Celebrity Big Bother

So i’m currently watching Celebrity Big Brother live and tonights the night when we as the merry brits get to chuck one out! I’m not a hoarder, so this ability comes rather naturally to me. So i’ve decided that i’m ALL for the departure of Lucy!! Oh MY GOODNESS! How much more boring can someone honestly try to BE!! And yeah, i get that she’s trying to prove that not all models are dumb, giggly morons (like Me)…yet shes just not entertaining enough. If  i’m being honest, i do actually think that Ulrika is a fluffed up, egotistical, grumpy minge…but i’d rather be that, then a plain beige, glamour model snooze fest!! The girls are  bothering  me and  are currently having a ‘Mothers meeting’ in the luxury bedroom about ‘Coolio.’ I mean, don’t winge about someone having (oh my god) a PERSONALITY and the ability to entertain!! He’s my favourite! LUCY! OUT!

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