Chinese Chicken much

Yeah so today has been busy! Really busy! Infact, i’ve quite oddly been super productive, to the point where i’ve now become so addicted to *work* that the only thing that could possibly stop me would be an explosion…and one where my body just decides to give up and *burst* into a glittery *boom* of madness. Hurrah…a piece for everyone!!

I’ve worked hard, and worked ‘it’ ALL day. Non-stop. (That’s a lie, i fucked off for 4 hours to get drinks.) I’ve replied to emails, submitted for jobs and looked through my offers…(i enjoy that they’re all random and ridiculous ones.) I really do like that. I mean, I want to fit in as much as i possibly can, so that when i’m 80, i can lull upon my rocking chair, with my vodka and crumply tights. Then piss myself laughing at the shameful things i’ve managed to achieve in life!

Right now in Wunnaland, far too many people are seeing GREAT potential in me… Yes, i am rubbish and yes they are foolish. However, with the right *wiggle-wink* and the correct shot a *shimme,* you really can make, what i like to call ‘magic’ happen. Apparently i need to be poked. I thought i’d had been…many a time.

 I’m not joking when i tell you that, i must have sent out over 152 emails today, in order to fill my schedule. Infact, maybe more. Top that off with phone calls, replies and seductive hand jestures, and you have an excited Kitty of Puss puss. The only problem is that now, i have to try and decorate my work calender, with my pretty social calender…which will end up with me being truely exhausted. HAHA! YIPPEE! If i actually did everything I was supposed too, i would maybe have 22 minutes of each day free…and forever. Even that 22 minutes would be left for a quick grooming or *pump-pump-wink.* Techincally my actually sleeping time would be my rest. (God, i need a shower…i bloody hate those workmen for not putting in the new one. They only put in the toilets today! I’d rather wash than wee. Plus, i also hate that they haven’t discovered the art of the telephone. If one geezer, (upstairs,)  needs to talk to the other geezer (who’s outside.) Instead of sending an assisting ‘being’ or scrolling through his Black Berry, he just [excuse my french] YELLS…LOUDLY..and THROUGH MY GODDAMN HOUSE!!!)

Anyway yeah, they stressed me out, and well my work load didn’t like it, therefore in true workaholic mode, i made a phonce call and left to do cocktails and steak at a nearby bar with ‘Loverboy.’ We actually did really well squabbling  at all. There was only one moment when i decided to *tantrum* because he chose to sit outside to eat our lunch. Yes, it was sunny. But it was fricking WINDY! Now, i’m a Glamour Puss…i don’t enjoy wind. With ervy mouthful of steak, i chewed on a mouthful of my own hair extensions. I got *pouted* and *hair tossy.*We went inside for dessert and more cocktails. 🙂

Lovely lunch, full of cuddles, kisses, and laughter! Now, i’m a drinker, i can properly sozzle it. Yet today, i was quite decent and to be honest, i have no idea why? ‘Loverboy’ (aka Pete) got TRASHED! I went to the bar to pick up his whisky. (He was quiet, fine and firm.) I placed the whisky infront of him and informed him that i was going to the toilet. I return from the toilet, 6.2 minutes later and OMG he looked at me, with super dooper *drunk eyes* and told me that he felt he done in! In 6 minutes!! HAHA. I shouldn’t laugh, but I do LOVE drunk Pete. He goes from an ultra romantic,calm handsome of gentle, to a sudden loud, swearing, brut of a man!! It’s hilarious. I let him be drunk. It kinda made a change to watch thorugh sober eyes. (remind me to never be sober again.)

Anyway, got home, and got straight back to work. I’ve talked to LA about Miami and Miami about LA. I’ve now REALLY got to knuckle down and BOOK WRITE! You have to discpline me. OMG. I have to do this and complete it. I’m on a dead line. It’s really hard when you have so much going on because finding the time to truely sit down and do it is not easy. I’m distracted by ANYTHING! Therefore the writing part i can do. I find it fulfiling, but the *sit down* part…i find hard…sober. I’m now having to choose which book i want to commit to first…The Glamour Puss one, or The Blog. That’s awful. It’s like choosing between you’re own imaginary children.

Aside from all that, i have a few auditons lined up…i’m about to do a lovely load of travelling, i have the make-up line, the song and thats dolloped off with shoots and interview stuff. The muchness scares me. I mean it all seems to come at once.

Oh and i think that i’m now going to the heat Magazine, Big Brother party at Embassy on the 17th. I didn’t think anyone was gonna go, but it seems everyone is. I like that! It juices me up. So i’m now gonna shimmie on down and play with the faces of reality tv…which is any day really.  Sammie’s gonna be there…so at least i’ll have another drunk, who likes being a dickhead, to hang out with. Yay! I saw that i was on the list for the event…but i didn’t know that i was attending. Then a gentleman informed me that it would be nicey nice if i did decide to actually show up…so fuck it, lets do it! Last year it was ok…hopefully this year it will be better! Well, if i’m there it will be, because everyone knows i’m either going to be a tit, destroy something, or sleep with someone. Plus, i end up blogging everything i see…which puts people in either a good or bad position. Hahaha.

I can’t think of anything else to say, apart from a need a shower and i want the chicken that i can smell from my kitchen. God knows who’s in there, but whoever it is, can stay.  They probably broke in, but whatever, they make chicken…i’m gonna need them in the near future.

Tonight i’m gonna rest, groom and then travel tomorrow night to London…which means i’ll miss our first World Cup game. UGH! When i lived in LA, i’d wear my slutty England football kit, and go the The Abbey (big old gay bar) in West Hollywood, to watch the match. I’d even have a ball in one hand…haha…and a Malibu in the other!! I remember having heels on to…and shouting ‘The Brits are the best’ before actually puking. This was in the middle of the day! Like at 11.12am.

However, i don’t want everyone to get too extcited about me being in London for the night, because i’m only staying for the night and a bit of the morning for work. Then i’m having to get straight back on a train to Yorkshire on Sunday, afterward. 🙁 UGH! I can’t fit everyone in anymore! Hate that mucho!

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