Chicken Nuggets, Diets and Dates


Right, so i know life must be pretty great because any time you find yourself demanding that a space at work is turned into a pink stage/pole dancing area, simply just for ‘Chrissie Wunna’ or kicks…and right by ceramic hedgehogs and yesterdays baubles.

I’ve had a great day. Simple. Easy. Filled with good times. I mean there were talks about boys, lashes, religion, drag queens, diets and over coffee. I love boys, I sell lashes, I respect other peoples religions but hate it when they get all narrow minded and decided to hate gays, black people and…whatever else they hate. Lol. Drag Queens rock. I really love that Michelle chick that is currently residing in the Big Brother house! I lveo women that kick some ass and do it with charm, panache or gusto. She does it with gusto, I do it with a wink or giggle. It really does get you everywhere. Hence why it’s do much better being a girl that it is a guy. I once got once got out of speeding ticket in Hollywood, simply by rolling down my window, smiling at the cop and saying, ‘But does it really matter?’ (This was he stated that I had been speeding.) Apparently, it didn’t…and well he smiled and i drove off scot free with a wink and a wave. I think he even called me ‘Beautiful’ just for the sake of it. This is why being a girl rocks. I’m a nice girl and a bitch rolled into one…but i guess that’s what makes me sexy.

The diets going well. I’m so on the way to being a skinny bitch, it’s awesome. I’ve munched on green things, fruit and sipped peppermint teas all day and whilst being surrounded by chips, cakes and all sorts. I mean fuck it, i even watched someone make what looked like the most delicious CHICKEN NUGGET SALAD WRAP, i had every seen in my life. But i didn’t crumble..I stood tall..well as tall as I can get for being a short arse…and munched on cucumbers. BOOYAH! It actually felt great! Meaning…i right now, deserve this wine!! Bottle of wine. (Whatever…i ate grains and soya beans for tea. You’ll all be jealous when i strut in like the skinny hot bitch you hate. ๐Ÿ™‚ HAHAHA. I mean peopel already seemed otbe shocked that i’m 34. Yet, i don’t know if it’s because i act like a complete immature tool, or the fact that i just look sooo gooood. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Come to Mama!)

So, yeah life is good and what’s even better is the fact that today (and completely by accident) I totally sold loads and loads of lashes and all over the globe! I KNOW!! WHAT THE ****! Ladies, Gents and Hopefuls…I have a business! But like i now really, really DO! It’s insane!! It’s still early days yet and i completely love my day job…yet right now, the Lashes are doing really well! 2015 is turning out to be an amazing year! Such a different start to my shitty 2014. I feeling more confident than ever…yet more than anything…I’m feeling happy. It takes us girls a while to get there, but once we do..we radiate with beaminess. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right, on the date front…we talked all day…got excited, nervous and made plans for drinks…THEN we had to reschedule the date until NEXT SATURDAY due to the boy in question having work commitments. UGH! Now, under normal circumstance, we as girls would feel shitty. HOWEVER, he has done an appropriate amount of panicking because he had to reschedule. He’s felt really bad. He apologised over and over again and tried to make it right for …over and over again. He’s gotten worried that I may no longer like him anymore because of this adjustment and well what i’m trying to say is that he cares. When a boy panics because he wants to make a good impression and isn’t usually someone who would let someone down…and if they really like you…they will panic incase it changes the wa you see them and make it up to you. He has done both and well…next weekend will be AWESOME! Plus, it give me more prep time to ‘look good,’ And i weirdly trust him. I like all the apologies and the panic. I had a jokey moan and he felt deflated by it all, as he stated that he wanted to be the guy that i cuddle up to and moan to, and not the guy i moan about. I like that. Next weekend…will be great! Plus, he’s HOT. So, it’s odd ro such an attractive man to be so attentive and loving. In fact, that’s wrong. It’s usually the insecure ones that try to act all ‘hard’ and macho. The nice, normal guys,be they hot or not, will always be your hero. So whatever, if a guys got to work, he’s got to work. I’ve been in that same situation a million times and it does feel shitty having to reschedule things. But IT HAPPENS. I’d rather him have work to go to than have no work at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The busy boys are usually greater than the ‘nothing to do’ boys!

I’m happy.

Anyway, I have to go right now, as Celebrity Big Brother is on and it’s going to be good one this year!!! I’m so excited. Its taken over my life!

Thank you for buying lashes,




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