Clairvoyants, Walks & Packed Lunches

Okay. I wrote this blog yesterday. I didn’t get to publish it because my life swirled by me. I decided to go with it. Enjoy it though! Please, please do! Have a very warm welcome into Wunna Land…

Dear Diary….

Rubes was up at 5.30am this morning, because she was SO excited & utterly delighted to make a packed lunch. (She never ever gets to have a packed lunch for anything really? Therefore the novelty of such a wonder fills her soul with absolute life.) 

Ru: ‘Are you up or asleep?’

Me: ‘Up, but kinda tired and want to be asleep?’

Ru: ‘Good. Let’s make packed lunches!!!’

Haha….She was just so excited, I couldn’t help but go with it. 

And just like that…Wednesday had begun. (It was raining outside. It was dark. Junior wasn’t one bit bothered about MAKING a packed lunch. As long as one was visible & edible at the desired time, he’d be happy.) 

Ru: ‘Aren’t you gonna put your hair in?’

Me: ‘I don’t need a hair extension in to make ham sandwiches at 5am. Haha.  I haven’t even done my face. I haven’t even put my contact lenses in. I’ve literally just woken up..’

Ru: ‘Just thought you’d want too…’

So, as you do…There I was, in a kimono, no face on, barefoot, but with my FULL clip in extension in, cutting sandwiches into triangles, and putting together 2 little pack lunches, at 5.45am. (It was still raining. Still dark outside. Still Wednesday. Lol.) 

I loved it, because I actually never ever get to make the kids packed lunches. They always have lunch at school, or we order a packed lunch FROM school for their trips….or we eat out. In fact, (and this is ridiculous) The Wunna Babies have probably had ROOM SERVICE a ZILLION times MORE, than they have ever… EVER had a packed lunch. 

It was fun. It filled my soul with absolute life. 😉 The simple cuteness of the moment was delightful. We loved it. Ruby smiles at me like her world was utterly complete. It could’ve stayed dark & rained all day and Wednesday would still have been perfect. 

Anyway, today both babies have ‘Founders Day’ at school. (The day their school was ‘founded.’)  No lessons will take place. Junior will be outside ALL day building dens, lighting fires and having a go at pond fishing, in the school’s forest.

Ju: ‘I’m gonna team up with Ray because he’s the best at building dens. He’s the fastest. So if it rains, he’ll build fast and I’ll go in it.’

Me: ‘Yeah, but what do you bring to the table?’

Ju: ‘What table? Is there a table?’

Me: ‘Lol. No. I mean, you can’t just make Ray do all the building. What are you going to do?’

Ju: ‘I’m good at karate kicking & I’ll have to kick angry wolves….’


He then proceeded to show me how great his karate kicks were, so my heart melted and I let him get on with it…

Ru: ‘What about Eoin?’

Ju: ‘Well Ofcourse if I do something, Eoin does & if Eoin does something I do!!’ 

Ru: ‘So poor Ray’s gonna build you BOTH a den?’

Ju: ‘Yeah. But I’m kicking remember!!!!!!’

(He ended up refusing to trade a biscuit with Charlotte, for a Jaffa cake & instead snapped his last Jaffa in half, to share it with Eoin.) 

 Ruby’s on a giant loooong walk today with school. It’s far and rainy. She’ll hate it. (I even felt bad for sending her off today to dedicate her Princess legs to such a task.) 

However, her pride will mean that she’ll just get on with it. Once home, she’ll demand luxury, for comfort. I don’t blame her. It wouldn’t be my favourite game either. (She fell asleep in the car home, had a bath, cried out of tiredness and then went to bed at 6pm!! Haha.) 

She’s in waterproofs (‘Why are they red and not pink Mum?’) She’s also in wellies that (by her own choice) resemble unicorns. (It’s the small things.)

Mrs P: ‘..Ruby your wellies have HORNS & A TAIL on! I want some!!!!’ 


Of course, i forgot my coat, so I’m pretty much wrapped in a giant black and white scarf…FREEZING my tassels off……in the frightful daytime rain. (Yipppeee.) 

Then my car battery drained out, because I left my lights on, whilst en route to buy lace. (Cheers.)

I’m now having to walk, in the cold, with my scarf, avoiding ‘honks’ from trucks, until it’s fixed. However, I am reading WhatsApp messages that go a bit like this….

I’m also answering your questions on Insta ….

My car should be fixed soon. (It didn’t get fixed. It’s still in the garage.) But in a way I’m kinda glad. I didn’t want to head into town, because I’d heard a certain human was there. A human that I really didn’t wish to encounter. 

Nothing is more awkward than having to avoid someone, is it? It’s only awkward because you have to pretend that it’s not remotely awkward. That alone is clumsy and unfulfilling. 

But everything happens for a reason. I’d prefer to wait and walk in the rain. I’m happy. Life is good. There’s no need to venture to town for lace. Who does that anyway? It’s not 1952. ( I went to the library instead. I actually met the most inspiring lady there, who took time out of her life to nurture & direct me. I love that!! You’d think that I’d never go to the  ‘library,’ right? Well you’re wrong. I adore being around knowledge. Even if I don’t choose to read any of it. Haha.) 

Today is shit. Well, it started badly. Maybe it gets better? (Thankfully it did!) 

Right now, I’m  sat having coffee and I’m wanting to unravel my giant scarf & use it as a ‘wrap around’ blanket. Is that acceptable in a public place, or only at ‘The Bennion’s?’ 

If you go over to see Jules (Mrs. B)  for a playdate. (Our children played. Not us. 😉 ) Well, it’s a delight! They should sell tickets.

The hospitality on offer at The Bennion’s is  pretty much first rate. They’ll adore you, relax you and wrap you in beautifully designed ‘bouji’ blanket, as they sit you by a silver, free standing ice bucket, pour a drink of your choice, and gently talk life. 

You’ll watch the sunset over the garden fields, as fresh popcorn kernels, are ‘popped’ in warm warm silver pans, atmospheric music is played and designer Malibu cocktails are created…just for YOU. (Mine even had tiger stripes & tinsel garnish.) 

They enjoy fun, the finer things in life, each other & in most ‘down to earth’ fashion. There’s a bubbly, Yorkshire, ‘rock n roll,’ vibe to them. They also like appearing on my insta story, which is always a bonus. Haha.

It was so great. I officially adore them. I didn’t even know how to thank them? So at the ‘last minute’ I showed my appreciation for them, with a requested concierge service for their trip to Las Vegas. 

Jules: ‘Chrissie, do you know anyone?’

Me: ‘Omg! Please renew your vows!’

I like that people can say, ‘Hey, I’m headed to Vegas and I need adventure brought to me via VIP. Do you know anyone?’ 

I can conjure it up, in a hair flick. So I messaged the guy I know, who owns a great concierge company. He was laid on his sofa in Beverly Hills..chilling. I’ve known him since I was young. 

Me: ‘Are you in Vegas this weekend? I have friends flying over from the U.K. for 4 days, who need hook ups…etc..But they literally fly in 3 days time!?! So they’re gonna need it sorting fast.’ 

Concierge: ‘Hey! Yeah. I’ll absolutely sort it for them. I drive to Vegas Friday…I’m in LA right now. Here’s my work number. They can WhatsApp me.’

He’d be organising the hospitality for Wayne Rooney, Celine Dion and Niall Horan previous. But he managed to also chat to the The Bennion’s and sort them out too. 🙂

Wow! I got really distracted!?! 


What was I on about? Oh yeah. Is it okay for me to sit in a coffee shop, in a blanket, or will people think I’m odd?

I covered this earlier on an insta Q&A. I like attention where it’s due…..

A bit of ‘Oh she’s so wonderful./ What a great talent!/Such a beauty!/ The best…blah, blah, blah.’ 

Yet, I don’t wish to noticeably sit in this coffee shop, wrapped in a giant blanket, in case everyone judges me. lol 

I wonder if my cars gonna get fixed before the school run? (No.) 

It’s 6am Thursday now. I’m laid in bed writing this on my phone, in the dark with my third, right…finger. Haha. 

Today, I watch the children perform in their Harvest Festival. (I’m really excited!!! I love watching their school concerts. Pete’s headed over to watch them both too. That’s Ruby’s dad, in case you didn’t know. We co-parent like a dream!) 

Hopefully my car gets fixed? It’s fine if not. I’ll wait.

But before that, I visit a local Clairvoyant….

Me: ‘Mum. When you booked it, did you give her a fake name? I just want to make sure that she doesn’t go on my blog or Google anything before the reading.’

Mum: ‘I just said for Christina…’

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