Chocolate Muffin

Writing my Christmas cards, and loving it. This year i’m only sending ‘Cards of Xmas Love’ to those either very close to me, those who don’t really have anyone this Xmas or those who have made a significant impact on my life to date…Oh and only if i have their address. (lol..) So see, i am a Sweetie after all! I have ‘Significants’ all over the world. So i think it’s nice for them to get a little surprise card from Me..just so they know i’m thinking of them. Much better than my usual crap email. I love it! Brings a smile to my face. Therefore even though, i’m an outspoken minx, i guess i love to make people happy (underneath it all)…but only when it matters. It’s weird how the smallest things can bring a little ‘joy, joy.’. make people remember. I forgot the power of the Christmas card. No-one sends them in LA, as no-one celebrates Christmas. It’s a lonely time for many.

Anyway, I feel like a fatty because i just stuffed a massive chocolate muffin (oooh-er) in my mouth. It’s quite disgusting really, especially since whilst mid-‘stuffing it,’ i was having a massive ‘go’ at someone, for being a negative twat. I hate negative tramps. Y’know just fucking ‘grumps’ who want to piddle all over my Xmas cheer and always think they’re right..when obviously I am. Look, I’m a ‘good time’ gal and there’s no room for people with faces like slapped arses, with attitudes to match. Yet, unfortunately, a bit of ‘choccy-muff’ fell out of my mouth, mid ‘having a go.’ (Hahaha) But i’m not bothered, it was too much ‘muff’ for me anyhow, my point needed to get across. I’ll shove a muppet up her bloody nightgown, if i have too. Moany bint! Hilarious!!

I’m being I-M’ed after telling someone i was going to get them a free gym membership. I’m wanting to start working out, so i have a yummy body…without having to buy one. He wants to be my ‘gym buddy,’ yet for some reason thinks i’m going to make him have to commit to being ‘anally raped’ by a gay trainer…for the free membership. (haha!) Says a lot about what my friends think of me!! I don’t blame them…i’m always getting them into those preciously awkward moments. I always say they’ll thank me later, when they have awesome stories to tell. They say, i merely use them as props, so i can turn their ‘awkward moments’ into my own awesome stories to tell!! Lol.. It’s true… What are friends for but to be used and ridiculed! MUFFIN!!!

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  1. have a good xmas and have fun writhing your cards babe. using one of my frases aye chrissie good good im pleased it is a classic aint it . good luck down the gym i am loving the gym at the minuite i want ot get hench so i can work in vegas but im trying to do it with out getting on the juice. u wouldnt get your pal raped by another fridge thought would u . if u are like that your pal should carry a tool


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