Couldn’t be better…

Just got home and already on the wine. I’ve leapt out of my work clothes, that although radiated ‘Vixen, don’t mess,’ kinda made me feel fat after about an hour and a half. I keep pretending that i’m thin and keep forgetting that i’ve still got a jolly dollop of baby weight to shimmie off. (All preggos do it, after the baby.)  I mean yeah, i can fit into a size 8 when i don’t eat a week of McDonalds. But let me tell you, if after 4 hours you’re feeling chubby, it simply means you need to keep that size for a better time and slip into that pair of ‘little bit bigger’ panties. It makes no different…sexy is sexy…big, small or tall. If you got it, you got it.

Anyway, work ended up not being as bad as I thought. I was frustrated due to being stuck in a room all on my own today for 8 hrs straight, whilst everything kept going wrong. Yet 15 minutes before the clock struck ‘hometime.’ I recieved a phonecall from my boss and I explained my frustrated in a calm, panicky :), yet honest fashion. Now i feel relieved and i’m ready to take the bull by the horns and donkey ride it forward.

I’m not used to this day job marlarky. It’s emotionally a lot tougher than I ever thought. In my showbizzy world, i kinda just seem to fall into a happy pool of glitter, even after a delicious shit storm. However, i find it easier to simply be Me and work for me. However, when you tango with ‘day job,’ you are responsible for the love of another. Therefore a lot of pressure ends up being plonked upon you, because at the end of the day everyone wants to impress and be looked upon as ‘one of the best’ at what they do. When it’s just Me. I can only let ME down and in the past…. I’ve been pretty good at doing that! Hurrah! Bring in the dancing girls. (Know that I only did that during the Hollywood phase, when i didn’t care too much about myself and galloped into danger to applause! Yee-haa.) Luckily, i magically scooped me up a bit of fame and fairytale and well…bouncing back from the lovely rocks of ‘da bottom,‘ can happen. I love that a percentage of people found my blog today by searching ‘Craig David’ and ‘ass.‘ Hilarious.

I’m back to loving my day job and because i think i can handle it. I was just in too tight pants and when you’re a Glamour puss, you can’t function in too tight pants. We enjoy freedom. I mean forget being stuck in a room all day. I was wedged trapped in my own trousers, knickers, then inside my own fleshy parcel. No wonder I lost the plot!

The book is coming along nicely. Therefore i’m all at peace with myself for magicking that little bit of ‘ooh laa.’ If it sells and makes me millions, then i’m gonna place my tiara back on my head, pick up my handbag andcarefully stroll out of my ‘day job’ office, with a smile on my face, until I j’ette LEAP out of that joint with a ‘YIPPPEEEE I’M RICH!!’ I’m a lucky girl, so i’m keeping every thing crossed. Even my crotch.

Ruby had her injections today and apparently didn’t feel a thing. According to Petey, she simply looked at the health Visitor in charge of the ‘pricking’ to save her from the horrors of the world, like she was a bitch…then after a moment of looking *puzzled*…she gummy smiled and got on with life. Just like her Mama.

Pete and I are wonderful right now. I couldn’t be more in love. We’re enjoying fun times. Laughter. Friendship and love and doing it like champions. I feel like i’m now taking precedence in his life and well all he actually needed was a whole lot more attention. Today i stopped both my babies in their tracks for a moment, as soon as i got back from work, and jumped into my leopard print jimmy jams and told them how much I loved them. We really are the most perfect family in the world and thank god we took the time to work it all out!

I’m reading my messages from my old Facebook and you know what i’m quite the dish. The boys right fancy a bit of The Wunna. I properly adore it. Meiow…! 😉 Okay…now it’s getting a little too crazy??? I kinda have to *sneek* on it and even after the *sneek* it’s like the boys are immediately alerted of my online existance and ‘waa-woo’ me with ‘love me, love me.’ I do adore such behaviour. It’s madness.  I don’t even know how to describe it to you. It’s sort of like being  insanely chased by the papparazzi, but in Cyberland and the boys don’t have cameras, they flash cyber willy and words of worship! I forgot how ace i am. 🙂

(I especially enjoy the gentleman who has made the effort to tag me in a photo of himself, in order to ‘wave in’ a ‘hi, I adore you.’ That’s my fave. But don’t do anymore….anymore…at all. 🙂 )

I’m getting messages from all over the world, all from adoring gents who are being rather romantical (awww) and here I am, in an ‘about to set on fire’ appartment, covered in smoke and because Pete doesn’t know how to cook a steak. At least i’ll burn alive in leopard print. I LOVE BEING ME!!!

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