Cupcakes, Crawling and Getting things in Order


What a weekend!

I have a baby son who has the distinct passion to crawl. he won’t rest, he won’t sleep and he won’t remain still, until he has mastered the art of crawling. I swear down that I have been up through the night, all weekend running in and out of his baby room plonking him back on his back, simply because he tries to crawl all night in his cot. Its hilariously cute and I admire his sense of determination. However, everything with babies, always ends in tears. πŸ™‚ My Poor boy. He has the determination of his Father. Until he crawls, he won’t rest. He’s not even bothered about sitting up. He can’t be arsed with learning those ropes. He’s a boy that wants to be on the move. Every single time I place him down, within seconds he is, what I call, doing his ‘Army Sausage roll’ onto his belly and attempting to make his way forward in life. Lets hopw he gets there soon. Mama needs some sleep πŸ™‚

Sitting up bores him. (He only learnt how to do it two days ago. He’s still very wibbly, but all the same, it doesn’t interest him. πŸ™‚ )

My weekend has been this… HE IS A MACHINE. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Baby 1, my delicious little Ruby has been as good as gold and simply because she has her heart and her stability back. It’s made a big difference and to any mama, when you see your little girl happy you sort of down just smile, at the same time as that smile a huge sigh of relief occurs, with a ‘everything’s going to be okay.’ Ruby has loved, laughed, shopped, played, pooed on the toilet (three cheers) and really really grown up fast. I swear to you, she acts like a teenager at Two. At times she ‘s a little McMouthy with her Mummy. Yet I don’t blame her, I blame her gene pool. πŸ˜‰ She looked at me yesterday because I was ruining her plans for chocolate and said, ‘Just shush MUM. I wasn’ t talking to you, was I! I was talking to Daddy.’ πŸ™‚ I love having a feisty daughter. Instead of punishing her I ended up laughing and baking cupcakes with her. Ah shucks! I’m a soft Mum. So shoot me.

Here’s her first cupcakes…


Life is great right now because I feel really positive and that I’m slowly getting somewhere, both emotionally, financially and mentally. Things take time, and the time things take, provided it’s used wisely really makes a difference.

I’d say my love life is looking up. I love being a family and having my family together. I feel strong and feel as though that’s the way things should be. I want a lifetime of unconditional family love and memories and not a broken mish-mesh of love. It'[s not right, it’s not fairytale and well I’m happy. Things are going wellish. We’ll get there.

I guess what I’ve loved about my weekend is the fact that it was kept simple. We all did really simple things. We took walks around garden centres, shared dreams, had moments of fear, but trusted, loved, played, tended to kiddies, lunched and enjoyed. Nothing too ‘fling yourself into party land’ amazing. Yet certainly more fulfilling. I love the simple things in life..after having a very complicated adventure through it . I’m very very lucky and I’m grateful for all the things and all the people I have in my life. I’m growing. I’m positive. I’m ACE.

On the work front, I’m adjusting. I’m trying to find the right fit. I’m poking my fingers in a lot of pies, but i know where my heart lies. I’m seeing what happens, as what’s meant to happen will. I don’t like to rush things ro be rushed. The natural flow of what you’re meant to achieve will happen, provided you remain on the right path. Like some said to me yesterday, ‘it’s okay to be lost, if you’re lost in the right direction. ‘ Very True.

I’m not lost. I feel together. I’m simply adjusting to get everything exactly the way I want it.

The weathers rubbish innit. I can eyelash flutter in the rain. It’s not becoming. But it certainly is making me excited for the Winter months. The ‘snuggle’ months…I call them. Where we all wear comfies, drink mulled wine, share family love, get boyfriends for Christmas and enjoy. I can’t wait to get to the luxury log cabin for Christmas. I can’t wait to have my little family around me and to dress the children up as matching Christmas Puddings. (The poor things have to both be pumpkins for Halloween. For Crimbo they can either do reindeer and elf…or both Christmas puds. πŸ™‚ #wunnaland. It’s all for my own pleasure. being two and a newborn and having no say in what you wear sucks. πŸ™‚ )

I adore nature now and because I appreciate harmony. The last part of the year has been an emotional roller coaster. Being in the forest will be beautiful. Plus, i’ll get to guzzle champers in the hot tub, whilst you all drinks cups of tea to the Corrie Omnibus.

I’m looking for exciting career things to happen and they will. I’ve noticed a lot about myself and the things i’ve noticed have been great.

Keep things simple, but keeps things sexy. Have an image..a mental image of what ou wish your life to be like and go for it. Go get it. Make that image a reality. The good thing is that as soon as you can see it mentally, you have taken the FIRST STEP, to making it happen. Anything can happen. Dreams really do come true. Work hard at yours. Do one productive thing and serve one of kindness. Always dream and make sure your image is clear. That way your future will be bright and what better time to do it at than Christmas.

Last night was a good night.

I love you all,

C x

Ps/ Why is all my hair falling out???

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