crap rollercoasters rock

Had a great day. Felt a little weary at first, and during a dizzy diet spell found myself eyeing up random stainless steel toasters and bathroom tiles for no reason, yet for ages, like a druggie. Diets suck ass, as they make you lose your general concentration. Food if fuel, and boy do i need it. So as from tomorrow, i’m saying ‘Fuck you’ to the diet, and going back to my natural lovely self. I’m great anyway! What was i thinking! Well it wasn’t exactly my idea, i was told to lose weight for a job. The bastards! I weigh in at 7 and a half stone, which is about 105lbs, (if ur american.) Then can kiss my chunky burmese bum, and all that good stuff.

Made up with ‘Latin Lover.’ I guess i’m a softie, and realised that not many males will ever put up with my crap the way he does. Not sure how he does? But yeah, he does! It’s just one big giant emotional rollercoaster with me, it’s the funnest, fun fun, then the shittest swoop down down…plus mainly, i kinda feel bad, as when you re-visit the conversation we had last night, it was kind of ME…(hahaha) that said all the mean things! Oops! I guess i get things wrong. Ah well life goes on! I forgot that i called him a complete LOSER, who ‘few home truths to be mean’ this, and a ‘few home truths to be evil’ that. We’re good now. Yay! Emotionally i’m high maintenance. I feel sorry for the poor lad really.

I’m so tired, as it’s past my bedtime, but i’ve finally got ‘itunes’ due to my darling younger cousin, and baby sibling doing it all for me….so now, i’m trying to figure it all out??? So far i’ve managed to try and buy one song, and it said ‘Fuck you! NO!’ …as it’s only in the american store or something. So as you can see it’s going well!! I did just watch an wall climbing ant completely commit suicide. It crawled half way up the white wall, really slowly, took it’s next step and fell swiftly and without notice, to the ground. A bit like us all really. Shame!! I’m sleepy! Yay! No diet tomorrow!!

4 thoughts on “crap rollercoasters rock”

  1. im pleased uand your geezer are better know chrissie. i can tell u would be hard graft to keep happy babe but i bet u are a proper laugh. have a lovely day of your diet tommorow babe your right diets are shit why does all nice tucker have to be bad for u

  2. icould tell from your blogs. even though i think u are the bollox i felt sorry for your geezer. u got a goodun there for him to be able to suffer it


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