Champagne Brunch and a Dude who steals Sinks

Just got back from a champagne brunch, which i have quite a lot actually, so even though it sounds delightful, it really is normal to Me now. Saying that, i DO love it, especially at Christmas time. There’s something about ‘Merrimenting’ around thick lush rolls of red and gold tinsel, chunky glossy baubles and light Christmas music. It makes me feel safe (haha) and like i have to try that little bit harder to ‘out good time’ the decorations. Randomest thing was that a young gentleman tried to steal an actual bathroom sink, from the…well…restuarant bathroom. Hilarious! He had carefully pulled it away from the wall and everything. I mean, they caught him mid-steal, in the bathroom. (Poor sod.) Yet, i do wonder how he was expecting to aimlessly wander out… with a sink in his hands, to ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland,’ and my champagned mouth yelling, ‘Oh My God, is that a SINK in his hands!’ To be honest it was a nice sink. I’d steal it, if i could be bothered. He said he needed to buy his son a games console for Christmas. Don’t know why he just doesn’t buy one? I mean, if your going to steal something, steal diamonds, cash, midgets or nations…Sinks are hardly very ‘keeping it sexy.’

Anyway, I’ve been to two meetings over lunch. Done another on the phone to LA, had a show pitched to Me quite badly and i think i’m getting the Flu. Life is spectacular, and i’m loving every second. I’m missing my loved ones in LA so much, and missing my life out there greatly. But for some reason, i guess i’m supposed to be out here right now. I’m a believer in the ‘everything happens for a reason’ thing. I have a good 2009 ahead of Me, so i’m just gonna enjoy every second, and make my mark on the Motherland, until it’s time to strutt back home to Hollywood. I’m happy, i’m in love and more importantly i’m almost 28!! (11 days.) I wish i was in a movie.

I love my life!! Thanx for loving it too.

Chrissie Wunna x

5 thoughts on “Champagne Brunch and a Dude who steals Sinks”

  1. well he could probabyl get a bit of doe if it was a good make sink chrissie they do go for a bit of lettice with xmas coming up he might of thought cushtie a ps 3 for the chavvie these things will happen with a recesion going on. have a great xmas chrissie i hope the meatings went well and that u get ot go la soon to see your chinas. but dont go to long we need u i aint having the sceptics knicking our best birds

  2. run through em and then try and flog it. i aint ever herd of it but u could flog it . it is like pickeys driving around selling sofas and tellys they will sell anything

  3. coz he thought they were posh and wouldnt do fuck all and if it is a cushtie caffe it i s gonna have nice porcelin he goes down a boozer or a greasy cafe it is gonna have shit gear wich means less readys


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