Crap boobie mum??

My bitches are great. I have had one certain someone, we’ll call him, ‘Too GAY to be wearing THOSE jeans,’ tell me, he does not seem to know a  ‘stupider bitch’ (hahaha) than me. Shame really, i know plenty! (oh and it may sound a bit harsh, yet really it’s the sweetest thing he could ever say!! Then i had  one of my online friends, i’ll call him, ‘Use to be a Ying Yang,’ growl at me, (due to the news of the coming soon, Chrissie Wunna breast enlargement), via myspace and claim he wanted to break into ( slightly disturbing, lol) my house at night, kidnapp my boobs, and raise them himself. Love it!!

My boobs are fine, i am a fit mother of them, i have served them well and when they are given a little ‘forever silicone padding’love… they will be even finer!! Crap boobie mums ROCK!!!

3 thoughts on “Crap boobie mum??”

  1. hmmm… this ‘Ying Yang’ fellow (another world for arsehole – coincidence? I think not) sounds a desperate & dangerous individual…

    You certainly are a fit mutha… I mean mother…



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