Chipper little Chicken Much

Oh my gosh, my pretty little things of ‘coochie.’ How delicious is the weather today!!! I mean, pringtime is definitely upon us and well if the ‘breezey warm’ continues, pring could end up being my favourite season. It kinda makes everyone bizarrely cheery, and want to make out with people, in the sun at afternoon ‘on the patio’ bars, with a margarita, or a fruity umbrella drink, with a *wink,* a drapage of pastel colours (I’m in lemon today) and that¬†Wunna fancy free, ‘aah fuck it’ attitude. As you can tell i’m feeling wonderful today. I’m happy and enjoying life and i think i’m about to go frolocking in the garden with my boobies, a *giggle,* a kitten and pint of gin. ūüôā I’m gonna make a really great Mother one day. lol. (‘Honey you’re angles are all wrong in that outfit….gin makes you thin!’) Whenever it’s warm in Yorkshire, it reminds me of Hollywood and brings the ‘Dolly’ out in me. I was a GREAT ‘being’ in the land of tinsel, and we all know i was a champion Hollywood wife. ūüôā (‘ my heels go with this dishwasher?‘)

To be honest i am feeling a tad bit superficial bimbo today, (incase you hadn’t noticed) but it’s all in good fun…i’m feeling playful. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tthe art of Bimbo. It’s something that gets slated quite a lot. Yet, i LOVE playing it…as there’s no other time where you feel like the Ultimate girly girl of gooey. Like you can get away with the craziest of shit..and well i’m a clever girl. I’ll work whatever i can…to *shimmie* an array of ticks on my ‘to do in life’ list. *Wiggle-wink-pulls panties out of butt crack*

I’m having to nurse a baby kitten, who¬†completely has the actual kitten flu, (aww)…all it wants to do is cling onto my right boobie and *sneeze* on it all day. I love it…it’s all helpless and looks a bit tipsy. Yet, i keep getting it tangled into my weave…which really is quite unfortunate.

On the boy front, I guess things are going well with the boy i went on a date with. He has one of those jobs where he has to work all day. (Eww.) I have one where i shoot for 4 hours, and i’m done. But, i like him. He’s cute and perfect for


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