle of ‘deadline-meeting-percentage’ madness. My day job…keeps me grounded. Date night was amazing on Friday because it let me be ME and for the first time in a very very long time, i truely felt VIXEN!

Okay, so Pete and I had Date night on Friday. Ruby went to my mums and well we got home, sipped wine and got ready for our night out together. Immediately I morphed into this sparkle ridden, flirtaticious, kitty cat of ‘ooh laa.’ All *wink-wink* and cuddles and boobie squeezes. I guess, i must not have been like that in a long time, because as I laid, on Pete on the soaf, all dolled up and perfectly pouting, filled to the brim with *kissy kissy,* he got all nervous, utterly shy and blushed. OMG, it was exactly how he was when we first met. Therefore with a ‘Do you even like Me Pete??‘ (Ever the romantic. LOL) And a ‘OMG yeah, i’m just overwhelemed by how much attention i’m getting. I feel all inferior…Chrissie you’re just beautiful. We haven’t been like this in ages.’ We had more wine, I slipped on my hot pink heels, with diamantes.:) Told them they were my ‘I’m now single’ shoes. Now that he had reverted to being the quiet, sensitive, shy Pete, that remark upset him and i realized that not only was he nervous, but he was literally shaking? I guess, I was super full on. But that’s me. I oozed sexuality and well I also noicted that the more I doll up and the flirty I am, the more Pete adores me, yet to the point of utter submission. *Dangerous.* 🙂 The more he kept telling me how delicious I was, the more I played up to it.

We walked hand in hand to an authentic Italian retuarant and from the moment we entered…we fell back in lurve! (Then the owner hit on me, but didn’t give us free wine? Like what’s the point. The entire point to hitting on me is to end it with free things, be it wine, diamonds or high class homes?) He looked at Pete, being overly Yorkshire Italian and said, ‘When you two break up, you can give-a her to-a Me-ya?’ Erm i’m a Glamour puss, not a …donkey. I don’t get passed around. (Well i did one time in Hollywood, but that’s a whole other time. 😉 ) The point i’m trying to make is that I pass you around. I did flirt with the owner a bit. But because i liked him being openly flirty with me infront of Pete. It was like I wanted Pete to KNOW that I was desired. (Lol..We all do it, so shut it.)

Pete just laughed it off, fakely with a ‘Well i’ll be an old man before I get rid of her, so you’ll be waiting a long time.‘ Then garlic bread was ordered and the flirty Yorkshire Italian banter came to a merry end. ‘Oh you’re so beauty!!/ Great! Can I have the garlic bread to start with an maybe the olive dip?’ I guess the free thing the owner wanted to give me was his willy? Why do boys be they 15, or 50, think that that’s an appropriate gift? We don’t want YOU for a gift. We date YOU to BUY us gifts!!! 🙂 Tight bastard. Lovely guy really.

We talked and  romanced over dinner. Pete was ever the gentleman, and we looked like the most loved up couple in the entire restaurant. He gazed at me. I ‘cooed.’ I flirted, he blushed. It was like old times. Then after the most delicious dinner, and the strongest fucking wine ever. I swear i was pissed. I went from Glamour Puss to tramp in a second of sip. Pete ended the moment, when i’m in my finest, most Goddess-like sparkle with ‘Are you ill on your period?‘ 🙂 There we go, thinking with the willy. But i didn’t mind because he is pretty much my ‘other half,’ who now keeps referring to me as his wife, since I was hot for one night. are visual and a lot more superficial than you think. You want to keep your man. be hot, flirty and do it in hot pink heels and far too long eyelashes. *Flutter-flutter-wink.*

We walk home, uner the night stars. I can’t remember it because I was trollied. Then slipped home, cuddled and kissed, weirdly did a televised Quiz. I rambled on about how I’m off the telly. I love it when i do that speech drunk. And then i almost puked. You know it’s love when you almost puked. When you ‘almost’ do something, you didn’t. Therefore i’m safe. I had too much wine and began to chunder on his lap, as I was laid down. 🙂 Hot, i know. 🙂

Then he tried to stand up and passed out on a living room mattress. I did some kind of forward roll onto the mattress also and woke up in my hair, eyes, clothes, makeup and everything! Yet I remembered to slip off my golden glittery hoop earrings and place them on the side carefully like they were precious and not £1 from Primark. 🙂 My priorities rock!! I love being ‘The Wunna.’

We didn’t even have sex that night, due to being old drunkies, who pass out. Yet we humped in the morning and then I tended to the life and my day, as Mummy of the year!  I’m moving house. I had an early morning meeting, that I had to make, and try to act sober in. I had too much bronzer on to hide my shame and an accoutnant who glared at me with a stern face.

From that night onward, Pete and I have been nothing but darlings with each other. I had an amzing Mummy/baby Day with Ruby yesterday, where we did nothing but adore each other in pj’s, ALL DAY. They’re her favourite days and she hasn’t been happier. I’ve noticed that all Pete wants is for Me to love him and given him that much needed attention. I’m learning ever so much about him and well what we have is special. ‘I don’t just love you Chrissie, because we have a baby. I love you so deeply and because you’re my world!’ I could get used to this behaviour.

Anyway, I’m still all tragic and about glitz, glamour galore. Yet now i have to concentrate on really getting my showbizzy work back in order. First thing…my book. I need to talk to Helen.

I’ve done all of this at work. 🙂

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