Checkin in Briefly

I forgot to tell you that i had a human sized male, hailing from the tender age of 6, growling at me from all fours and not letting me pass, after getting my nails done. He was a cute chubby asian boy and weirdly had a crush on me according to his Mother? Boys are really bizarre creatures aren’t they? I mean the fact that i’m signing off the ‘growling on all fours’ as a ‘6 year old thing,’ says it all. I know grown ass men, who’d still probably perfom that bit of pokery, in order to win my affection. (God, i’ve got a banging headache. The drinking wine thing needs to stop.)

Anyway, last night, Pete & I had a bonding night. We watched a movie (‘I am sam,’) over curry…i ordered cucumbers and chicken wings, then enjoyed teary eyed moments with each other, during cuddles. I’ve properly managed to win this boys affection and I have no idea how i’ve managed it. I mean, don’t get me wrong…i understand the whole ‘Chrissie Wunna be with me’ marlarky, that all boys go through. 🙂 I always say it’s one of the phases that all boys go through as they passage their way to ‘man.’ Yet Pete actually wants to keep me forever and i don’t mean just pretend like he does. (Men never really mean it.) He really truely actually does and he doesn’t think he can get any better. LMAO. I must have unbeatable charm, i tells ya. I’ve fooled him into believing i’m the best girlfriend ever and i didn’t even have to do the washing up! Woohoo!

We’re meant to be going shopping today, but i don’t know what i’m supposed to be buying. I need to start my day…i’ll check in later. x

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