Comedy sex film reject

Had ‘nookie’ today on a living room mattress, as cartoon chickens performed Tai Chi on my telly box. Loverboy, got all excited due to be kissing him with glee, after a quick trip to Nandos at Xscape in Pontefract. (I’m easily pleased.) I think, i called him ‘sexy’ twice, in a giggly girl fashion of  pure and utter innocence. (I had managed to get mildy tipsy after a sip of white wine. I know…i’m totally losing my touch.) Anyway for some reason, this made Pete all happy and excited and his crotch began to wigwham, as he attempted to wonder why I was being openly flirtatious. (Y’can tell we never have rumpy these days.) I thought I was always like that?? But I guess not.. Anyhow, long story short, it prompted a giggly, wiggly moment of him wanting a wee bit of ‘hanky panky’ whilst baby Ruby was asleep in a tiny pink Winnie the Pooh dress and bow. It actually felt quite yummy when it all got a going. I felt sexy and vixen. A little bit ‘ooh’ a little bit ‘aah.’ However, half way into it…we hear the little cries of our bambino and immediately, i’m only half involved with the hump sesh. Even though he comedically tried to convince me that she was surely just having a bad dream.

I get up and naked feed my little Glamour Puss, with her bottle…(that’s when I noticed the cartoon ninja chickens) and when she fell asleep once more, Loverboy decided we should continue our ‘moment’…even though his willy now had turned from a Liberty statue…into an..eye infection?

Anyway, we return to being all giddy and in love, with our ‘we never get a moment alone like this’ so lets bonk. And what happens…? No..Ruby doesn’t wake up. [Aaah got you going them.] Pete..aka. Loverboy..aka My little Prince Charming secretly FILM it for a joke! FILM

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