Fun, Being Old and Cobbles

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(I wrote this yesterday, but fell asleep on the sofa, with my pink laptop on my chest and a Desperado by my side. ‘Mob Wives’ was on in the background. Ready…set…go.)

You know when you just have one of those fun, drinky blow outs with new people, who have become close to you, simply because you’re lucky AND because you live your same ‘day to day’ with them, where you’re part of a team that wants to SMASH IT LIKE CHAMPIONS. You’ve had a busy week…you’ve got through it with smiles and an unconditional bond, a thread that weaves through each being you’ve shared this time with, with trust, laughter and hard work…THEN you’ve smashed it and you’ve achieved with bells on and corporate buns…Well in our world, this means get drunky! 🙂

We did! We did drinks. We got drunk. We celebrated and had the best fricking time EVER…and all at the same time we BONDED. I’m loving every single moment of my new chapter and I know i always say it, but i honestly couldn’t be luckier.

Without telling you too much…there was the most AMAZING Beyonce  to ‘Single Ladies’ dance off with a guy, on a dance floor, who even wedged in a back flip into his routine to attempt to win the shimmie. (I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the Beyonce dance off, i was in awe…If i ever loved a girl, it was in that moment. It wa so good, i was pissing myself, whilst thinking, ‘this should be a show.’ HAHAH.) There were talks about marriage, skid marks, ironing, dating, boys, matching underwear, matching ail varnish….Tinder…life…work, one of us got (UNCALLED FOR) slapped by a Lesbian and went home in tears, someone ‘offered’ an associate of ‘the Lesbian slapper’ out, and I got PICKED UP and flung a bit. Lol. I did cocktails afterward, so i wasn’t that bothered.

There was laughter, drinks, nachos, drinks..sunshine, glass clinking, late night cocktails under the stars, people thinking lemons were limes, pitchers…banter, work talk, honesty, weird guys, good guys, gossips, determination, laughter and dancing in bars, on cobbles, in alley ways. BOOM!

Just an amazing night. A night that we didn’t really know the result of. Yet, they’re always the best. There was prosecco swigging, calf stroking, girls, boys, acquaintances…chitter chatter, madness…excitement, calm..joiners (Ben came and met up with us all) and from that point, it turned chilled, turned chatty and we drank more cocktails under the night stars.

Lots was said, in an open fun bliss. All of us are pretty direct. Pretty ambitious. Pretty good people. I drank my drawer booze, i danced…I ended the evening with Desperados down a Malt Shovel alley way, on the cobbles, and then a box of chilli cheesy fries at we added more banter, talked about willies not working and finger nails. *A gentleman always has great fingernails.*

Today i’ve been shattered…but got up anyway to spend time with the babies and take them to lunch. I’ve been at The Carleton all day, doing steak and chattering in the breeze and then sun, as the babies ran around blissfully like the didn’t have a care in the world.

Sweets, gin, laughter, love and then Ollie walks in in a FLAMINGO SHIRT that ONLY a girl like moi could appreciate! IT WAS AMAZING.

Time wrapped up…and I was glad to get home in my comfies. I’m far too old for the Bank Holiday party. Don’t get me wrong, i’m social, i’m more fun than anyone…yet when you’re old, you’re old…and when you’ve done it, Tshirt in check…you’ve done it. I love nights out…but t doesn’t half knacker e as i balance it with work and mummyhood.  I think i just want to settle down now…I’m feeling really happy right now, and when you do, great things happen! *Wink.*



So now i definitely want a tortoise. Apparently you could rescue them…but after just hearing that they have attitude, I don’t think i’ll bother.

Y’know, i’ve been so busy, i’ve not managed to have time to chat to Cloughey. We’ve briefly said ‘hi, you’re quiet’ today, but not really found chance to chat. I need to zone back into that, as like i’ve always said, he’s a good egg.

Daz, has also been sending me snapchat’s of his of chewing things up. Lol. Daz is ace, a really great friend, but in a bad place emotionally. I’m sort of glad that he has me to help him pull himself together. An honest guy.

The Yacht sailor guy, is apparently on route home from Bermuda to meet up with me. He messaged me to see if we were going to meet up..but I just didn’t message back. He’d adore me to pieces, yet the connection isn’t there.

Then the Newcastle guy, who swears that I have spoken to him, want to pencil in a date. He’s handsome, he’s sweet…but like i said, busy times have got the better of me and i haven’t quite managed to message him back.

One day, i’ll find my Mr.Right and i know i’ll find him because i can feel it. He’ll love me more than he can help.

Sometimes you can have all the options in the world…yet they turn into dead leads. Passion is a two way thing…and it’s getting that two wayer right.

I met Ben the other night at The Carleton…we’re friends again now…that was a long time coming…but my heart is at pace now, knowing that all the drama has been resolved.

I was proactive at peace making…and it makes me feel the world of good.




Right…I haven’t blogged in ages because I just haven’t found the time. I’ve kinda just been enjoying work, living a brand new chapter and trying to be as ‘on point’ with it as I can. It’s fabulous. I’m the luckiest kitten on the block and like i’ve said continuously over the past couple weeks…I sort of feel blessed to be around such great people. I’m loving it, you get that…my life couldn’t be better right now.

Next stop…

The art of dating…

Okay, so i’m gonna go straight into it, as you know how much i despise a back track when it comes to writing out my life as I go along. (Thank you for reading by the way. We’re doing better than ever and it’s still being read in almost 200 different countries, on every continent of the world and so forth. I’m really know that…Life feels really charmed.)

Okay, so let’s rewind and let me bring you back in time and into my world, with a shimmie.

There’s this guy. A new guy. I refer to him as ‘Singapore business guy.’ I’ve briefly chatted about him with spurts and winks…but yes..I finally met him for what we’re calling ‘after work drinks.’ As always right now, i have an inbox full of suitors. I’m single and on the search of ‘the man of my dreams’…i’m in a good place emotionally and technically not searching during my search, as i’m a true believer that the guy will just come find you, do the leg work, sweep you off your feet and make you his…and only his…if he really wants you. If he doesn’t…he’s not that bothered. And that’s not so’s just life, it’s just connections and ofcourse that thing we call timing. I believe that you meet the right guy at the right time..and you can only hope that you might have a ‘connection’ where in which you both can’t help but do a lifetime of love. Everyone wants that. Some people are coupled up and not even feeling the certain ‘ooh laa’ that you need to feel. Some people are single and not realizing that they have such a connection with a being. All sorts. It’s complex usually, but easy with the right person…because it will just happen without your control.

Okay…so this guy. I obviously fancy him, or i wouldn’t have done drinks with him. I went straight after work, so i wasn’t necessarily all ‘Wunna glam’…just me, just normal and just there with a toilet spritz in the mirror and a smile. I think i took sassiness also…but that came by accident. 😉

So when you meet someone that you’ve been talking to and you’ve felt a written word energy, it’s always a bit terrifying when you do our face to face meet up, isn’t it? As you don’t know what to expect or if they will like what they see. Right?

So, this guy is hot, is smart, is charming…honest…states he’s into me…and well…we just have this ‘pull’ that we can’t really seem to avoid..even when we try. It’s what I call chemistry. He’s my front runner…he’s someone that i’d actually go for…as he’s not really ‘on paper’ all good and he’s not really all in my mind that bad…but he’s sexy and we’re very much aligned. We’re really similar creatures and we’ve discovered each other by accident..well nothing is ever by accident…we went with it, because we wanted to…Get it?

I arrive in the area, I walk in…and he’s already messaged me telling me to ‘turn left.’ I do, i see him, the place is sort of calmly bustled with folk, it’s dim lit, black, red lighting with a chandelier over the bar. It feels sort of table candle lit…and there’s a mood about the bar…It’s sort of what I would call a after work drinks, cocktail bar.

I see him. I’m impressed already as he’s looks even better than he does in his pictures and he’s confident. He’s not terrified. He’s very comfortable with ‘the chat.’

I sit down opposite him on a table for two and we begin talking…It’s sexy, it’s filled with charm..but it’s pleasantly normal…a even though i was a little panicked because i hate not looking my best…(I did tell him that..he was in his after work suit) we got along well…in a non forced, friendly, but sexy kinda way?? Does that make sense?

We call the waitress over and order to whisky sours, which is my favourite cocktail right now and I guess his also? And we chat about everything..the things going on in his life, my life…and our lives ‘maybe’ combined. Lol. We’ve actually spoken a lot, so it wasn’t really so weird…as we both feel connected anyway and we’re both really open about everything as we’re in the same boat when it comes to goodness and badness…and well..chatting and flirting seems to come easily to us both. It’s bizarre as we’re both sort of skin to the wind, non judgemental…yet at the same time…dipped in this sense of tradition and what we want.

He’s charming. He knows what he’s doing..and i sort of like that. He knows himself well and he knows women well. That’s good as i know myself well and yeah..I know guys pretty well! 🙂

He’s 3 years older than I am, so we’re also in the same tick box. That’s good as nowadays i’m not liking younger. Yet, he’s a young spirited 38 year old…he looks younger than his age. He’s charming, he’s sexy…he knows it. So i would reckon a guy who pretty much gets what he wants when it comes to women.

We talked the whole time about all sorts…it was never weird, we’re quite similar..but there’s an ENERGY. It’s so crazy it’s AWFUL, as it’s filled with that good old chemistry that you can’t at all shake off, which makes everything frustrating and dangerous…It’s a sexy sexy, chemistry that is a connection that both of us can’t really avoid…too easily.

It’s kinda like a loss of control…even though we’re both kinda controlled, in a weird passionate way. Yet we’d build up to this meet up.

I’m telling him he’s sexy, he’s telling me that i’m the ‘prettiest girl’ he has EVER had sat infront of him and that i could have anyone i want. I’m smiling and shrugging it off like he’s a charmer…but i hope he actually meant it, as that’s a pretty good thing to say to any Wunna, that you meet. 🙂 This guy is actually in a situation right now, that is complex which makes my life much harder…UGH…so it means that i can’t actually just have what I want, if i wanted…as, as open minded as I am…and like i said to him i don’t like things that don’t come so easily…no one does. 😉

Plus, even though i’m extremely attracted to him, i’m soo attracted to him it’s ferocious…i’m a chick that is looking for my perfect perfect connection, the man of my dreams…the buy that i’m gonna do life with in the end…and the guy i choose needs to be on that wave length also.

Everything is about energy and chemistry and i’ve always felt unfulfilled in that department when it’s comes to my relationships. I’m a good girlfriend, a really good one. (You could even ask my exes.) Yet, i’m never 100 percent fulfilled and that’s because i’m not lucky enough to have found the right guy. This guy..would fulfil me…as our chemistry is over powering. It’s dynamite and for someone like me…that’s the kinda guy that I should be doing life whenever i’ve done ‘simple’ it hasn’t ever really worked for me. The ‘sizzle’ sort of lacked. Yet, with him, i’m aware that the newness of it, the freshness of doing after work cocktails is exciting to him. Once the excitement has gone…would be bothered? But i always think if a boy is bothered, he’ll prove it to you, if he’s not…he won’t. I’m a girl that wants to be swept off my feet and simply because that never hardly happens.

Great night. In fact, an Amazing night. I won’t sell it short as we watched the time like hawks as we both didn’t want it to end. He’s done his research, he’s read the blog, he asked me about my marriage, the Spanish Doctor, boys in general that he had read about…and i liked that…as he didn’t go into this blind. Means, he’s clever, which i find sexy. He’s open and honest but plays his cards close to his chest. I like him, he’s hot…i kinda wish he could be mine.

When it was almost time for me to go..we felt it…there was this awful cloud that surrounded us…this ‘i don’t want to leave’ you ness that murked around us both…we weren’t ready to finish up yet…but had to.

We had a weird moment of just looking, charmingly smiling at one another for 10 minutes and saying ‘Hmmm…’ back and forth as the tension and magnetism was far too alive and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. REMEMBER that we were only on after work drinks. Yes, we both fancy each other…but technically it was just a ‘friendly.’ I tried to pay for half of the bill and he told me not to ‘demasculine’ him. Lol. I find that sexy.

Then we walked outside and kissed.

Slowly and passionately kissed. It was sexy, he’s sexy…yet filled with this frustration as we felt we had to rein it in.

We walked arm in arm to my ‘bye bye’s’ and kissed some more, to the point where it actually accidentally turned romantic. My whole method of transport home waited for us to finish smooching…

I will tell you that nothing felt harder than having life ply us away from one another, until the next time…if there is going to be a next time…as he never said there was one…

But he slowly waved me off…like we didn’t want to leave one another…and well we messaged all the way home. to relieve the frustration…

That is what i call chemistry…(and that’s after i had a chick friend of mine bad mouth him and tell me what an actual dick he is and for the majority of my we share a mutual friend.)

I wonder what he thinks?

The situation of it all is going to prove to be difficult….and don’t want it to be as i think if a guy treasures you or knows that he wants you to be his, he’ll go for it regardless because he wouldn’t want to risk losing out.

Yet now he’s done drinks…he might now have quenched his curiosity…and well…go back to enjoying life…as he’ll be on a timer now. I like this one…and i never ever like guys that much…I like him….He’s a good balance of everything and exactly what i need and what i’ looking for…












Happy Buzzes…


So, my theory about people only properly coupling up in the Winter must be wrong! What’s going on??? I mean, Gosh yes, i’m single and i tell you everyday with a wink…and a giggle. But, I always swore down, every single time that guys only ever wanted to couple up over the Wintery months, because it made them feel all lonely and…hungry? Yet Summer to them was all about flings and fun. Neither’s bad. Was simply just my theory.

WELL I WAS WRONG! The Summer, all sorts must be happening, as it seems everyone i know…as in boys…are ALL coupling up, trying to couple up or are looking for a proper relationship!!! Eh??? It’s Summer. That never happens. But me, being me…the Queen of Ultimate romance…I think it’s lovely. 🙂 *Beam here.* I mean, gosh even if they want new partners, old partners, young partners, all partners…this Summer, guys are wanting true love. I swear it’s true. I even have an inbox to prove it…and not the ‘i’ve sent you a questionably erotic pic of my privates’ files. I don’t care about those. They’re always odd and well hilarious. My mind is immune to them now, even after wine. I don’t even want to draw faces on them anymore and name them like they are pets.

But yes, i have an inbox half full of just gentleman…all who want true companionship…and i find it gorgeous. Fair enough i don’t talk to any of them. Lol. I don’t spread myself thinly. I told you, i have a one track mind. I want what i want…and that’s all I want. I’m open, honest, never lead people on. But direct. If i ignore the guy, it’s simply because he’s not MY Mr.Right, yet definitely someone elses. It’s just nice to know that there’s people out there still rooting for love.

ALL my guy friends are coupling up right now! It’s romantic. It fills Summer with this rush of everlasting love. This tinkle of excitement…a breeze that calms the soul. It makes me smile. I’m a confident kitten. A girl who is happy when doing her ‘single’ thang. I’m open to new love…as i’m a hopeless romantic by nature and I have options that i’m not really pursuing.

Everything’s new right now and i’m focused on work, family and play. Like i’ve always said, if a guy truly desires you with ever inch of his being…he’ll come get you. He won’t be terrified, or flakey. He won’t twiddle his thumbs or ignore you..he’ll make you (when he has his moments of free time) a PRIORITY, as that’s what men do.  They can’t help it. And we as kittens, don’ t have time for anyone but grown up MEN to swoosh us off our feet. So i’m simply sitting pretty, doing me..and waiting, as a Lady would do! 🙂  If he’s your Knight and you’re actually attracted to him, he’ll sweep you off your feet…and you’ll let him. Simples!

So, there are options in Wunna land, that I’m aware of and could pursue if i wished to. I’m not with anyone, sleeping with anyone or anything of that manner. Just being aware really as to what’s on offer. Lol.

Just to skim a couple…there’s Stu in Newcastle, who i don’t know at all, but he swears to me that I do? Lol. I don’t. Lol. But He’s in Vegas right now and is waiting to score a date. The good thing about him is that he’s persistent and confident…and not a bad looker. Y’know how i told you that guys tend to use me as a distraction…yet never follow through because they get scared or aren’t that bothered…he always tries to follow through and makes something happen. I don’t have much time right now really, as i’m quite scheduled up…but i’d hang out with him…I mean, whilst i’m single…I might as well see what my options are, during my own free time? Yet, if something  or it all feels like a chore, i know immediately that the chemistry isn’t right. And Yes, i’m definitely a girl who doesn’t enjoy things that don’t come very easily. I know that. Yet, i’m a level headed with a dash of ‘wooo wee’ and i’m aware that Partnering up is all about chemistry. I want a guy who’s spirit plays well with mine. He’s dynamic, he’s ambitious, romantic, fun and loyal to me Infact..he’s just ME…but the boy version. HAHAHA. Ego mania at it’s finest!

So yeah there’s other guys who i haven’t really met, or  those who are my friends (like Daz) who want to go on a date…

But it’s all about a throw me off guard, out of nowhere connection with me…one that makes my eyes smile and my mind go wild with thought. Yet i’m not a twit. I know if a guy actually likes me or is just being a douche for a while. Lol. I know men really well.

Yet, i will tell you that there’s one gent and i’m attracted to him to the point where the chemistry is oddly buzzes, without me trying to make it buzz and well in moments like that, i always think life is too short to ignore those ‘buzzes’ because (like Vicky said) it’s the happy moments that we as humans need to cling onto whenever we experience them…or have an opportunity to embrace them….People never do that….and you should..simply because it’s good for you.

If you don’t like something change it. If you love a girl tell her. If you want a your Summer to be filled with flings, enjoy it, or if you want to find something more magical…then with your fingers crossed…jump straight in. Get those happy buzzes and collect them. You can’t help where your feelings place themselves really…but I can tell you that you are exactly where you’re meant to be right now in life…

I love you guys,


Chrissie (Thank you for following my life.)







Sunday Madness, Monday begins!


Woke up Sunday morning at the crack of dawn to shower, get everyone ready for the family lifestyle shoot,t hat we had booked ages ago with Chris Stevenson, who had been amazing to me the whole time we were booked in. Especially because I’d been so busy.

He ended up having to meet me in a carpark with the babies, because we were doing out shoot in Howell woods, country park and I ofcourse couldn’t find it. The good thing is I got to banter with my ‘old chapter’ before i left, as i was parked right outside my previous place of work.

Drove to Howell woods, by following Chris (who was lovely and kind and just the perfect photog to work with, as he’s so laid back with you, yet gets the work done. Plus, i’m bantery and fun and he can deal with that! Hahaha.)

Got there and OH MY GOD, the babies impressed me so much because they were AMAZING. Thy were actually little models, who loved it like bread and butter. They get it off their Mama i’m sure. 🙂 I mean you’re not going to be me and have not naturally posey children. Chris said it was really easy to work with them because they were so confident. It made me feel good, as being a single mum wasn’t, well isn’t to think that I have awesome posey kids, makes me happy. HAHA.

We walked around the woods, the children having the best time ever…and we shot…Obviously I used to be a model, so i didn’t find it hard…Chris found it easy and yeah the children loved it so much we nearly lost them in the woods! Great parenting! 🙂

Honestly, Chris was amazing. I’d book him for everything now.

But yes, we got home, got changed, I dropped Ruby off at her Dads and took Junior to Ego for Sunday dinner. He’s a proper boy, so was all starving and hungry because he’d has to pout and pose all day because Mummy made him. Lol.

We did cocktails and Yorkshire puds, in the sunshine and it was divine! They honestly again couldn’t treat me better at that place. The service I recieve there is impeccable. Hence why i always go return with tips and smiles.


Keiran (Junior’s Daddy) then came up for a bit of dessert and to pick Junior up. Keiran beamed with pride because his baby had modelled it up. Junior told him to pay Lol…and he just looked at me grinned and said, ‘No Mummy’s getting it.’ HAHAHA. We chatted a bit, as like i said I’m never ever awkward with the babies daddies, as i’m not a childish plank…i’m really good at emotionally prioritising…I’m just like that naturally, and well being the most understanding human on the planet…I get how humans are in general.

They went home and I shot to The Blacky to meet Daz for drinks. Great times. Good times. Sunshine, smiles. All sorts! Daz fancies me a bit…lol…a lot….he makes it very apparent. He’s sweet. But when i look at him i know he’s emotionally not in a good place. Lol. The last time i found him, he as crying with a meerkat in his hands. Lol. I think he’s awesome! He thinks we’re ‘cunts’ but get away with it. HAHAHA. What i like about him is his honesty, fun and forwardness. As friends we get on really well. I know what i need in a guy and right now, he’s not there yet…

However, My walk down there was a confidence booster, as i got stopped 4 times and told i was ‘beautiful.’ *Wiggle wink.* Then I got chatting to Rich and got a hug! Rich was sweet…I’ve missed him.

Great day, filled with banter…last minute drinks in the sun…and then Ben showed up and it all turned tense and awkward. I don’t know why he can’t find it in himself to just come over and chatter…he should, as i wouldn’t not be lovely to him. Yet it’s not ready yet. Hopefully one day it will go back to being easy. It’s hard having one of your best friends, so of…well…

Life goes on…

I did lots this weekend.

Hope you did too!

Back to work! Couldn’t be more excited!!



Wow, the weekends flown by! But it’s pretty much because I ‘filled’ it. When you do, you end up having a decent balance of fun and just like that *zoom* it flitters out of your fingers before you have time to catch it. (I’m currently in sat in bed, in my pj’s typing this before i get read for work.)

So, I had a great Saturday. I spent it with the babies, who adored every single waking minute of it. We did the usual love, laugh, live and shop. We did our usual morning brunch at Ed’s Easy Diner’ in Doncaster. The staff know the children so well now, that they are literally VIP’s at that joint. But they loved it…infact by accident it’s become a family Saturday Brunch tradition now….and being unconventional AND a traditionalist all at the same time…I know…I don’t get it either…it works for me. Plus, I enjoy it when things happen by accident. It’s a habit we discovered, that amazing…and we didn’t intend to find it or go with it.

After that major shopping occured. I needed my nails doing, new shoes for work, new clohtes for work, to buy toys to keep the babies smiling…to buy outfits for the photoshoot we ha the following morning. It turned really manic, to the point where my Mother was called in to aid my sorry (but rather glamourous) self…as i pounded the pavement, in a rush with my bank card and heels.

Luckily, and out of nowhere I accidentally bumped into my favourite people ever Vicky and Guy! They are the hottest couple you will ever meet and like i told you Vicky found him, her love, her forever boy after she was 40!!! It gives me hope. They married shortly. Their story is remarkable, as again they just met by accident…but they were just so uncannily in tune. Their lives matched.

Anyway, i was poking my head around shoes shops in a fluster…and all I heard was Guy say ,’Is that Chrissie?’ Vicky’s now ‘blond for Summer’ so i didn’t recognize her at first, but then I DID and it was just a sigh of peaceful relief. Y’know, whn you mind just feels os busy and all you need is a bit of clam, a distraction…just something, because you can’t have a wine to keep you in touch with live and the art of feeling loved. Vicky is my Girl God, she guides me through life out of experience. Guy is sexy and GOSH such a gentleman. You can’t help but look at him and melt…yet at the same time have such a wonderful time with him as hes fun. They are BOTH Southerns up North, as I like to say…they are the perfect match…and will we did coffee, looked at ball gowns, as remember we’re all off to a ball in June and chatted about my shitty love life that comforts them via this blog when they go to bed. Lol. Vicky reads it to Guy on a night like a bedtime story. HAHAHA. They’re both great because I can tell them anything honestly…and without care. I’m an honest outspoken girl…so that helps. I collect people like that. I show them pictures of gents as they totter into my path and they help me decide what situation is best! Lol

Then I met my Mum, found the babies and sauntered home feeling at peace. We’d bought a lot…but gosh…it’s what we do.

Then I panicked as we had a photoshoot the next morning, just for our family files, so to speak and it was chucking it down…



Balance, fulfillment, Boys & Adventure


I did it!! I’m feeling amazing, to the point where my soul is beaming this gooey, contagious jelly swirl of happiness. it has moments of reeling you in like a smokey glitter of magic, then other times it just ‘nerf guns’ you sharply…with happy spurts of goo. I’m an ambitious girl, i’m a fun girl. i’m driven, i work hard, but i’m powdered over with this feminine down to earthness, great/rubbish sense of humour, warmth and friendliness, that is winked over with excessive charm. Gosh, my charm is undefeatable. If i could put it on my CV I would. It’s probably on there somewhere?

Anyway, in life feeling a sense of achievement makes all the difference and it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve scored the highest grade in the country on your G.C.S.E’s, signed that deal, got to our first night’s sleep after welcoming a newborn baby, finally found the courage to ask that girl.guy out, or if you’ve faced a new challenge head on and championed it.

This week has been amazing, as not only have i found myself in a new chapter..I also loved it, worked my kitten booty off and sort of did better than I thought and championed it. Well, ‘first week’ championed it, there is lots of room for me to get much much better at it…and i like that. I always want to do my best even if it’s wiggled over with giggles and cheek. Internally, I don’t want to let others down. But I did and when you ‘do it’ it makes you feel mighty. But what made it perfect was the fact that i loved it and the fact that I’ve gotten so lucky, because in new chapters you never know who your going to find yourself surrounded by…and OH MY GOSH, i couldn’t be around better humans.

I’m beaming. You know that and i kinda want to spread it. So try and challenge yourself and go for it. You’ll feel so much better afterward.

I’m spending my Saturday with my babies, we have our family pictures tomorrow morning (which reminds me, i haven’t paid him yet and need to.. shit.) Obviously because we have fmaily pictures, Junior’s kicked Ruby in the face and now she has this macky mark on her face like she was dragged up without a care. Lol. Great! Then I found him laid around a bunch of banana peels, watching Mr.Tumble, like a Gangsta. Being a Mum, even though i’m a glammy one, is the single most amazing thing I could ever be. Yes, i’m not a textbook Mum…but they’re always the worst kind, as they forget to love, live and passionately give off light. Kids need energy. YOUR energy.

Away from that, I was talking to Cloughey the other day, (you all know we’ve become really good cerebral friends right now, and i’m glad as it fills up spaces of life with a great connection,) I’ve suggested that he didn’t colour clash, ever wear crocs, and go steady when it comes to adventure.

Y’see, Clough is all on ‘adventure boy’ mode right now, as he fills he’s locked himself away from real life or fun due to a spurt of ‘wanting to hide’ by accident. Now, i’m the QUEEN of adventure and it’s just something that I NATURALLY am. I’m not a boring girl, I’m a fun loving girl, exciting, sensual, carefree…to the point where I’m not afraid to be a plonker if i need to. I’m  actually not afraid of anything, if my heart decides it’s right…I’m dashing off and going for it. I mean, God at 19 i had a suitcase in my hand, got on a plane to Hollywood, on my own and decided to live there. Lol. So you cn’t talk to me about adventure…I know adventure and crave balance…which i now have because i’m an oldie. I’m in a really good place right now.

So yeah, i was telling him that it seems that he always plans adventure, right down to a ‘t’ and talks about adventure, like it’s magical, when adventure is an action…a DO..a skin to the wind, without a full plan, go for it. I know it is. I’m am that naturally. But i’m happy that he’s trying and pushing Iceland onto himself. It makes me smile. We make each other smile. He’s such a wonderful human, i’m so glad to have him tottered around Wunna land. The world is full of good people, or interesting people, so it’s good to collect great them…so you have your own little bunch. The tossers just stick to their own. Leave’em on the curb, we don’t need them…they wear Crocs to parties.

Anyway, yes, i’m feeling more than amazing and like i said, utterly fulfilled and it is that feeling that makes you strong. If you are unhappy and I wasn’t before, but i just wanted more and a change…but if you are in a place that doesn’t fulfil you and doesn’t make you THE BEST VERSION of yourself…then you need to call a cab and get yourself to your next stop…that’s adventure. The DOING.

Oh..and on the love life front. I’m still happy. I’m still single..but i’ve found him. I think i’ve found him…? Well technically he found me…but yeah…I think i’ve found him… *Beams here.*







Lucky lil’ thing


Life is absolutely brilliant right now. I’m working really hard to kinda be the best that i can be in my new chapter and i’m adoring every single second of it! Like I told you, I’m surrounded by great people and feeling utterly and completely, challenged (which I like) and fulfilled. It’s amazing. I’m happy.

Work is great.

Tonight, I kicked off my kitten heels and simply dedicated the evening to the bambinos. We’ve laughed, loved, busted some ‘dance party’ moves, they’ve had a ‘like we’re at the cinema,’ pizza and popcorn tea and i’m treating life to the pleasure of me on a wine! *Shimmie here.*

I’ve had a laugh today and it’s because i’ve worked hard and I feel a my greatest when i’m trying hard to achieve and seeing results. I know I keep telling you this, but i’m BEAMING. I did have to be wired on coffee juice all day, but it worked and my name isn’t ‘Keith.’ (My Starbucks cup had ‘Keith’ written on it today.)

‘Love Island’ John Alberti, who is a funny little blast of joy sent me a message today after I wished him well. We chatted last week and agreed, after laughter and piss taking that we would do ‘hanging.’ He would like a Tuesday coffee. But i’m always working Tuesday’s so he’ll have to get his ‘gentleman’ on and switch americano’s to a weekend. He’s a laugh. He’s a twin. He’s good fun. I feel like he would be great company.

I chatted to Cloughey on my way home from work. When i need to relax, he’s my ‘go to’ human. He’s just amazing at being there, which is a really beautiful quality. I want steak with him because I think he’ll actually enjoy ‘Wunna time’ more than he believes. Lol. He’s a really great fixture in my current life path. Regardless, as to what people may think.  I enjoy that he’s feeling adventurous right now. I’m currently on ‘work mode’ so i’m so focused on that, and letting it merrily consume me,  that i’m not really issuing much time to the giddies. But yes…he’s great. I want steak, boy! He’ll enjoy it.

The property ‘was away in Singapore’ business guy…shot me over a message today. I’m not really discussing any of the messages as such, as i like them being private right now. I know that…but don’t worry, on the boy front, i’m in an adjustment phase, so i’m on ‘pick’em’ mode. But yes, everything’s really friendly with him. It’s daily, normal, happy banter, brief…but twisted with sarcasm, a lot of work in between and fun. I actually sent him a message today, where in which i will judge him on his reply..His reply will roll in tomorrow.

Had minor road rage earlier for no reason. Well, not really, i’m a very patient human, who laughs before she cries. Lol. But I heard this *beep* whilst i was reversing out of a parking spot, I didn’t know who it was, but it was someone that I knew, (Billy) and I apparently called him a ‘stupid prick.’ AHAHAH. He messaged me right after, laughing his head off and apologizing and saved the day by sending me an image of food porn. (His dinner.) I had no clue it was him. Hahaha. But i enjoy my moments of feistiness. It makes girls sexy!

But yes, i have not much time for anything right now, as I have my hands full and i’m happy. Really happy. I’m so productive,, happy and focused right now that the boy department, unless ‘Mr.Right’ walks right on it and sweeps me away without me doing anything or realizing, doesn’t seem to matter? I definitely want to couple up. But not just with anyone…with my perfect love match. I never sell myself short these days and i know what i want. I’m ticking boxes for them, as they approach.

I’m adoring every single minute of tonight because i’ve had such a Mummy night..and the babies and I have literally radiated fun and love throughout our little world. They are the world to me.  But hey! THANK GOD for Lisa. (You know, I love Lisa.) Our children go to school together and well…I was sure I saw that Ruby had a ‘wear want you want’ day tomorrow…Yet I wasn’t sure…because i’m crap at the little themed ‘days’ that they have at school. So basically, before i sent my first born dressed to school like she was obviously my child…(poor thing,) I wanted to make sure it was dandy! Lol. The good thing is that it’s for charity, so no matter what she wears, she’ll be forgiven for it.

I don’t even know what else to tell you? It’s 9.30pm and i haven’t even had my tea yet. I’m just sat here, with no face on, stuffing my face with popcorn and hoping no human tries to ‘facetime’ me. People always want you to send them a picture or facetime you when you’re sat at home in your comfies, with no face on looking rubbish. Lol. I never do it. They can wait. Presentation matters to me, as i’m as vain as they come. Most people know that…and if they don’t then they shouldn’t be face timing me. Lol

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’m feeling really confident right now. I’m shooting off this light of excitement and it feels wonderful. I’m rally positive and again, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I almost have everything… 🙂






Love, Banter, Boys & Moments


I’ve stopped being maungey now! I had 2 little glasses of wine, chattered to a friend, blogged and slept. I got over myself so to speak and now i’m feeling amazing and back to Team Awesome!

I have a great life, with so many great things going on in it right now. I have everything to be excited about. I’m beaming!

So, anyway…I have a family photoshoot booked for Sunday morning. I’m really excited about it, yet worried as even those the beings in Wunna land are natural posers…Ruby AND Junior together…on shoots…are demons. Lol. They both want the lime light. I don’t know where they get that from? *Wiggle, giggle.* Yet, i could’ve involved their Daddies, as it would make a great giant canvas in my home…but i can’t be arsed really Lol. So, it’s just Me and the babies!

I also need to go see Afsar at ‘Hatfield Dental’ for my botox and teeth whitening. I’ve never had botox before and now I bloody need it! Lol. I can’t wait to rebook in.. I just need to make sure it’s soon, so I can frown and you’ll not even be able to notice! Wahoo!  🙂 Yipppeee!

This guy as chatting to me the other day..but I stalked him on Facebook and realised that the year he was born in scared me. I’m rubbish at maths so I couldn’t actually be bothered to count the years, but it was just a year that i’ve not usually come across…But i’m not ageist. I was just shocked. I’d date younger…provided they were doing well in life, as a human and well were fun loving, yet mature. I know, so complicated!

I’ve kept in touch with the real estate, on a business trip to Singapore guy. He’s great because all we do is ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ of each other’s lives…just to say ‘hi’ or banter. It’s like the Matrix, but nothing like the Matrix. I like him. He’s funny. Plus, he’s always travelling around for work, which makes me interested. I’ve stalked his pics too on Facebook, and it’s unfortunate because he’s out of bounds. Well if my eyes don’t deceive me…It looks like he’s not single. He hasn’t said he is because we don’t chatter like that. But i don’t know…it doesn’t look like he is. But people always ask me if i’m married because i still have my wedding pics on there from yonks ago, when I’m utterly single…(Did i tell you that?  🙂 ) I just haven’t altered my pics because i’m too busy and can’t be bothered to use my free time doing it…when i could be having a cocktail in a can. 🙂

Another guy, that decided to chat to me, i don’t think is real. Im always sketchy about those ones. And then Cloughey, my lovely Cloughey ‘doo daa’ said that he’d do a ‘Sir Duke’s steak with me, in shoes, a shirt, smart and everything. I’d like that!

We both pointed out that it sounded like a date. It sure smelt like one to me. But he assured me that it was simply him wearing a shirt, in the same room as me…HAHAHA. THEN proceeded to forward me a brief, couple seconds long, youtube video of a guy on a dinner date…being very unromantic in a comedic Yorkshire, fashion. Lol. Made me smile. Then I turned dumb and we both couldn’t spell for ages. It made me belly laugh. He’s good like that! Y’see, Cloughey’s good because if i feel like rubbish, he stumbles along and fixes it. If i can’t sleep..he’s a mind wizard and calms my head to rest. He’s so smart. Like the stuff he writes, which is just poetic or story like… is magical. I call it his ‘sexy, love,  talk.’ I could bottle it up…and sell it for millions.

The other day, I was outside the Doubletree hotel in Leeds and it reminded me of Ben because we spent our second date night there in the best suite in the ENTIRE hotel. The moment zoned me in for a i watched people saunter in and out…then i snapped out of it, as one of his mates walked passed me saw me and blanked me…at the right time, (only one of them as the rest see me and chatter) it quickly reminded me of immaturity and how much more mighty I felt. Y’know, the friends you keep are a reflection of your inner being, i’ve surrounded myself around ‘greats’ so every bit of me is proud! 🙂 I mean GOSH, simply leaving my old chapter showed me and everyone who read the blog how lucky I was to have awesome life ‘soldiers.’ 🙂

Life is dandy right now. Baby Junior, bless him, really needs some extra time with me. He even asked for it. So right now, i’m all work and babies, which i love. 🙂 🙂

Anyway, i’m off…but I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I know I’m going to. You can almost feel the weekend approaching! EEK!


Ooooh Life…..


Well aren’t I the busiest little bee in town…and quite frankly, my dolls…I ADORE IT! For the first time, in a very long time, i actually feel utterly fulfilled (and yeah, i’m a bit grumbly right now because my love life is rubbish, it’s shite…I’ll get to that in a minute lol) but away from that I feel like I have everything now. My world is complete. I’m beaming. I’m loving every single MINUTE of my new chapter…I couldn’t be more happy, or even more lucky, I guess! I’m working hard and absorbing the new, with a gentle determination that is filled with dedication but a smile! I love it! Everything has changed…and it’s amazing. I’m again surrounded by wonderful people, which makes me very lucky.

So yes, completely fulfilled…happy…loving the ‘new.’ I’m radiating this ooze of awesomeness, right now. Lol. I’m staying really focused and yeah I’m feeling really busy because my brain is really busy, but it’s a good busy, and like i said, work wise, i have never felt so great! WHAT AN AMAZING NEW CHAPTER!

Then we go onto my love life, which is rubbish. I’m a single mum of two..which I LOVE. Gosh, my babies are my everything! They’re the funniest little pieces of loin fruit that I could have ever created! They complete me. They’re wonderful! And…i’m a girl…due to a rather colourful past and a few great selfies…a bit of a telly appearance, who has an inbox full of boy options, if i cared to tinker with them. But i’m too old for that…I want love, a champion, a bestie to in the end marry. Someone to be brave enough to sweep me off my feet because i think with guys, i am a great distraction for them…They find me attractive maybe..and love a flirt, or a banter…with me…they are either no interested, cant be bothered or just tell me that i’m ‘out of their league/the most beautiful thing ever…/ talk to me like i’m a Goddess and then give in.’ Lol. Hmm…?

So..yeah, they’ll chat to me, flirt with me, and either can’t be arsed or get defeated..and therefore the result is the same…they do not follow through. OR even worse..go back to being the perfect boyfriend, to their girlfriend. It’s not good when ‘taken’ men use another chick as a distraction. should know what you want and be manly enough to make a decision. Right? I always do. Even if it’s the wrong one…I’ll run with it…with my heart on my sleeve. If it’s a bad connection…i’ll just leave it, ignore it…and simply won’t play ball. 😉

But yes, i’m tired of that…I deserve a bit of ‘you’re the girl for me’ right now and i’m happily waiting…doing life, working hard, being mum and enjoying it more than anything. Yet, no guys…whether i’m talking to them or not…is following through on the ‘go for it.’ (Apart from the sailor guy…but i don’t like him in the manner than he wishes. Lol.)

I’m tired of the options not ‘Knighting’ it up and being all brave and committing to life beyond the banter..Like no one is striking when the irons hot, which is the best thing to do with me. Everyone’s trying to have flirt..then daudling away and then popping back into my cyberland a couple weeks later. I’m ‘beautiful,’ I’m’sexy,’ I’m…everything in between that they spend time to tell me..but then what? Nothing….

SO, i’m still sitting pretty and i’m thoroughly enjoying every single moment of my life because i’m so happy and so lucky!

But Jesus Christ boys…Come on now…

(Once i’ve had a wine and slept, i’ll be less feisty! Lol)