Champers for Breakfast

I’m having a morning mimosa and funnily enough it made me think. If i’m anything (other than sheer Greatness, of course,) I guess i’m like the barmy flow of fizzy discharge, that explodes out of the end of a shaken up champagne bottle. There’s the shimmie -shake, the ‘POP,’ followed by the explosive Flooooooooooooow, (a.k.a ME!!) It’s quite a pointless amount of bubbly WASTE, yet it’s magically special. It celebrates anything it can, and makes people cheer for no reason. It enjoys making innocent folk, that little bit drunker, and causes people to believe their posher than they really are!! (haha) Best of all, it leaves you with the worst fucking McGritty headache, a dodgey ‘otherside of the pillow’, and yet for some reason, you want to do it all over again!

Three cheers!

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