Chicken Wings & Belly laughs

I’m having an ACE day. Work has been amazing. (I adore everyone I work with and simply because our lives are so intertwined.) Karan came back from Disney Land, Matt managed to shoot blu-tack into my cleevage, Lucy’s all hot and wanting driving lesson’s on her ‘heartbreak’ diet and well life couldn’t be better!) Everyone always asks me why I bother to have a day job and well firstly any money you do make is good money. I’m also the most social of kitty cat purr-factors. AND being out andabout during the day plonks me right in the circus of life, making blogging a great deal easier. You can’t be stuck at ahome all day. It means you’re merely existing. Being around human nature, fun and drama, keeps your soul alive. I’m the happiest i’ve ever been. I’ve made some really great friends and i’m loving every minute of it. (Plus, i get to wear my outfits and flirt. Although that is fun at home…it’s never as wonderful as the great outdoors. I’ve had wine…bare with me!)

Other than all that, and thanking Wazza for always being ACE to me. I’ve decided to have FUN this weekend. It’s Easter, I love a celebration. I feel sexy and well I have a bambino that i can dress as a baby chick in order to family Easter pictures. Loverboy and I are wonderful right now. As soon as he picked me up outside Xercise4less (the gym i work at), with Lucy and Matthew by my side. He was in the bestest of moods. We’re having a fun night in, where we giggle at pointless rubbish, teach our baby how to talk, sip glasses of wine and chatter about how ace our future that it’s glitter glazed. We’re a lucky couple and we’re ethnic. When the sun comes out to play we get a limp in our walk and a swagger in our stride. I do Glamour Puss. Pete does sunglasses. (He’s actually laid out on a mattress in the middle of our living room with Ruby as we speak. We’re waiting for a chinese…and I do mean takeaway and not a bunch of slanted eyed angry men.)

Life is great and because i feel like i have a whole few days off. I AM going to write my book in that time…and then it’ll pretty much be finished. *Excited.* I feel glamourous, hot and delicious and once again owning my place as the kitty Queen of ‘ohh laa.’ We’re gonna have Prince Willy champagne with our chinese tonight and although i find it hilarious, I know it’ll be a moment i’ll always remember. Infact, i remember telling a lady this afternoon, (who was fortunately showing me Juicy Couture) that memories are all we have at the end of the day. I’m lucky to have many..due to a Hollywood upbringing. It was very ‘party-party’ celeb infused. I learnt a lot about life…and bitches I loved it. However not for the reasons you may believe I do..

[Wait the chinese is here..hold that thought…]

Okay, i’m back. We’re having a really good night, in our pj’s, with our baby and all dolloped off with belly laughter. I’ve noticed that we’ve spent the last three nights belly laughing..even if we’ve fought. Last night i was brought on my Essex. TOnight…it was over wavers and the other night it was over pervy fucking Indian men. (Now fish and children tv presenters are on our telly. Thank GOD we’re tipsy.) I love how boys i’ve once had nookie with keep fricking appearing on ‘90210.’ (I need my ex-boyfriends to stop doing better than Me. Only one actually has and that depends on where you plonk ‘better’ really. Luckily today, I was assured over cyber giggles that the Mexican one…isn’t. He used to call my vagina ‘Cookie.’) I don’t care what anyone says, you never want an ex to do better than you…even if you pretend that your rapport is all lovely and amicable.

I have the next 4 days off to enjoy and i’m feeling better than ever! Pete are doing that weird ‘love’ thing where we talk to each other in baby talk, or in out loud love letter. Infact, wait…that might be hard to understand? What happens is I will say:

‘Dear Petey…I love you…from Chrissie.’ (But out loud like i’m a baby and all cute. is mentally ill.)

Anyway, Pete will reply with a..

‘Dear Chrissie…I love you tooo…Love Petey.‘ 🙂 (You need to do that in your best man baby voice, they can never do it as good as girls. They sound more like trannies. Well if i’m honest, it’s Pete’s ‘after blowjob’ voice. 🙂

It’s funny how my mannerisms have rubbed off on him. He even notices himself floucning around like a Glamour Puss, or wiggling with a giggle. (Totally getting a *Flashback* of Karan and I having to remove our bangles with faces of utter concentration, as we got to serious business and began typing. You can’t type in pearls. It’s far to aggressive…plus mine where from Primani.)

Tomorrow we have a big family day out at Meadowhall. Where Pete, Ruby and The Wunna’s venture out for a wee bit of shopping and lunch. I get a lot of attention whenever i’m Meadowhall bound, so i need to make sure i ‘work it.’ Yes i am that tragical. I’m not work on my book until after tomorrow, i’m in need of a good break and i can’t think of a better way to spend it! (OMG!!! RUBY HA


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