Ooooh Life…..


Well aren’t I the busiest little bee in town…and quite frankly, my dolls…I ADORE IT! For the first time, in a very long time, i actually feel utterly fulfilled (and yeah, i’m a bit grumbly right now because my love life is rubbish, it’s shite…I’ll get to that in a minute lol) but away from that I feel like I have everything now. My world is complete. I’m beaming. I’m loving every single MINUTE of my new chapter…I couldn’t be more happy, or even more lucky, I guess! I’m working hard and absorbing the new, with a gentle determination that is filled with dedication but a smile! I love it! Everything has changed…and it’s amazing. I’m again surrounded by wonderful people, which makes me very lucky.

So yes, completely fulfilled…happy…loving the ‘new.’ I’m radiating this ooze of awesomeness, right now. Lol. I’m staying really focused and yeah I’m feeling really busy because my brain is really busy, but it’s a good busy, and like i said, work wise, i have never felt so great! WHAT AN AMAZING NEW CHAPTER!

Then we go onto my love life, which is rubbish. I’m a single mum of two..which I LOVE. Gosh, my babies are my everything! They’re the funniest little pieces of loin fruit that I could have ever created! They complete me. They’re wonderful! And…i’m a girl…due to a rather colourful past and a few great selfies…a bit of a telly appearance, who has an inbox full of boy options, if i cared to tinker with them. But i’m too old for that…I want love, a champion, a bestie to in the end marry. Someone to be brave enough to sweep me off my feet because i think with guys, i am a great distraction for them…They find me attractive maybe..and love a flirt, or a banter…with me…they are either no interested, cant be bothered or just tell me that i’m ‘out of their league/the most beautiful thing ever…/ talk to me like i’m a Goddess and then give in.’ Lol. Hmm…?

So..yeah, they’ll chat to me, flirt with me, and either can’t be arsed or get defeated..and therefore the result is the same…they do not follow through. OR even worse..go back to being the perfect boyfriend, to their girlfriend. It’s not good when ‘taken’ men use another chick as a distraction. should know what you want and be manly enough to make a decision. Right? I always do. Even if it’s the wrong one…I’ll run with it…with my heart on my sleeve. If it’s a bad connection…i’ll just leave it, ignore it…and simply won’t play ball. 😉

But yes, i’m tired of that…I deserve a bit of ‘you’re the girl for me’ right now and i’m happily waiting…doing life, working hard, being mum and enjoying it more than anything. Yet, no guys…whether i’m talking to them or not…is following through on the ‘go for it.’ (Apart from the sailor guy…but i don’t like him in the manner than he wishes. Lol.)

I’m tired of the options not ‘Knighting’ it up and being all brave and committing to life beyond the banter..Like no one is striking when the irons hot, which is the best thing to do with me. Everyone’s trying to have flirt..then daudling away and then popping back into my cyberland a couple weeks later. I’m ‘beautiful,’ I’m’sexy,’ I’m…everything in between that they spend time to tell me..but then what? Nothing….

SO, i’m still sitting pretty and i’m thoroughly enjoying every single moment of my life because i’m so happy and so lucky!

But Jesus Christ boys…Come on now…

(Once i’ve had a wine and slept, i’ll be less feisty! Lol)



Right now, life is great! It’s purrfect! It’s fun! It’s like every bit of my Wunna land jigsaw, is slotting together with a glisten, a gleam and a smooth fix of simplicity.

I’m working hard, i’m air clicking my heels and i’m smiling. People forget to whop out a smile…Life is too short to refuse to enjoy it, or appreciate it for what it has to offer you. Go for it. Love it. Enjoy it.

I also feel that right now…I’m accidentally bringing people together and more than anything (other than being a Mum) it makes me eyes and heart smile.

I mean, gosh…the good thing about my blog, and i say it all the time is simply because it’s real and it’s about life…’s about my life…but if you read back and follow…i’ve shared the best of times and the worst of times with you honestly…and I guess people enjoy it because we all as humans can relate to it. No matter what walk of life you’re strutting, we all feel hert break, fall in love, find new chapters…have fun, feel lonely..become Mothers, Fathers, go through hard times, or glittery moments, feel rich, feel poor, feel mighty or insecure…We all feel the same emotions…because although we’re all on different levels, in this life game…we’re pretty much all cut from the same sheet.

That’s what great!

So, you can be a model in Hollywood, a banker in New York, a school girl in Germany…a Glass maker in Pontefract, a tour guide in Africa, a Mother in Burma…a teenager in Japan…a Policeman after a hard shift in Castleford…a Luxury home real estate agent in IT executive in Dubai…an actor in LA, a soldier in the Army…a guy who’s just stepped off a reality tv show in Australia,  a martathon runner, who invites me to balls, married to a dentist with 2 boys in Private school, a hopeful member of parliament…a teen making extra money in a garden centre… a party girl in Brazil…a single Mum on the roughest estate in town, related to Royalty…or a Burmese glamour puss in Yorkshire..

You can be any of those things…and more…all over the world…but at some point in your day, or week…you have picked up your phone, or gone to your laptop and found yourself reading this blog.

It makes me feel like i’ve connected you all, which has given me a sense of purpose…

Don’t forget to FEEL CONNECTED and enjoy the world, each other and what we have going on with our 100 years on this Earth ball!

I honestly couldn’t be more grateful to you for following my life…

Remember to embrace it…and do it with a wink..


New Steps, Boys & Banter


I had a first day today. It was amazing. I’m shattered because i was forced to exercise my brain continuously in order to absorb. However, it’s the only exercise that I adore. I’m loving every single moment of my new chapter…at the same time as looking back and loving my old…that’s when you know you have almost everything! When life from all angles seems to have fallen into place and is making you smile. Once, I can peek into the future, control it and make it exactly perfect, then I’ll be the champion of the world. Lol. Yet right now, I feel so happy! And I did it in pinstripes.

I’m the luckiest bugger in the world. (On my drive back home, from this amazing day at work, I actually saw Jenna walking home as I was pulling into Ackworth to buy groceries and all i heard was her shouting ‘WUUUNNNA.’ 🙂 It made me beam, as it reminded me that all areas of my life, past, present and oh go on then…future…were butter smeared over with love and support!! (Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE….you do not know how grateful i am for all your love.)

I’ve always been lucky in work…and achievements and ‘doing stuff.’ I’m a happy kid. I’m a kitten. I have great friendships, a really close family, my own family…but i’ve never really been able to sustain love, when it has come to partnering up and doing ‘forever’ with someone. I want the man of my dreams to sweep me off my feet and I know that the right guy will go forth and do so…I’m a happy, single girl..yet when i’m in love, i feel alive! I want that. Plus, I have a lot of love to give…and i actually find life much harder when i’m not giving it.

Chilling and happiness has happened. Time with the babies, work, new chapters, friendships. I’ve had an ‘i’m gonna do Scotch,’ beef, boxing and ‘bring an apron’ banter with Cloughey. We actually get along really well…we check in every day to have a chitter chatter..We openly talk about everything and anything, in our own weird sort of way..but as i told you, our cerebral connection is better than anyone would guess… It’s serious, fun, dark, light, closed and open..I think he’s a marvel…He makes me laugh…He’s so smart, we fascinate one another…I’m learning a lot about him daily…then he runs off to cinema’s with chicks. 🙂

Ooh! I also had a great online chatter with a new Facebook acquaintance, who is fun and interesting. He’s from London, but was in Singapore, in a hotel room at 2am, wondering what to order from room service. Hed did what the thought was right and that was  go on Facebook and ask me….as I am obviously the QUEEN of all room service dilemas. Then (like guys do) deliberately took no notice of my advice and did what hed wanted anyway. Whatever advice he asked of me…he did the exact opposite, every time. It was fun. They got the ‘club sandwich’ out of panic, whilst calling room service. Apparently it was ‘Four Seasons’ divine.

Bottom line, there are is no such thing as room service etiquette…However, I did make sure that I pointed out that no actual being, who was a grown up gentleman, without a 12 year old girlfriend, would order a MILKSHAKE at their room. Lol. Hotel social suicide! Then i went to bed. I had a first day to tend to and we’re actually in the same industry…so it’s good that he would understand my first day, ‘who should i do lunch with’ panic.

I just have this great interest in people in I found it wonderful to have a being all the way in Singapore, on business…bored, shattered and chilling in their Four Seasons hotel…banter with me…in Pontefract…over whether the ‘club sandwich’ should be ordered. Life is great like that! I’m luckily that i get to communicate with people. I enjoy it.

Other than that…I’ve chatted to my favourite Alberti Twin. (John.) Now, I can’t tell you anything about that he’s off the telly (we both are…that’s what we have in common) and being from a PR background…I get it. We chatter, we have a laugh…he’s great…I want a ‘hang out’ with Alberti…he’s fun! He said he’d ‘coffee’ or cook. Both great! Our sense of humour is similiar…so we can completely take the absolute piss out of each other…and it’s okay. I tell him off, he adds gentlemany bits…(that sounded rude…it’s not remotely rude)..then he dollops it off with ‘Italian Italian’ and we’re smiling!

Life is good right now. I want the man of my i have everything else that means something to me. Guys are usually terrified to date me and I never know why? I’m an awesome choice of girlfriend. 🙂 I really am!!! I’m not that terrifying. I’m a lot more normal than they envision. (Ooh forgot to tell you, I saw Ben today, whilst I was at work…and he didn’t see me…he wouldn’t even know that I work there…he simply walked passed, doing life…But love it when you can watch others and they don’t see you….)

But away from that… yes, a bit of true love would be good right now…

Do you hear me Cupid?

Love you long time…







We all went out,Daz & roughage…


Rushed home…drank 3 cans of gin and tonic, whilst i got ready at the speed of light…literally hair pieces flying everywhere, dress choices being thrown across m bed, gin swigs, tan smears, mirror poses, eyeliner thrusts and social media selfie madness occurred. It was MAD! Then i hit *pause* or a second to admire my mirror image and slowly sip my gin and tonic…AND the madness occured again, until Chloe sent me a text, asking if i was ready, ‘Heeeyyy, are you nearly ready?’ Then i called cab…and strutted out of my home to pick up along the way and get to our leaving do drinks!

It only took minutes and we both looked so glam. I wore ‘House of CB,’ she got ‘Chrissie Wunna’ eyelashed in THEO, in the back of a moving taxi! Lol.

I kept poking her in the eye and her lash kept going wonky, so the taxi driver pulled over, by the Brown Cow, just so i could glue eyelashes on her perfectly! HAHAH. What a great guy! I tipped him for it! (I will get my lash site back up and running soon…i just haven’t had time due to everything being new and changey. It’ll be back shortly.)

We arrived at the The Carleton…Jenna, Lorraine and Florence all arrived at the exact same time, like the party Gods had blessed our timing…there were lots of ‘hi’s’…’you look greats’ and drinking excitement and then we all went to the bar, where i was forced to buy a bottle of wine, instead of a glass…and it all went downhill from there…and downhill in a good way…as I still got gifts, Jenna found a table and I was having the best drunken time of leaving ever…

We chatted, we laughed, we abused each other (well just Danielle who wasn’t even there, it wouldn’t be my leaving do, if we didn’t Bully Dan) and then we DRANK…I even bought four pitchers of cocktails because we couldn’t be arsed to stand up and walk to the bar. I don’t know how i got tipsy, but i did…and i turned from fun to super fun…we all did our own thing, but still chatted amongst. Lydia and Chloe went on the pull, as the place was FULL of male candy. Lydia actually stopped me to ask for advice…and think i just told her to look good, ‘green light’ him and then before i finished my sentence she said, ‘AND GO FOR IT GIRL.’ HAHAHAHA. She’s so well trained.


We went to Malones! That we still keep calling ‘The Frog & Moose’ and just got more drunk….I don’t even know what happened…but there was lots of smiles, snapchatting, boy talk, Desperado’s and me making everyone play ‘pass the gin.’ No one liked it because they were weird. Then Chloe decided she was off to meet a boy, Lydia decided she was walking her there to hug the boy and then go home. It was already late and others had work in the morning…and the rest of us…went into town. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

We pretty much sang in Brett’s car all the way there…I sat next to Nat and selfie’d with her, as Amy sis being fun and drunk in the front. Got into town…did drinks…did dancing…did drinks…then as people headed off home, Ben’s friend ‘Wiggy’ found me on some cobbles, kidnapped me and forced me to go to The Blacky with him…(I don’t like ‘The Blacky’ it’s shit. It’s a hell hole. But ‘Wiggy’s’ fun and super lovely to i went anyway..he would’ve thrown me in if i didn’t, I think he man handled me into the joint… forcefully, whlist trying to put his beanie on my weave.

Then as all my work friends disappeared…or I disappeared…there I was, in a completely different world of folk…People I knew or knew of…but whoa did the tone of the evening change. It was less bubbly and more grey and real. Lol. I was the glitter in that place…and as soon as i walked in, BOOM, Daz (who’s been messaging me quite a lot, because he fancies his chances with ‘the glamour puss’) found me and became my accidental, but great company for the evening.

The thing about Daz is that he’s actually a really great guy. Yet he plays it to me, like he’s not. We’ve actually accidentally become quite good friends because I saw through his ‘ willy silliness’…and well…even though i don’t like him in the way that he wishes me too because he has too much going on emotionally right now and i don’t do one night stands, as i’m far too old and grumpy for them Lol…I actually think that he’s awesome. He makes me laugh…He can tell me anything, he’s really honest, he’s actually quick witty and like I said, really different to Cloughey, as Daz is a ‘damsel in distress’ and all heart broken…so he’s a new good friend! I can help him!! 🙂 He actually found me in The Blacky and we chatted for hours, in person…by accident. We’d talk and talk and then he’d ask me to go home with him..HAHAHA. Then he’d forget and talk and talk…and then remember…and try again. It was funny. AND we were weirdly really popular because we were sat on our own and people kept coming up to him to chat (I didn’t know who they exactly were…but they said ‘Hi Chrissie’ so I must have??’) I wasn’t in the mood for thinking. But yes…lots of people…as Daz put it…’sniffing around me.’

So we’re having fun, just sat down really and chatting…but about everything. Lots of people were out…but we were just on our own nattering away..then out of nowhere Karl (as in ‘Ward’, you won’t know what i’m talking about, if you’re not from Pontefract, I don’t even really know him well..just of him…) anyway, he saunters up…asks me if i’m talking to Cloughey, and I give him the old ‘Chrissie Wunna…yeah, yeah spiel.’ When I don’t know someone well…I just do this weird giddy, showbizzy ‘Wunna spiel.’ I tell him that Cloughey’s a great and been lovely to me and straight away, with a scowl, under his baseball cap, and a look that tells me that I shouldn’t be bothered with such an idiot, he bangs out with a ‘i’ve known Cloughey for years, he’s flipping cheated on every single girlfriend he’s ever had. You don’t know him. He’s a dick.’ Then rambles on for a bit about how much of a bastard he is, before he rambles off to ‘Biggies’…as i’m sat with Daz. Lol.

Now, Cloughey and i aren’t together, we’re not sexing each other up on lonely Tuesday evenings or dating……we’ve just chatted lots…and because we tell each other a great deal, we’ve become close..we’ve built a good I actually hold him in my highest regard. I adore him. To me, he’s an amazing guy and we’re so well connected. So, Daz and I were laughing at the fact that Karl would find it upon himself to saunter over, with is ‘swiggedy’ and ‘Biggies’ crew at the ready, just to make sure that i knew Cloughey was a cunt..Hahaa…and specifically with chicks….It was bizarre and douchey, because they’re close, they’ve known each other for ‘donkies.’ But boys are boys…and often they’re like chicks and do dickheady things to each other for…well I don’t know what his reason was? I just thought that they had fallen out. I mean, it’s not like I talk to Karl or even really know him, so it is so weird that he’d be a bastard about me chatting to Clough. Lol. Even Daz laughed and said ‘did he just do that to have something to say to you, or because he just gets off on shit like that to make friends?’

We then just got on with the night…(But I told Cloughey…who text Karl..who just didn’t reply…He didn’t ‘recall it.’ I don’t like disloyalty or douches. Infact, Clough and I have chatted more because of it. I even tried to prank call Clough, but couldn’t because I firstly told him that I was calling back, so he knew…and then spoke immediately as soon as he answered the phone.Lol) Bottom line..don’t be a dickhead…everyone will think you are a dickhead, because of your dickheadary. Don’t make rubbish up for kicks…it makes people not like you…The concept isn’t that wacky.

Anyway, long story short, Daz and I were still sat down, lots of people sauntering up to us, we’re now having a blast, he’s making fun of himself, we’re making fun of each other…and he basically he stated whilst laughing, that I was ‘the worst one night stand ever’ because I kept saying ‘no’ and that I ‘i’m not putting out Daz,’ But he found it funny. I was laughing…but i wasn’t going to…and i didn’t. Lol. HAHAHA.

We both came to the executive decision that I was ‘shit at being a slag’ (my persona is nothing like the real deal…i’m all traditional and want to find the man of dreams…settle down and do forever) and that he was ‘shite at being a player’ because all he wants is to do find true love….with his ex. HAHA. We pissed ourselves laughing.

Daz: ‘This isn’t going to plan?’

Me: ‘Daz, you need to pull yourself together! You’re a mess. No one’s gonna date you, like this. Lol. I couldn’t date you, look at you…you’re pretending to be a player, whilst pining for your ex girlfriend, and crying with a toy meerkat in your arms, because you want to give it to her! You need to sort it out or move forward!!’ HAHAHAHA

Then he nearly cried…showed me how romantic he was by nature…and He IS! I feel really bad for him and i want him to be okay. I think he’s this awesome guy, he’s not my ‘forever guy’ but he’s got his AWESOME personality…that beams through him. He’s funny. I’ve found a really great friend. But yes, he’s is NOT in the right place to date anyone right now.

‘God! Chrissie! I’m sat here with a model and all you’re doing is giving me therapy and deciding if i gay or not?’ HAHAHAH.

We laughed so much. He’s so honest…I like him. Good fun!

Then I got home..and all the old chapter and leaving do bonanza was over…Life turned new.. It was Sunday…the day before i started the next chapter…and i forgot to buy SHOES!



Last Days, Heart Smiles, Booty & Leaving dos

ac17 - Copy (2)

I don’t even know where to start!!?! What an amazing last couple of days. I felt rough all yesterday, but today I’ve just got on with it…as there’s only so much time you can give to being ‘hungover,’ as it’s such a waste, when the sun is out. I pulled myself today, cheered to life, the hair of the dog, sunny days out with the children…and yeah…i totally feel like crap and need a nap now! LOL. (I’m a dickhead. When i go out, why do i need to be the funnest person in the bar. Can’t I just be the quiet, normal one…that wants to go home. UGH!)

But more importantly…my last day, at my now previous place of work, was the BEST DAY OF GIFTING EVER! It was so moving, simply because I cannot even believe that people could  be so lovely, all at once and in the most kindess and ‘Wunnerest’ way. It just filled my heart with warmed. By 9.30am, I peeked out the corner of my eye and out of nowhere, like the bestest surprise in all the world, a lady with the most glamourously, girly, most fabulously modern, first class, GINORMOUS bouquet of fresh flowers (which is my Favourite gift ever to recieve) walked in and asked if i was ‘Christina.’ I was soo happy, I could’ve cried.Instead I screeched…’OH MY GOOOOOD!!!! I I’M SO HAPPPY!!!’ Hahaha. And everyone around me just beamed because they knew they had got it right! The bouquet not only made me look better than Miss World, but it was filled with my favourite flowers, which are tall pink lilies and baby pink roses! I could’ve DIED and it was so nice to just have my work colleagues, do something so wonderful like that. I mean, I always kne that they were awesome, yet they didn’t have to…but they went all out and did. It made me feel so appreciated and made me little girl smile all day long…

…and then…the gifts kept coming! 🙂



Lilian with flowers, Jenna with a keyring of our best night out, Lisa with flowers, Prosecco and a plaque blessing me on my new adventure. (Loved it Lisa!!) I got cards, words of love, messages from the whole work team and when I had thought the whole swirl of magic and flowery delight had finished….i got surprised AGAIN…with a very ME, diamond cut decanter. (I HEART A DECANTER..).2 bottles of wine, another card and an award winning Rose vino from the ‘Chief’ (who stated that i was his favourite ex employee ever!!) I nearly screeched at how ME it all was, and how thoughtful they had all been to just know me so well…it made me heart smile, really smile…as some people get drop kicked out of work places…my experience..the exact, most wonderful…opposite!!! I couldn’t BE more grateful. I’ll love them forever all! So thank to all of you! I rinsed it! 🙂 It meant so much! I flipping tottered out that joint with two table sfull of gifts, 3 giant bouquets of flowers in my arms, to the point where you couldn’t even see me…five bottles of booze, and Chloe ‘(my ‘assistant’) behind me, following me to my car with her hands full of the gifts that I had recieved. It was just remarkable and if i think back to how unappreciated I felt during my ‘hospital’ issue that I had, and a break up…it made me feel SOOOO happy to know that everyone else around me, cared about me, knew me so well and..just wanted to go out of their way to make me smile. (I cried when i got home…as I honestly couldn’t believe it.) That day was one of the best days EVER, because it was a day where in which i felt so loved! 🙂 They are always the great days, aren’t they. Plus, everyone kept it ‘Wunna.’ I heart gifts…my favourite gift ever is flowers..and i got plenty! HAHAH. My living room currently looks like an Interflora shop window and IT’S AMAZING!!! It made being rough smell like lilies and made me feel like an Asian Miss World.

I love you all so much. Thank you. You’ve all been through thick and thin with me….You all mean so much…

Then Chloe asked to borrow fake tan, get eyelashed in the back of a taxi, after telling me a story of how a guy on Plenty of Fish, stopped talking to her because she wouldn’t send him a pic of her ‘booty.’ HAHAHA. It’s so funny…because I don’t know what boys expect girls to do, bend over our sofa and think of England, for a bum selfie? I don’t think so. Lol. Plus, unless you have some sort of connection with a particular girl, it’s kinda rude. HAHA. Yet, the funniest part was that some app on his phone wasn’t working, so he asked her to EMAIL A PICTURE OF HER BUM TO HIM. HAHAHA. Email it!!! What a douche. She didn’t…and well whatever his name from British Gas is…couldn’t no longer be arsed. 🙂

We all rushed home, to get ready for my leaving do drinks…





Well, that’s almost it then! I’ve strutted right to the cured end of an old chapter and i’m jollying into the next big one. Clean slate. Great memories. I mean, you can’t move forward with a face like a slapped arse…you set a really bad precedent..the omen is bad. Lol. So you have to enjoy new chapters and do it with style.

I’ll be having a massive doss day all day because it’s simply my nature to be a plank, when duty calls. No one works hard on their last day…it’s just for ‘can can’s and ‘ooh faces.’ But i’ll miss everyone, i’m excited for Monday now AND we’re all off for drinks tonight straight after work! Yipppeee! It aids my alcoholism and need for good times. (Even though i’m a bit shattered.)

I’ve recieved loads of messages, sweet cards, choccies, ind words, surprise visits..all sorts, which always means so much to me. It makes my heart melt. Then Estelle and Vicky came in and gifted me with the most ‘so me’ perfectly pretty, most girly, diamantee bowed notebook of fabulousity EVER (my laptop’s being a bastard and won’t load a picture of it up right now…so you’ll have to go to my Twitter or Facey.) It made me smile from ear to ear, because they didn’t really hae to do that, but did. AND i love kindness….AND, it’s perfect and i can flounce around in my new chapter with it every day, whilst pouting and selfie taking. Lol.

But yeah…i don’t have much to say, other than i’ve been invited to a ball…The Bermuda sailor, who wishes to be mine…is now being weird because he keeps coming onto me by asking if i casually want any more babies? Lol. That is NOT a good come on line. I’d even prefer a ‘grab ya coat,’ or ‘get in my van’ line. Boys are funny little creatures. I love family…babies…and all that comes with togetherness….but yeah…that’s not a sexy line of swagger. Hahaha.

Whatelse..Lee is STILL on his Goddamn honeymoon. Lol. I NEED BROTHERLY GUIDANCE Cloughey’s back at work.(He’s not in a suit and probably shattered, poor thing. Love Cough!) AND I chattered with John (The Alberti) yesterday, after I Tweeted him, ashis dating tips were divine.! Fun guy, a great laugh…he did refer to me as a both ‘sexy’ and a ‘cocky little shit’ in one day though. I like him…

But yeah, i need to get off to my final day in the old chapter…

Shit! I now don’t even have time for my morning tequila shots. (KIDDING!)





The Alberti Twins ‘Dating Tips’


So, I’m a blogger…a lifestyle blogger…you get that, you read it and i couldn’t be more happy. But i am a kitten who also takes the time to read the blogs of others…be they large, small, chipper or dark. I enjoy it. Obviously. It’s what i do, my ‘thang’ my world…literally.

Today, I definitely decided that The ALBERTI Twins are amazing. I’ve sort of chatted to them anyhow in little bits and bobs and If you don’t know what i’m on about, they were on last years ‘Love Island’ reality show on ITV2, which had us all hooked…I was even going to plonked in it, but i didn’t in the end.

Anyway, they were my favourite…and i fancied one of them..and well they thought i was quite easy on the eyes…I think one of them once messaged me saying that they wished i was trapped on ‘Love island’ with them. It’s all very friendly…but i’m sure that i have this massive crush on John Alberti…without me knowing…or knowing…or well i do after reading his blog…Lol.

We follow each other on Twitter and like each other’s work, pictures (mainly lol) and lives…I mean, yesterday he liked my ‘Prosecco/Clough’ blog…but you get the picture…I was reading all his Tweets anyway…and then i came across this…which MADE ME SWOON.

The Twins, have a blog and they’re my kinda guys, as the’re smart, they’re stylish, they’re romantic…they enjoy the finer things in life and know how to treat women well….

John Alberti…

What a gentleman…

There i was…looking through blogs and i bump into this little treat, The Alberti Twins ‘Dating tips!!’


Infact, i’ll post you a snippet to get you juiced…

After reading this, how can you not fall madly head over heels for a bit of John Alberti…If HE gets how to be for a lady…then how come others don’t?? I want a date….I’m impressed…

This is what he suggest to you fellas!

“Every Girl deserves a guy who can make her smile even when she doesn’t want to”

1: First Impressions Count

Always look your best and dress to impress. When you see her she should be blown away by how amazing you look. Dressing well is a form of politeness and it shows her you are interested and made an effort.

2: Be Confident 

Confidence is key! Show her you mean business and you’re not here to play games. Say what you feel and be yourself. Walk with your held high and with confidence.

3: Be Yourself 

Be YOU… And by this we mean, if you’re shy, be shy, if you’re loud and talk a lot, be loud and talk a lot. By being yourself you have nothing to worry about and can relax and show her the real you. If she loves it, amazing. If she doesn’t then at least you were yourself and wasn’t acting fake or different around her.

4: Be Romantic

You can never be too romantic. Compliment her, on her hair, what she is wearing, how beautiful her eyes are etc. Tell her she is beautiful, but more importantly make her feel beautiful. Show her you like her and fancy her but you mean business and are not a push over😉 Show her there are gentlemen still around and romance her. Be romantic, every girl wants to be swept off her feet whether she admits it or not, so open her eyes and let her know that romance isn’t dead. Flirt with her, be confident and tease her. Girls love to laugh and if you can make her laugh you can practically make her do anything.

5: Take Control

Book the best restaurant in town. Show her you’ve thought about this and made an effort. Let her know when to be ready and pick her up, be the man and take control. Organise the date, tell her where you’re taking her or sometimes don’t, make it a surprise. No girl wants to hear “I don’t know, whatever you want to do” NO!! They want to hear, “I’ve booked a table for 8pm, be ready”.

6: Be a Gentleman 

Pick her up, get out of the car and knock for her, kiss her on BOTH cheeks when you greet her. That’s what she has two cheeks for, a kiss for each one… Italian style. Open the car door for her and be a gentleman. Pull the chair out for her at the restaurant. Make her smile, when she is happy it should make you happy. Always pour her wine for her, a lady should never pour her own wine. Be a gentleman and respect her and treat her like a Princess.

7: Listen

You might think you are listening while you are looking her up and down when she is talking, but be present in the conversation, listen to what she is saying and respond. Keep eye contact and show her that you are interested and someone she can have a real conversation with.

8: Avoid the ‘ex’ conversation at all costs 

Never bring up the ex conversation, ever. Nobody wants to hear it, especially on a date. It will ruin the mood of the date and will actually make her think of her ex instead of thinking about you!! Stay away from this conversation at all costs and talk about her, get to know her and what makes her tick, make the conversation interesting.

9: Sweep her off her feet 

Be the Prince she’s always wanted. Show her how you’re different, that all men aren’t the same and that there are some real gentlemen left in this world. Be romantic, be confident, be yourself and sweep her off her feet. No girl goes on a date NOT wanting to be swept off her feet and be treated like a Princess.

10: Always, always pay for the meal

Always pay for the meal. A gentleman never lets a lady pay. She may offer, but this is only out of politeness, she expects the man to pay and rightly so.

How can I not ADORE! ADORE!

It’d be interesting to actually go on a date with John, just to see if he stuck to his tips…I fancy a cross promotional blog promo…

Thursday Bants, Men and Chatter


Couldn’t be more tired this morning. I fell asleep sat up, in my leopard print bed, head slumped over and with my laptop open, right in front of me. 🙂 I can’t tell if it’s because i’m so hard working, lazy or such an attention seeker that i have MUST make sure every moment of Wunna land is reported globally! Haha. Maybe a bit of them all.

I’m at work all day today…a good woman works hard…or marries well. 🙂 Either’s fine. Women are kittens and well i believe that chivalry is certainly not dead, there are great men out there….mixed in with shitty ‘not grown up ones’ yet. Basically if you can’t emotionally look after a girl, adore her, treat her, own your stance financially, make me feel great, make her laugh and love her…with all the trimmings…then you’re not ready to properly settle down…yet. And that’s fine…just don’t try to until you can. 🙂 It’s the same with girls…except ours is more the fact that we need our security and hormones in check before we start annoying guys. I was a swine when i was younger. It took decades for me to grow up…and now as a partner…I’m pretty mellow, but because i’m secure and definitely confident through and through. The right guy will bring out the best in you and vice versa. The wrongs ones bring out the worst…as you rub off on each other directly.

I can’t be bothered to do my last two days at work now. I want to skin to the wind it and have fun. Yet…the great thing is that come Friday, I will be celebrating! ROLL ON THE LEAVING DO! As soon as I clock off, it’glamour puss dressing, big hair, pouty lips and literally running to the bar.

I wish i was on holiday right now, as it would be alright for me to wake up and have a cocktail.

Poor little Ruby’s a wounded soldier, but refused to go to A&E. She got all giddy, started jumping on the bed, the bed went crunch, something in her neck went crunch…and well…she screamed and then pretended she was fine simply so she didn’t have to go to the hospital. (I’m like that. Yet i find hospitals comfy, although they’re boring as hell.) She’s not…unless her whole body has to actually turn just to look right, look left, look down…and well she can’t look up. HAHA. The good thing about moments like this…is that Doctor parents come in handy…she’s just sprained it, pulled a couple neck muscles…but i’m sure that’s pretty ouchy to a five year old. Kept me up all night! 🙂 Cheers!

On the love front…(and i’m concentrating on my new work stuff) everyone is either trying to set me up with their friend ‘who fancies me’ or themselves. I feel like such a commodity. Lol. I don’t mind…as i’m flattered. But know that i’m really picky….and i idolize romance…and even though i’m frilly and fun, there’s this magnificent depth to me…that only the right connection can attract. All i’m saying is…you will have your hands full if the connection isn’t right…and if you’re not fully ‘whole’…you will definitely struggle. Lol. I want the strongest, most loving man alive on my arm.

I’ve always say that people totter into Wunna land for a reason, a season or a lifetime… and i’m just so glad you made it! 🙂

Have a great Thursday!!!




Prosecco Pissed Summoning


Clough: ‘…just had a nap and dreamt of you…was quite bizarre.’

Moi: ‘…what did you dream of? See! We’re connected.’

Clough: ‘..I was at your home but you lived in a bungalow with a ghost in it or some shit, then you made me a fry up.’

HAHAHAHA…and that’s why I can’t stop being hooked on Cloughey!

He just makes me smile without him even knowing AND i’m glad that he’s far less narked off at life, right now..and is moving forward with swag. Emotions are fine, as long as you use the energy that you get from the bad ones… positively…

Anyway, whilst I was at work, doing my last couple days, we were chatting, as i hate it when he’s not chipper and well…like I always say to you, he’s a really great guy, all creative and smart,…and writes for therapy…which is kinda like moi…yet without glitter, boobies and nonsense. I’m hooked on him, find him a marvel and think his natural aceness is charming and i like charm…that isn’t too obvious.

He’s sexy. I mean he could be a bit braver with me…but he’s sexy. Smart guy. Lots of respect for him. H’s looking really dapper right now, and getting is ‘GQ’ strut together…which i obviously like. I like well turned out gents.

Anyway, i decided to turn his literal DREAM…into an actual ‘real world’ shabambam and said that we could find my actual real life prosecco ghost..that i really do have in my home (it only pops open bottles of prosecco…without your permission…whenever it feels like it. It did it New Years eve…it was creepy. I have a party ghost.) THEN i would make him a fry up in the morning…cos i obviously make a mean one.

What can I say…i’m just making dreams come true…

What I got was…

‘I am the fry up police, you will be judged.’

Luckily for me, Policemen adore me (Hey Lee) and my ‘cooking breakfast’ skills are AWESOME. Lol. I win every time. I’m like a God send. He should be writing me love letters to sad love songs on lonely evenings. Or rushing to Tiffany’s to buy ME ‘breakfast.’ Lol.

So yes, when we’re free..if we’re ever free….(as this is what happened with the Doctor…) we’ll do a Prosecco…Pissed…Summoning. It’s very ‘us both’ mixed into one odd ball of magic.

I’m actually terrified of ghosts…so if the Prosecco ghost did actually come (and he does)…i’d shit myself and Clough’d be forced to deal with me, save my soul from monsters and guard my bedroom door from scary ghosts….that are pissed…and only because i’ve heard they’re also perverts. 🙂

Is it Thursday yet?











Double Girl God Whammy, Love, Men & Wind ups


Great day today! I’m feeling awesome! Work is fab! I’m spending my last couple days with my closest and mostest…I mean, it’s not like i won’t see them ever again…as I will…I just won’t see them as much and that’s hard as when i adore people, i tend to adore them forever. The good thing is that my Chapter’s new seems awesome. I got a call this evening, already seeing if i’m up for a specific night out with the girls. 🙂 So, I can’t wait! I’m so excited! My outfits are going to be divine!

I’m annoyed that i had to postpone my botox and teeth whitening with Hatfield Dental probably for next month now. My own fault. But i have no work cover. Yet the great thing about the wait,  is the fact that i’ll be able to tell you all about it, as the event builds up…which always makes it more magical. (See you soon Mr.Hussain, i’ll be shimming in, in a jiffy!)

I enjoyed a double ‘Girl God’ whammy today! Lisa (I LOVE Lisa) strutted in to do scrambled eggs, tell me how much i’m going to be missed, almost make me do a cry and then let us both agree to grow up ungracefully. I’m going the whole haul. Fuck growing up wrinkly…i’m having the works done! More boobs, botox, and everything in between..and why? Just because I can. 🙂 I’ll be the hottest cougar on the block and if i’m all shacked up and married by then…i’ll be the hottest, wifey, piece of cougar ever! LOL. YOU LOVE IT! I adore Lisa because she has this sexy ‘genuine’ in her eyes….and she bought me flowers that time! Remember!!!

Then hours later, after i got all fed up…I surprise ran into Victoria, by bags of salad, DVD’s for £2 and toddlers who knock over beer bottles. It was busy around us with people sauntering, yet i always adore my surprise Vicky bump ins! (Lisa, Victoria and I, all have babies who go to the same school..which is the Quaker school that I went too.) Anyway…we hugged, i caught her up on my life…I chatted with Estelle..She assured me that she couldn’t possibly move to Doncaster with her ‘Handsome Guy’ until there was a hot tub (hahahaha, I love her, it’s certainly very Wunna) and we reminded each other to schedule wine, now that i was doing a ‘bye bye.’ Then we rushed off to continue to be Mums…It was wonderful!

I got called ‘too attractive’ today TWICE and i got chocolates! Then I got called ‘ignorant’ by a random internet guy that I don’t know, simply because I didn’t reply to his snapchat. Lol. It always makes me laugh. I mean, yes, I don’t reply to the majority simply because it’s not a priority and i can’t be bothered. But i do, do replying…yet, to the people i fancy chatting to..which makes complete sense to me. 🙂 If i don’t want to chatter to you, i don’t have to and I won’t. So cry me a river. A big one filled with diamonds. I’m not bothered. Remember i’m a focused girl. I know what I want. I’m not a chick who spreads herself thinly at all. Grab a wine, simmer down. Quit being a bambino.

I wound Tony up today for kicks because i’m good like that! I decided to ‘like’ nearly every single one of his pics on Facebook to bundle up his notification news feed up, for a giggle. Not really that funny…but at the time REALLY funny to me? Shut it,i’m bored. To be fair he was hot on most of them…I like Tony, he’s fun. Yet i did eventually quit being a dickhead and let him get on with his date! HAHA. *Wedding bells.*

Then the Spanish Doctor sent me a message…The usual ‘hey beautiful creature’ kind of thing, with kisses and all sorts, and a ‘life have just been mad on this end.’ I just replied with a ‘oh, as long as you’re well’ and left it at that. Lol. The excitement of that has died as HE’S the priority in his world, which is a good thing…yet, it’s just not what i’m looking for. I want to be someone’s heart, their desire, their world…and like i said earlier, there is a boy somewhere, who will feel that, love the notion and adore me. However, he makes a great friend. I love older guy friends, when they are wise and nurturing.

I’ve also noticed that guys often WAIT for ME to message them…I hate that…just get on with it, if you want to. If you think about me…then tell me and shoot me some cyber love. I am refusing to chase boys….and simply because my Mr.Right WILL come get me.

(Awww, just got a message in from Victoria saying that she is so happy for my new work venture and that so many new opportunities are gonna come my way, from it. Made me smile. I love her.)

But that’s this blog and i I have another en route…where in which i’ll be telling you about our ‘suited and booted’ Cloughey…

Stay tuned..