Corsets, Love and Life

Date Night ended up being a ‘flop.’ It kinda flopped because we don’t need one anymore. We’ve snapped back to reality and well the passion has already been a kindled flame. All we did was last night was lay around in the living room, bicker a little, cuddle, then spend the rest of the time missing Ruby. It’s almost my time of the month, therefore every little ‘wrong turn’ Pete makes, internally grinds on me. I’m the fun one out of the two. Yet I’m also weirdly the responsible and sensible one. Pete’s mind is a messy pig-sty of affairs and having to teach him life, as i go along gets really really annoying at times. Only WINE makes me beable to handle it. I just don’t get how i can be all Glamour Pussy galore, party streamers, glitter shower, leopard print heels and diamonds. Yet still beable to function has a self suficient human being. I’m a recovered kitty Queen of very drunk party, for crying out loud!!! However, i can handle being Mummy, girlfriend, full-time worker, Chrissie Wunna, and Ultimate Queen of Greatness. Peter is a dear fellow who needs his hand held through everything, come rain or shine. He’d rather me dictate every single little thing does, than have to think for himself. Lol. I’m the EXACT opposite. Getting Me to do ANYTHING that i don’t want to do, is like trying to push 10 hippos up a 10,000ft mountain. You might get there in the end. Yet even if you make it, all you’ll want to do by the end of the trek, is throw yourself off the mountain and weirdly after you’ve dry humped one of the hippos. Worth it? I think not. 🙂 *Fans herself to champion music.*

I love Pete deeply and well we’re a really great couple. He’s a wind up merchant, yet also gentle, romantic and kind. Dating me isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Yet he’s willing to (in the words of Beyonce) ‘Put a riiing on it.’ Therefore I’ll let him off. He’s helpless. But will do anything he can to bring a smile to his little kittens face. We’re madly in love and well i really couldn’t think of a better life partner. (Aww…)

Anyway today has all been about the shoot fro my book. OMG how hard is it to choose Glamour Pussy attire, when you haven’t lost all your baby weight. I’m really nervous about the pictures and how i’m going to look. Everything i peeked and poked at just didn’t seem right. I’ve really got to stick to my diet. I’ve tried to blame everyone but myself, therefore I know i’m still sane. When you take full responsiblity for anything, you really have hit rock bottom. 🙂 No more McMuffins for breaky. God!! I hate diets.

I’ve been inundated with messages from boys who have all been going on about the football. I’m not one who remotely cares about a game of footie. Yet I do like perving over the hot spanish boys, in shorts out of boredom. Bottomline…i don’t think there’s anything at all WRONG with being a GLORY supporter? Like why wouldn’t you be? Like why would anyone want to support a bunch of people who lose all the time? I don’t get it? All these boys fight for the life of their preferred team of football. Yet…the footballers of their particular club, wouldn’t really even give them the time of day if they were to see them at a club. It’s the hot girls that get to drink with them and the boys just get elbowed out the way. LOL. This is why women are smarter. We get with the boys with the ball skills, instead of fighting for who’s team is the best. 🙂 I just don’t enjoy haters. Therefore all the people hating on anyone, for no real reason, in my mind is very telling. It’s always the people doing rubbish in life, who tend to the art of hating.

(Aww..Pete’s being really cute and asking for cuddles.)

I’ve just got back home, after a looong day of ‘i just can’t fit into that hot pink corset.’ I’m meant to be out on the town tonighta and it’s still early so I might. Yet i’m kinda just exhausted. (The whole book thing takes up all my free time.) Therefore i might just enjoy being a Mummy tonight…and make Pete watch tear-jerkers, to see if they make him cry. 🙂

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