Video Profile 6 (Part 1)


Well here we are again my little dumplings of ‘Pump.’ *Hair toss-Pout.* I’m actually working harder than i thought i would be today, for a girl that is meant to be resting. This ‘IT’ girl, Queen of drunken Greatness, Glamour pussy , *wink wink* marlarky, has turned into a full time, long hours much job.  I’m loving it. I’m feeling lucky! How nice is the weather today! Woohoo! *Wiggle*

Like a lot of you know, i did a 5 hour interview session, with the  fabulous Martin Kay, who wanted to know what made this little Kitty cat, tick. I rambled on so much, that it had to get turned into a series of ‘video profiles.’ You’ve seen 1 to 5…which covered my life, being on the ‘Paris Hilton British best friend’ show, my ex-marriage, my views on life, people, me and the world. I covered my time growing up in Hollywood, acting, modelling, and basic jiggery pokery. Now we have Profile 6….(hahah.) It had to be done in two parts, because it seems my rambling is pretty decent for a floozey of deliciousness.

This is part one…. 🙂 Welcome to Me being Baaaad to the Bone!

Miss Romance- Behind the scenes


Here’s a little cheeky, sneaky, peeky at one of the things i’ve been smearing my reputation on. I’m actually not gonna tell you too much, as once i open my mouth (ooh matron) i can’t really shut it and i’ll ruin everything. (Which i am quite good at!)  But i will tell you…that it’s a lovely lovely, tongue in cheek show, that is all about finding the ‘fairytale’ in you…and it will be on a computer screen near you (we’re ahead of our times)…to have a bit of a ‘will i like it’ gander at. It’s called ‘Miss.Romance.’ I play ‘Miss.Romance.’ (yeah i know…i have to act and everything and i’m really only used to ‘acting a fool.’) But I do want you all to love it. It’s a really easy watch…when drunk. And well it’s really difficult to be briefly interviewed about a ‘show plot,’ by a hot brazilian, when all you’re doing is imagining him naked. 🙂

‘And how you feel?’ (‘Nervous’– Code for: like i need you NAKED!)

Oh and that room was my dressing room, and by the end of the day, due to my ‘friendly’ (i mean drunk) reputation.. it was filled to the brim with nut jobs, fans, Mini meez, drag queens and peppermint teas. Not to mention the foulest of whore ridden language. 🙂 (haha..i love how i’m already ruining the promo for the show! Most people ask for M& M’s..i demanded ‘DRAG QUEENs’, insanity and roses.)

Fucking LOVE my life!!

Video Profile No. 5


Here we are again with the another delicious Video profile. I did a 5hr interview with the lovely Martin Kay, a mastermind at getting info out of people and well this little segement of ‘get to know me better’ is all about that old Mikey Ray. People ask me about him all the time, as did Martin for a loooong time (lol) therefore i figure i’d tell you a little bit of what went on. Note: it’s only a LITTLE bit, as our relationship was far too amazing to share…and too much went on really for me to blurt out. Mot of you know anyway. Please do click through my blog and watch the other profiles if u fancy or if ya bored…i talk you through my current life and well it’s the best way to get to know me, if u don’t already. I’m an honest girl, much to my defect. But i’m also quite good at lying…again much to my defect. I that even the right fucking word???

Anyway i’m doing  major blogathon today, because i’ve missed it….You’re gonna have to keep up the pace. The queen of Greatness is so back.

Enjoy my lovers!!

Video Profile No.4


Here we go again my Sweet Treats. It’s early, it’s Thursday (is it Thursday? OMG not it’s not…hahaha, it’s Friday Morning. Lol)  and i thought i’d give up another piece of ‘juice’ on my life, in the form of a 5 hour interview i did, with the fabulous Martin Kay, who wanted to find out as much as he could about this ‘Chrissie Wunna’ girl and what makes her tick.

This section of the interview is more of a ‘fun’ one…yet it’s still honest and i’m a honest girl. It’s one of my strong points (hahaha,) and my curses. Martin was actually really quite wonderful to work with, as he was quite open hearted, non judgemental, knew how to pull things out of me (OOh cheeky- wink wink) and well like i always say completely on ‘Team Wunna.’ (Which might i add is the best place to be, for any dear soul.) Infact here is what he actually said about me:

‘Chrissie is something of a “human dynamo”, especially given that on the day of our shoot it was one of those rare hot days, she’d not had much sleep and was making a 4hr round trip to work (which became a 5hr shoot), on what she said should have been a day off. It was a very entertaining shoot, and I’d suggest that anyone who doesn’t get some good results from working with her has only themselves to blame!

I hope you all like it. If you don’t…i have all members of CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM at the ready to siffle through the hate mail…(and i admit in the past i might of deserved it, but not now, I’m a whole changed being and i’m on the right track and i really need ya support.) I mean we’re all fumbling through this ‘Life’ thing together…crashing into each other, holding each other up,pushing each other down. I want that to stop and everyone just start really cheerleading people on in life and really start having respect for others and their choices.

Today, i’m feeling happy, strong and loving my Mum. Stuff has happened, but it’s inpsired me to push forward and gallop through with an unbelievelabe strength. I just have this ability to pick myself up and muster through anything charmingly. Therefore for those of you tip toeing around me…you DON’T need to be. I am all good and just want everyone to be normal. (’re ‘freaky deaky’ ways, are all ‘freaky deakiying’ me out.) I’ve surprised myself. I feel Great, Positive and like i can conquer the world. Life is good right now and i hope yours is too…


Video Profile No 3


This is the 3rd part of my interview with Martin Kay…(a wonderful man who waves the flag for the Ultimate Glamour Puss, & therefore wanted to know more about Me) I’m talking about the ‘Paris Hilton’ show, How people view me, and the place that made me…Hollywood.

People have this weird misconception about Hollywood and the people in it. They believe it is one giant place of superficial fakers, who have no concept on reality. WRONG!! (I mean there are people like that there, but there’s people like that EVERYWHERE. Infact i even hear people who have never been to Hollywood tell Me what it’s like…which is random. Everyone knows a different Hollywood. There’s the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, all residing under one enormous white sign. There’s a buzz in the air. It’s alive.

There are areas that are plastic and showbizzy.. yeah. But there are also areas that are artsy, earthy and colourful. There are areas that are ‘hood’ and areas hidden in mountains. There are worlds hidden within worlds in that town and well…i’ve explored most of them. It has amazing depth and filled with the misfits of the world who want to make things happen. I LOVE it. It really made me the person that i am today and i’m really proud of who I am. It’s a small town. I know it like the back of my hand.

Recently i had someone wrongly judge my character…which i think is a terrible thing to do anyway. People are people and well in my mind it’s wrong to ‘bully’ someone down to make yourself feel better about yourself. Instead of trying to make someone feel weak for one second to feel powerful, concentrate on learning from the ones that are ‘strong.’ I have incredible ‘Bounce back’ ability because i know my worth and myself, why i’m here and the talent that i have. No-one can take that away from me. I’ve inspired loadsof people and i’m gonna continue to do so. I’m firey. I’m a human dynamo and i’ve been weak over the last week or so, yet if someone is what i like to say ‘Greatness’ (lol) then their strength (that often people are jealous of,) will always rocket through. I’m done proving myself to negative people. I don’t need to & i don’t have time for them. I’m doing great. I’ve finally filled up & feel powerful again. It’s a wonderful time right now. It’s like a switch has just ‘clicked.’

I’ve done really well in life and i’m going from strength to strength in my career by the day. (I mean i have a 34 page contract sitting on my knee right now, that i’m having to intial and sign for the next 2 hours.) I can’t have done that much wrong, right? Today, i’m book writing, shopping and going for a much needed massage. I need to pamper.

Hope you love the video…

This is Why They Call me Greatness

Many of you waste precious hours of your life thumbing through files of ‘wish i did this/ wish i did that.’ I’m the Queen of the art of the ‘Doing’ especially if i’m going to get into trouble afterward. Then there are those of you who have wasted your life on getting decent jobs, being charitable and being all round do gooders. It never worked for me. I’m was born to be bad, in a very good kinda way? Does that make sense? No? Okay…lol

I was at the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds on saturday. Wazza (who manages, runs, controls and created this site…just wanted to emphasize the kind of people i put my trust in,) sees a machine that i think is a photobooth. Then proceeds to drag me along to it. He tells me it’s a ‘make ur own music video’ machine and after a lot of ‘umming, arring and fuck off Wazza i’m not doing that,’ for £3, something came over me and i suddenly got extrememly excited and leaped into the machine of madness. I am actually quite embarassed by this, really I am( as i am a lot shyer than you think)  but the ‘Attention whore’ in me, is forcing me to show you the goods for a bit of ‘Look at me’…save me from myself…but fuck it you’ll al be doing it tomorrow. Lol

This is what we did…all calls to my Agent please…

Video Profile Part 1


Morning my Cheeky Cherubs! I’m actually feeling quite AMAZING today. Must have got out of the right side of bed. I have positive thoughts zooming through my system and had a fluster of sex dreams littering my night! I feel fabulous, loved and worshipping this thing called ‘life’ that we’re doing. I have a ‘boy’ on my mind, who i just can’t stop thinking about and frankly it’s making me giddy, keeping me happy!!

Okay, so the above video was put on Facebook last night to ‘sample’ on you guys! There’s a long series of them, by Martin Kay, (who i had an exclusive 5 hour interview with) yet only the first little snippet is out. (They actually get really good…as you see them all, because I start forgetting that i’m being filmed and begin spilling it ALL in true Chrissie Wunna style.)

I’m gonna leave you with the video on this fine Friday morn, as i have to go to a wee little meeting in a mansion in Woodlesford to approve my most recent boobie shots. I am my own worst critic….yet at the same time a drunken bimbo. Therefore i let most things pass, for the sake fo humour! Life is good. Lots of work. Just got showered, need tea and Boyband ‘Jonny’ is a HOARDER!! (I can’t handle hoarders!) I’m one of those throw everything out kinda gals, be it reciepts, old stuff, virginitie, midgets or men.

Hope you love the first ‘sample’…i’m talking my first love (‘its not bad that i think he’s sexy’) George