And we’re back up and running! YeeeEEEEeeeeah Baby! *Cocktail chinks here…Conga Lines….Air Kisses…and Pelvic trusts!*

I cannot even tell you how bizarre it’s actually been coming home after a busy work day, or waking up early before the babies have wiggled out of bed and NOT HAVING a blog to write. It’s been awful. Murder, I tells ya! I’ve felt disconnected. Almost burdened with so much Wunna info that I was unable to spew out. I’ve been drinking more, sleeping less and and twiddling my thumbs to the merry sound of life. It’s got me down. (The Queen had a birthday. Prince is died…my Beiber obsession turned mental…all sorts.) I’ve literally been lost without my blog and mainly because i’m a massive attention whore, I enjoy routine, i have this eternal need to express or inspire, my blog is my therapy, it’s kinda the emotionally ’empty out’ as I put it 😉 …babies are made that way also incase you needed a little help…and well…I sort of just enjoy to write. So yeah, having no little piece of rented cyber space, that has my name whopped upon it, has nearly killed me. I did the try to make like Buddha and be patient thing, with it being a virtue n’all… and succeeded to a point, right? 🙂 Yet in the end, I made the executive decision to go berserk, with a ‘fuck it,’ a moan and an ‘i cant handle this.’ But i’m BACK! MwaHaha. ‘LOOK AT ME. READ ABOUT ME. BE ME. ADORE ME. ANYTHING…MEEEEEEEEEEE!’ *Throws you an eyeliner to draw slanty eyes on your face and a bit of old weave.*

I don’t even know where to start? Lots has happened.

I did my 10 day work stretch. Knew I would champion it. I always do. On Day 2, i felt like shit. But by Day 9…even though it was stressful and busy, i just got on with it and did it with a smile on my face, fun with Chloe (who honestly tells me the most strangest stories that have no beginning, middle or end Lol)  and victory ‘karate chopped’ life. I’m unscathed. Untouched. Just Fabulous! In fact now that I’ve diddled the 10 days, it wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I enjoyed it, as it was pretty much equivalent to banging my head between a rock and a hard place most of the time…with a stress rash…and a Bimbo smile…Oh and tits. But i did it and in Wunna land, feeling some sense of achievement makes everything all rosy. I have four whole days of NEW, NEW, NEW…FRESH, FRESH, FRESH. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!! (But i have news on that, as remember that these are back dated blogs.)

Where to begin?? Okay? Erm..? Keiran and I are getting on well. We’re parenting Junior like pro’s now, even though he told me that he couldn’t pick Junior up from nursery, then picked Junior up from nursery meaning we bumped into each other. I had a rush face. He was all tanned and in short shorts…and we babied Junior in the middle of a car park, as all he wanted was cuddles and kisses from us both. It was actually lovely and it’s great to be getting on with Keiran again. He’s still doing those ‘healing eyes’ at me, which tells me his heart still loves (which is essential for co parenting perfectly, his eyes watched me this time, properly) and well during this time, Keiran was stating that I should probably refrain from dating anyone…like ever. His exact words. I just looked at him and said, ‘I can’t stay single forever!!!’ But he just looked at me like i could and I should lol…then finished off by saying ‘Who says you’re going to be single forever?’ (I think it’s because i made him a sandwich the other day.) Then as he nearly got run over by a girl named ‘Emily,’ (he has that affect on women,) Junior made us stretch an entire industrial (one of those metal spring back ones? Fuck knows? I’m a chick!! Lol) But yeah, Junior made us stretch an entire tape measure across the car park, as far as it would go…as he watched in awe and amazement. So there we were five years on, stood in the middle of a parking lot, in the six o clock evening Summer sunshine…with the full length of a tape measure pulled between us…just because we created a human that we both share and love more than anything in this world. That’s what we have in common. (He still feels for me me. I can tell.)

Then I started talking to ‘Cloughey.’ He’s the new current addition in Wunna land. I’ve been chatting to him lots recently. I never really knew him before so it’s been good to sort of discover him and feel intrigued by him. I am MASSIVELY hooked on Cloughey right now. There’s something about him that’s magnetic…I just find him interesting and I love interesting people. It’s my ‘thang.’ We’ve actually chatted lots and for ages…as i haven’t been sleeping (DON’T TAKE MY BLOG AWAY AGAIN WAZ) and he’s been working nights. So in those moments where it’s not really day, but not really still classed as night…we’ve been chatting and about all sorts…and with this weird honesty and *winks.* He’s been impressing me. Not deliberately. Maybe deliberately? Lol. But nonetheless…the same result has occurred. Interesting guy. I’m intrigued. He’s both ‘global’ and just ‘going with it.’ The fact that he’s shocked that I might bother to have a conversation with him, somewhat worries me, as my persona gets the better of me most for the time. I’m not evil, nor am I the sweetest berry in the pie. I’m fun, sassy, but kind. I’m the kindest sasserilla you’ll ever meet. But I enjoy this boy because he’s positive and open about previously being negative. He’s creative. He writes. He’s clever. He’s smart. Lots of things. But one of our convo’s basically stated that know matter what life decides to throw at you, it’s important to be able to catch it, remold it to your benefit and be able to live….happily…in the most positive way you can…regardless. There is more on him….it is a space that I am watching…He’s a mind Wizard, who wants champagne in the woods. Interesting… Interesting..*works overtime*… Interesting..

Then Lee, my favourite Policeman’s came into my work to see me. He’s all worried now (as am I)  because it’ll be ages now before he gets his almost daily Wunna fix and having no blog to refer to, has moderately disturbed him and a bundle of humans across the globe. I have an inbox full of people asking me what i’m doing, and when i’m going to report it all? I obviously love that! It’s my juice, isn’t it! 😉 I saw him Friday, as i worked and the next time i’ll see him he’ll be married (‘cold feet’ much…hahaha, but for guys it’s much harder to jolly on to the merry sound of ‘COMMITMENT & FOREVER,’ isn’t it? LOL.) We get on really well I told you. He’s like my guy best friend. A watchful, overprotective big brother. A GREAT GUY. A soft soul. We tell each other EVERYTHING. He enjoys making fun of the Spanish Doctor and I enjoy telling him to concentrate on his own life of ‘soon to be’ marital bliss. 🙂 Worked out for Me…EVERY TIME. 🙂 Haha. He’ll come back with a wedding ring itching his finger Lol…the poorest timing and a tshirt tan from Barbados….and might even have made little Policemen babies?

Y’know, Lee’s always been really kind to me. I’ll never forget the whole hospital magazine ting. Ting? Thing! Hold up, I obviously believe i’m in the Carribean!!!  Haha. I heart good people, or people who make an effort to care. Our rapport is good. I’ll miss him loads. Plus, he’s the guy that would protect me from bad things a happening….I like that! He sees it as a guys role naturally and there’s nothing worse to me than a weedy guy who daren’t protect a chick, and i don’t just mean physically. I’m a girl and I may be outspoken and brave…but i’m non confrontational, I don’t make fuss out of nothing either…yet if someone was talking or doing rubbishy things to someone i actually cared about, i’d immediately step in and sort it!!! If anything, i’ve found a really great friend in Lee. Nice surprise life! Cheers! I think i’m just a girl who needs a guy who serves a different purpose in every corner…just in case.

(I’m in Starbucks. The one in Doncaster. It used to be my favourite, as I swear they only used ot hire young, hot, model boys. Now it’s full of girls. Lol. And i’ve just had to clean around the toilet in the ‘LADIES.’ WHAT WOMAN WEES ON THE FUCKING SEAT!!! STOP IT. IT’S MUCKY! {Plus, I have better things to do than tissue up your urine, simply so i can take part in my own piddle. There am I , in my full ‘big hair, don’t care’ and lippy, all over eyelashesd and pouty…wiping up some other ladies wee, privately in a coffee shop loo. Life at thirty five.)