Daily Star Foxiest Football babe

Okay, so i’m sitting minding my own business…missing calls, and all that jazz. I pick up the phone to listen to my ‘missed call’ only to hear the voice of ‘Susan’ from the Daily Star Sunday paper, announcing that i am ‘in the semi finals of the Daily Stars foxiest footie babe, after a nation wide search, and will  be appearing in the paper THIS SUNDAY, with 3 other girls, and YOU the NATION are to VOTE (via text) for your favourite FOXY FOOTIE babe!!’ If i get through, to the final 4 days after ward i’ll be in LONDON doing a proper full on dirty footie shoot for the DAILY STAR SUNDAY paper…and will feature the following Sunday…for more VOTING…i guess??? OMG!! It’s gonna be HOT as all they’re told me to bring (if i get picked is a ‘FLESH coloured’ thong…YES!!!)

Once again, we know how upset i get if i don’t win these little voting things. So i will remind you later, as i do really want to get to go do a ditry footie shoot for you!! But here it is one more time…i’m telling you early to get you all ready (as one girl has started a campaign..JESUS…i’m always up against the campaigning girls,) THIS  SUNDAY, I WILL BE FEATURED IN THE DAILY STAR as one of FOOTBALLS FOXIEST BABES, you are to VOTE FOR ME, VIA TEXT…so i can get through to the next round. When it comes out, I WILL BE GIVING YOU THE NUMBER TO TEXT FOR ME TO WIN…AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE, so i get a shot at being crowned the ‘Daily Stars Foxiest Football Fan!!!’

I’m so excited…again!!! What i am getting myself into!!! lol…

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  1. i got your back chrissie u should smash it babe? im still wounded u didint win the last one. if u get ot go london go mojo bar in the evening there it is the guvna chrissie good luck babe and i will get the star on sunday even though i will probably be to hung ova to read it take care chrissie tada scratch


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