Championing Lockdown

Here I am!!! I know I’ve been shocking at blog writing through lockdown. But nevermind eh! Lol. I always think it’s always better when people do what they wish to do, when they wish to do it…provided that whatever their heart desires doesn’t harm anyone, or themselves in any way.

I’ve been homeschooling the kids (Which has now become a TASK!!!! Haha.) Luckily, I’m made for a challenge. However, it’s much more difficult when your actual babies are involved…because you can’t ‘Gladiator’ it with flames and lion tamers!!! Haha. You kinda have to tip-toe nicely around your glorious stadium, wiping bums to Mary Popins music and smiling, as you encourage or in my case brieb.

If you didn’t know….I’m a soft parent. I’m easy going. I’ll laugh before I lose it. But I’m also a being that ‘The Wunna Babies’ can ‘putty’ quite easily.

So through homeschool, I have Junior giving me the ‘baby woo- I can’t do this,’ eyes and Ruby ‘daggering’ me with her little peepers. Ru’s hilarious because she’ll hardly ever throw a strop during home school…She’s not like her brother who’ll roll about like a wiggly piglet in mud waiting for me to save him, but if she’s unhappy with the fact that I’m making her work much harder than she intended lol…she just looks at me coldly, like she’s plotting 97 ways to attack me in my sleep….and smirks! Lol.

It’s really creepy!!!!!

(And im SOBER!!! I’m a month and a half…. is it? I don’t know…? But nearly a month and a half into my ‘alcohol free’ detox. I’ve decided to refrain from the old tipple throughout the entire lockdown bonanza. It’s actually a great test of will because I don’t know when it all flipping ends. However ‘Cheers’ Boris for the 3 week extension. Lol Much appreciated. Here I go!)

Do I feel better for not drinking? Well it wasn’t until last week when I did. I’ve lost a whole dress size in weight, but I reckon it’s because I’m being more active as a result (to distract me) and my skin is probably about 99% better. So I’m happy! I can do another 3 weeks! else?

What else? Sunbathing?

Oh!!!!! Haha. I filmed for Isolation The Series on Thursday of last week. I received my script, went through it and (due to the current lockdown situation) I had to film it myself at home and submit it across to be edited! A really different way of filming, but it was utterly fulfilling! Just amazing!!! I had to leave gaps after each spoken line (like the other person in the scene was speaking) but keep it all smooth and a going! It was brilliant. I mean, I didn’t even know who my scene partner was at all? It was kinda crazy wonderful!!

I loved it because it reminded me that I was STILL an actress and not just a sunbathing bum. (There’s nothing wrong with being a sunbathing bum by the way. My mind just won’t let me relax enough…to be one….forever. Lol) Being isolated in my home with the people I love is EASY! It’s a JOY! But my kind constantly wonders about the future…and I keep having to remind myself to live in the present. I need to set my mind utterly freee! Then I’ve won my Isolation battle. Well…it’s not really a battle. I’m being dramatic. It’s more like a….dance off?

But yeah…filming the Isolation Series was just great! I wedged it in after homeschool, like a champion!

It’s funny how wonderful we feel when we get to do ANYTHING we have even a little bit of a passion for, isn’t it? Even just for a second. It gives us an extra sense of purpose and we beam with achievement. I treasure those moments like gold because they feel so precious to me.

Anyway! So how are all you lot? I’m watching all your insta stories and loving them! I don’t really know what to say other than I hope you’re all well? If I had any advice I’d say, use this time to enjoy who you are, embrace what you stand for and adore the people you love!! All those new skills you wanted to learn…do them! I mean I can bloody cook now!

If you know me personally you Will be astonished at that. The babies and I would literally EAT OUT at a restaurant almost every day…in fact during the weekends…even more than once a day. I’m not even joking. We’ve done room service for breakfast, ‘Issho’ for lunch, ‘The Ivy’ for drinks, a Bubblelogy stop off, then ‘Gino’s’ for tea on a single Saturday… before lockdown began.

I will say that the fact that I’ve accidentally saved an absolute TON of money, as you can imagine…However, it’s not JUST that, that’s made me beam…I mean the fact that I can actually produce meals…lovely ones for the babies, like a ‘Homecooking Mama’ fills my soul with such purpose and delight!!! Haha.

So yeah…

…be the version of yourself you always wished to be, but never found the time to make it a priority.

You kinda have the time now! Well for the next 3 weeks anyway…because once everything goes back to normal we’ll miss our time in lockdown. They’ll just be distant memories.

I’m trying to be healthier, be an even greater mum 😉 and now that i’ve had my filming fix, my acting sponge down, I’m quite happy to chill my career, until lockdown is over and just relax. I’m enjoying it! I hope you are too! Find the fun it in!

If you’re following my socials! You’ll know that I’ve been tiktoking! It was at the start of last week when I decided I was going to commit to it properly. Haha.

So so I did…

It’s been a week and by doing not very much, other than vibing to my fave tunes..( I soon realised I didn’t have to be Beyoncé…) I’ve managed to accumulate just over 2000 followers, around 8000 likes but over 100,000 views!!! I’m so impressed!!! Haha. The views make me smile because I’m showman by nature aren’t I!

You don’t have to like it…just watch it! Engage with it! Hahaha! Keep my ego massive. 😉

But new videos are going up today…so go follow me on Tiktok! I’m chrissiewunna1

Thank you to everyone who already has!!!

The babies and I are chilling and movie watching today…as I believe the sunshine intends to take a rest-icle. It was all sunshine and bike rides yesterday, so the ‘chill’ will be delightful.

I’m doing my usual ‘Ask me Anything’ on my insta story every day. So ask away. I’ve been rubbish at it recently. But i’ve been busy! So i’ll try and concentrate now…

See! I’m ready… Haha.

I love you all very much and The Wunna Babies and I send you all our love!!

Everyone’s asking me about my hair!!! It’s a human hair clip in from @xtenddoublehairextensions (insta)

Literally first class quality…I clip it in..takes 5 minutes…and my hair’s glam & done! Boom!

I’m actually trying to grow my hair so clips are great! But you can buy the clip ins for lockdown and later have the same clip ins, turned into actual sewn in extensions.

Pretty great! I feel like a new woman!! Lol

Anyway I’m laid in bed writing this!

Hope you’re well!

Chrissie x

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