Celebrating life…

Morning everyone. It’s 7.09am, Yorkshire, England. The sun is beaming through my window. I don’t have curtains, so it’s bright! There’s a 0% Heineken bottle on my bedside, that I didn’t bother to drink last night..and Junior’s fast asleep, next to me..in a Bugs Bunny eye mask. One that has gel pads in, to stop his eyes from getting puffy. It has bunny ears sticking out of the top of it. 🙂

( I live for Junior’s quirkiness. He’s the cutest little human alive. We get on so so well & he’s just the light of our little lives. When it comes to Ruby, I breathe for her creativity, that she exudes in a somewhat regal, Queen like demeanour…Yet it’s mixed with a bump of down to earth, dirty, barefooted rawness. She’s just like me.)

I’m still laid in bed, but I’ve been up a good hour, just scrolling through my Insta & twitter feed. I stalked appropriate profiles (like ya do…We all have our ‘go to’s.) Then I read that Michelle Obama said something beautiful, about disgusting Harvey Weinstein back in 2013 & it’s now being used against her…(In 2013 she wouldn’t have known he was a massive rapist.) I also then read all the controversy about the new Netflix film ‘Cuties’ (which I need to watch, before I comment on.) How a story is told is so important & there’s so many people who haven’t watched it, who are saying a lot about it? I don’t know how? However, I do get both sides of the argument.

I also saw that a guy named ‘Silly Sam’ on my Twitter sent me £25 to treat myself to coffee & cake, to thank me for making him smile with my posts. He sent it to my PayPal email address and I don’t know why, but the thoughtfulness behind it, just made me smile? The simplest things. I thought it was really cute and it was actually delivered with such beautiful grace.

So thank you, Sir! I appreciate the love!

I have a chilled day today because i’ve smashed out all my auditions. Hopefully I’ll hear some good results shortly and if I’m being honest, I just kinda want to enjoy life, enjoy my day…after working really hard over the last couple weeks.

As I posted yesterday on my insta story…Life is so incredibly short and I never want anyone to forget that or take it for granted. We may not get another birthday, another day and as far as I’m concerned we need to celebrate every single moment we have and without creating those little boundaries of insecurity, that we have.

It’s so important to life & love and ONLY DO the things that fill your soul with light. The things that make you happy. Truly happy.

I try to make and create as many memories as I can because they are literally ALL i’ll be left with. I’m grateful for the good times…and I know everyone always says the bad times make you stronger (and they do,) but god they feel like absolute shit, when you’re living them, so I hate them. Haha.

My greatest feeling in the world is love. When you get that rush of absolute happiness. A physical reaction based upon an internal glow.

My worst feeling in the world is heartbreak. I struggle very much when I feel it. I guard myself from feeling it now because it effects everything! I mean ‘safety first.’

I’ll always walk with my head held high and with a giant smile on my face pubically…But behind closed doors… if I’m sad, i’ll just sit at home and cry for days…and I mean proper ‘snot running down my arm’ crying. Haha.

Ruby: ‘You’re cute when you cry because you look like a pig.’

I don’t know what’s gonna happen today. It’s now 7.52am. (That dude that shouted at me over the table at The Botanist has just insta dmmed me saying that he misses saying ‘hi’ to me? I’ve just ignored it. I cba.)

Have the most wonderful day.

I just wanna get mine started!

I love you so much,

Chrissie x

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