Completely Exhausted!

Completely exhausted. Obviously i had approximately 3 hours sleep after my night of ‘shimmie’ much with my handsome treat of boyage i’m labelling ‘Loverboy,’ and a little baby romp in the back seat of automotive, whilst a milkman looked on.

I had to get up early to spend quality time and all my money with and on my Mother. I do adore her and yeah i might be knackered, to the point where even lifting the wine glass to my lips exhausts me to the point of *pass-out.* But at the end of the day, quality time with genuis who bred me, comes before all selfish acts of ‘hang to the oooover.’ I’m like a human dynamo. I swear, i can feel shit, but keep on going for ages…I have no idea how i do it?

We went to Doncaster…did a bit of shopping. Had lunch. It was lovely. I got recognized a lot today (it always happens when i’m all hungover and useless..When i’m in my full glory…no-ones bothered.) But I talked to a little 8 year old in pink and hairbands, who i loved immensely, due to her posh little girl accent. Yet, town was far too busy for my liking and more people kept staring at me, rather than stopping me. I prefer to be stopped, because i feel more comfortable with a brief natter. (God my body kills!! After every night out now, i need a massage in order to simply move. I’m old!!! Remind me to never be 29 and try to get my ‘leg over’ in the back of a car. OUCHY! I’m humping like i’m 16. I’m a disgrace…but we love it.)

Anyway, i’m home now. I’m tired. I can’t WAIT to lie in. My shoot got  rescheduled, which although bad, kinda means i get extra hours in bed…alone. Woohoo! I can’t think of anything more delicious than bed right now. I’m exhausted.

I’ve been texting a lot tonight. I’ve stalked a few hotties on Facebook.. and well Jonny and I have been bbming. He misses me and to be honest i have moments in the day where i miss him too. I mean before i ventured back up north, we had pretty much spent all day every day with each other and for months. He said he misses so much it aches and it confuses him and that we need to talk. We do need to talk.

However right now, i’m off to bed. I’m in my baby blue pj’s and armed with a delicious night cap. I am the Queen of Greatness and i don’t you forget it. ‘Loverboy‘ just text me telling me he’s gonna be meeting me tomorrow after he’s had his

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