Chest out for the lads

‘Get ya tits out!!’… Is the phrase that began my glorious morning. Boys are so random? On their own, they’re as shy as mice around me or put on some dump circus act, that i believe is supposed to fool me into adoring them? Yet place them, with a gaggle of young team mates, and they seem to grow 10 feet taller, get a little braver, and before you know it, the smallest one, needs to prove he has the biggest ‘bongos’ and with a massive smile on his face, will taunt girl about her ‘chest’ size!! It’s hilarious!! I’m so use to it now, that it’s become my normality, yet really if they had to live a day in the life of me, they’d never do it again!! Everywhere i go, i am watched, judged, and taunted. I can’t even walk into a very normal place without feeling like the oddest thing in there. It doesn’t bother me…i love it and i work it!! I’m an attention whore, and obviously tend to milk it as much as possible, without it looking as though i am, at all. (hahaha) Yet, at times, when you have to always plan you’re route, just to get to the post office, or the car, because certain crowds need to be avoided and you find yourself having to walk all the way around  buildings, or down dirty alley ways, that only people who wish to get buggered, seem to venture. I have to do this ALL the time. You will always find me taking the longest, most hidden route around, on days when i wish to avoid the hoots, hollas, and glares. It’s not as easy as you think, but i love it, as i’d rather be stared at, then not stared at, at all. I’m in a good position…as always!! (haha) So i’m not complaining. It was just a ‘make fun of Wunna’ day. ALL day! I even had to leave a giant grocery store, due to the oddness around me. I had 2 chubbster chicks in ski pants make fun of me, a bundle of geezers test their talent, the odd perv follow me, or try and get in my eye line, and everyone else stare at me. In the end, it was so weird that my mother, sent me back to the car to hibernate until she was done!! (hahaha) My earrings were a bit ‘asian, Pat Butcher, could maybe be mistaken for a gay version of Cleopatra, if drunk,’ so i get it. I love them!!

Thank God i didn’t get buggered down that alley way. You saunter in a virgin, and come out the other end a total SLUT!

2 thoughts on “Chest out for the lads”

  1. it sounds quality did u get get your rat out. u could never have fat pat earings chrissie u are to much of a sort. an if geezers are saying that they are respecting your fitness. your lucky u aint around essex babe u would cause a bigger tail back than the m25 with all the geezers following u around coz u are such a sort. i hope u had a good night any way and man u have got berbatov so that is good


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