Cleaning Up My Act

Don’t fret, not really. I believe i’m merely covering  my sins with bubbles. CHAMPION!! I’m really bored today and feel like i need an adventure. I need to be travelling. I need to be entertaining. I need to be all around the world, sampling it’s secrets. I’m not a homebody. Infact, i kinda dislike homebodies. I think it’s a pretty decent way to waste your life experience. It’s important to get out and about, even when you don’t really want too.  I mean i’m always tugging at relunctant ‘ stay at homers,’ persuading them to get out of those manky pyjamas and step into some hooker dress and hit that thing called ‘Life’ full on. It’s important to have a glass of wine a day, celebrate your life, do whatever you soo wish too and swear at  random strangers. I intend to change this world we live in!! Just still figuring out how?

10 thoughts on “Cleaning Up My Act”

  1. they are probably stuck in the snow muchcin cars miigh not be able to get threough it. u look choong in the tub by the way chrissie take care me old china

  2. hmm, kind of a short post today.

    Well, its cool to be out and about. However, at times I mean I think people would miss the comfort of their own home. It’s the one place you can really be yourself without people judging you at every corner.

    Traveling the world does seem exciting though. Maybe you should go and check out every country and what it has to offer. i would like to do that some day. Find out some really awesome food, enjoy the local culture and entertainment, and of course find some good looking natives.

    With this talk about checking out whats going on with the world outside. It makes me think of Burma from time to time. The last time I went there was when I was a chubby 8 year old kid, who people of course laughed at and called me a fat boy. I don’t remember much about the place except that it has a marketplace that everyone knows of and just tons of temples. Thinking about the current political, economic, and social situation over there just isnt cool. Its hard to even fathom that my parents think about moving back there one day.

    I hate to sound like a preachy ad on tv, but maybe if you want to change the world we live in maybe you should join some charitable causes. Maybe even check out whats going on at Burma, though I hear if you want to get anything through customs these days, with the high corruption at all, you would need to bring them like two to four cartons of cigarettes as a bribe (one for each airport official). Its not an outright bribe, just put it in your luggage case and put it on top of your belongings, one they see that, they could care less about what else you have. They will “confiscate” those cartons and you should be on your merry way.

  3. there are two places worth going the land and vegas but i do wanna go la and the philipines and all. fuck france and germany they are our enemys always have been always will be

  4. Hey boys!

    Scratch- Yeah LA rocks, as does Vegas. But every place in theis goddamn world has something Wunnaful to offer. Kisses

    Lucas- Brave Boy

    Dave- I’m a member of loads of charitable causes. LOADS! When i say ‘change the world’ i don’t mean give money and world peace. Thats so Beauty Queen. I mean, encourage people to really LIVE, LOVE and do whatever they want, without holding back. Y’know, experience life, without carin about what others may think…have fun!

  5. yes u are right but germany and france always pipe up and always get weighed so we cant trust em so why go there and be around em . when u can go the land or vegas or philipines or la u know what i mean jelly bean. and i think uare good for the worl coz u love fun and seem a proper diamond treacle

  6. yes i love sex and all and u should tell everythnig how it is so people no where they stand coz if u are like me and thick as pig shit u aint goa get all the subtle hints and all the malrkie. and essex palyers are hottr than the ones in la lol

  7. I’m not familiar with english-french- german relations. I know france is in a mess because people are in an uproar over its leaders, atleast the rural people are. Germany, I have no clue of.

    I am thinking the english and french people should in a way be friendly right? I mean you guys were allies in WWII. As for the not being cool with germany part, I suppose the WWII history is there, though west germany did win out so… ????

    Whats the deal?

  8. it is coz the frenchare still sore me smashed napolian tto pieces and think they can always pipe to us and suck germanys ars basicaly . and yes germany is coz of the war and they always beat us at penaltys in football


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