No More Pissing Frogs



Guys are either Princes or Frogs. A frog’s a frog…a Prince is a Prince and we as girls each decide whether our ‘choice’ in ‘Loverboy’  is a Prince or a Frog. Right? So you can’t make a Prince a frog and you can’t turn a frog into a Prince..Get it? Got it! Good!

However, a guy may be a Frog to one girl and a be an utter Prince to the chick that he truly desires…We girls are that way also. I never believe that guys are just one thing or another. Again, It depends on they choose to be with.

Plus, you just can’t change how you feel about a being, if they’re not the right being for you…they’re just not…and in the long run…that’s just life and the longer you *drrrraaaag* it out….everyone will have wasted their time that little bit more and gotten all that more hurt. Which costs a lot more in rum…and we don’t want that do we. I’ve been on both ends of that situation…meaning that I haven’t been the right choice or a guy that I loved before, so he left and at the same time,  I haven’t felt fulfilled in other relationships…so that time I left. Life’s too short to tow the line. In the words of Cloughey…lol…’fish with dynamite.’ (Not that he does Mr. Can’t Wave.)

A being is right for you if when they walk into a room, you notice them immediately and your heart is all a flutter….and you can’t help but always notice them and  always feel fluttery …regardless and all the time. Yet that being also has to want YOU right back and not be able to walk through a crowded room and not notice you EVER, will all that flutters alight. That’s how love works, well begins, should i say…and it’s lovely.

I’ve had a great day today because we’ve worked hard, yet in the after work bits, we girls have got together and had chats…funny chats… about boys. There really is no single point in kissing a boring line of frogs. Go straight in for a Prince and OWN IT. Enjoy it! Your dream guy or girl is right around the corner…and he or she comes by to say ‘Hi’ when you’re exactly ready for them and you know when you’re ready because you’ll feel it.

‘The reason why you shouldn’t make do and go on feeling suffocated is because one day your ideal guy will strut into your path and that will be it…you’ll go for it because you won’t be able to help it..and because he will be much more right for you, than what you’re currently situated in…‘ said the little Burmese glamour puss, to the sassy blond.

It’s true. We all agreed.

Then we hummed girl theme tunes to make us feel empowered, and ‘Another one’ REALLY DOES ‘bite the dust’ when needs be. However, hunger distracted us so we ended up  laughing  about how much we all enjoy a sausage roll. The phrase ‘sausage roll’ was literally said 40 times in 3 minutes. We all had a sausage roll and life hit *pause* whilst we did ‘being northern’ and warm pastry, with meat. *Saaaaauuuusssaaaage*

‘Chrissie..have it, I got a by three get one free deal.’ LOL.

I’ve decided that when boys are rubbish at being attractive fruits of Mother nature to chicks, i’m going to send them a glitzy *Wunna Memo*…and all this is even about me. I’ll just send everyone’s boyfriend who is being a bit rubbish a *Memo* simply stating where they may be going wrong. Lol. It can come in glitter, or a sing song, but it will probably just end up being really direct and annoying. Whocares, I’m charming.

‘LOOK! I’ll call him for you.’ HAHAH.

But boys…You don’t wear ‘flared joggers’ anywhere. You don’t wear a GAP jumper out to a bar. You don’t be over 12, and invite girls back to your place and have teddy bears in your room, or not have a job and be able to pay your own way. You don’t watch ‘Little Mermaid’ on lonely nights boys and our Mum doesn’t still buy our boxers. We don’t like cute, we like you to ooze ‘MAN.’ A savvy, sassy, loving, gentlemen, is what we need. Charming. Kind. IMPRESSIVE and simply so we can boast about you to the rest of our chick friends. You do however like sausage rolls. You don’t look ‘fresh out the womb’ (great words) and mosey about the town shirtless with your mate who shops at ‘Baby Gap.’

*Memo* Print it off.

Other than that, I had a conversation with a friend who bathes her two dogs EVERY DAY in her fake tan, bubble bath water, banana sweets and imperial leather. This is the same girl that thought a TREE DECIDED whether it was going to make a LEMON green or yellow.  LOL. *Dying.*

Life is good. Live happy.



Sunshine in my pocket…


Busy day! Busy times! Work load a plenty, yet even though it’s tough..i’m loving. I’ll get there in the end. I’m never defeated by much. I just need to find my ‘swing’ and once I do…i’ll be dandy.

Very busy!

Away from that, my personal life has been bizarre. I went on my lunch walk for a sandwich, in the sunshine…and well Cloughey saw me, thought I saw him…(and I didn’t, i was probably too lost in a world of slow motion hair tossing) and instead of seeing me and committing to a ‘Hi’ or an ‘Oi’ or an…anything. Lol. He didn’t do anything…just watched, waited until i was back at work and then send me a Facebook message, stating that he ‘almost waved.’ HAHAHA. Aww!

At the same time, as i was sauntering around running my ‘in my lunch hour’ quick errands, ‘Love Island’ John Alberti, who wanted to take me on a date ages ago, sent me a message, one of those messages that you send to make sure the other being, on the receiving end remembers you. (I’ve done that to people often.) Anyway, yeah… I enjoy John, I think he’s a lot of fun and pretty good banter. We get on well, sort of as gobby buddies, who talk shite at each other and then laugh. Weeks ago, he did want to do coffee..but we actually never got around to it, cos i work constantly. (Single mum alert!)  He enjoys a good Wunna pic and will quite openly make sure that I know he does…and that’s sweet, as i’m a girl, (and an attention seeker lol) I like to here it, don’t I! But yes, fun guy.. Glad he’s enjoying the sun, the gym and watching other people do ‘Love Island,’ as he reminises about his own experience on the good old island of lurve. I hadn’t actually spoken to him in ages. When there’s breaks and pauses…the guy has actually just got busy or just fancies someone else for a bit. Lol. Unless, they give you a solid reason as to why they’ve had to  temporarily disappear….they’re otherwise occupied. Haha.

What else?

Gorgeous weather. Makes me want a holiday! I’m having a mojito to chill with this evening… whilst Tracy Chapman’s Give me one reason’ is on in the background. Sooooooooooo chilled. Feels great as i know i have a busy day tomorrow.

The sun shattered the babies out, so they wanted to go straight to bed. I’ve got lots of work on right now, so it’s awesome because during these moments, it gives me time to pull myself together! Yipppeee! Rum!

It’s funny because in life, it’s important to always look forward. People tend to do too much looking back, which stops them from the true experience of life….provided the ‘forward’ is positive. I read a quote of Facebook (y’know, one of those shitty picture things that we all post up, dependent on how we’re feeling) and it said,

‘Even though there are days in my past that I wish I could change, there is a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big. Where you’re headed is so much more important, than what you’ve left behind!’ 

And it’s true.

I mean, I’ve always said that guys want to be a success (well most guys that I know.) They want the power, status, the best car, biggest house, the largest salary and the most beautiful wife. Away from all that…and just like us girls…they just want to be loved and by the girl/guy of their dreams. (As being loved by those you don’t fancy, makes for gratefulness and the art of feeling flattered, but makes no difference to your love life.)

Now, i’m not a girl who just goes around fancying anyone, infact I hardly ever fancy anyone, if i’m being honest. It’s really hard for a guy to ‘tick’ all my boxes. Not that we should have boxes, but when you’re older and wiser, you have boxes…BIG ONES. Yet, beyond that and i’m kinda spiritual, i believe in fate and energies…I’ll first and foremost GO for the guy that I have the most chemistry with and I never usually have chemistry with guys…I usually feel sort of unfulfilled. Hahaha.

There’s been once in my life where I felt chemistry…and I married him. (You can decide which guy it was. Lol. Always a bride….never a bridesmaid. 😉 )

And the only other time, I have ever, EVER in what feels like a MILLION YEARS felt chemistry, but this was like the craziest chemistry known to mankind…was recently….when my body, being and flipping soul just reacted to him….positively. Like I couldn’t even explain it to you it was magic. And  when i say magic, I do’t mean it in a cliched ‘frilly little girl,’ kinda way…because i’m not that foolish. 🙂 But a real pull…and although bizarre, because it popped out of nowhere, it didn’t really feel out of place? In fact, if anything, it felt perfect. So perfect, that by nature, it wouldn’t be something that I could ignore.

So, i was chatting to my friend about ‘guys and chemistry’ and she says, that apparently ‘chemistry’ only happens TWICE in your lifetime. WHAT!!!!! I giggled it off, but i kinda sort of believe  her now. But where does that leave me? What am I even gonna do? Chemistry away by myself? Lol.

I’m gonna grin, finish off this budget mojito and worry about it later. I’m chilling, working hard and loving life. I always think things work themselves out the way they’re meant to…and people ‘action’ the things that they believe are loyal to their true feelings. Girls can sit pretty, as after a ‘green light’ a guy will come and get you, if he wants you…regardless.

Y’know, it’s always important to be loyal to your feelings, as I know that I spent lots of my relationships thinking about how the boy might of feel, instead of maybe adjusting and seeing how i actually really felt. We’ve all been there. You have. I have…our Mother’s Father’s and daughters have. Yet, i think when your emotional stability is on point, it’s in check and your a TRULY solid and happy with what you represent…you bloom into the most awesome version of yourself, a more secure version of yourself..which makes you a much better human to do life with. HOWEVER, during that point (and i am refering to some of my past relationships) the person you are with ALSO needs to be stood on the same podium of  ’emotional stability’ too….or you are DOOMED…and they suck the life out of you. Lol. (And not in a good way boys. 🙂 ) Chris from Happn, (he’s not narked off now) once said to me after reading my blogs that i always apparently date boys that i’m better than. Lol. (Very sweet. HAHAHA.) So, it’d be nice this time to sort of feel some kind of equal footing…I mean, gosh i’m traditional, so a guy’s a guy and he’ll love, protect and lavish his lady naturally..Yet it would be great if he was all whole and ready and emotionally together. Expressive, dynamic and confident. I’d like to feel  impressed by him…I mean, no girl wants to date a dude who they look at and think, ‘ugh,’ whilst sadly sighing. We want to see him as our everything! Infact, in the words of WAZZA…you don’t want to roll over in the morning, look to the otherside of your pillow, see your choice and think, ‘I could totally do better.’ Lol. You want that person to be the best choice you have ever had or made. 🙂

So a being’s emotional development makes a big difference..and it doesn’t matter how old you are, people get to that finish line at all different times. Lol.

When it’s right, it just falls into place and everything is easy.

I can feel good things coming…




Hey Sunday!


Hey you lot! 🙂 🙂 How are ya???  🙂 It’s Sunday and it’s glorious! I’ve had the most Wunna filled weekend, dashed in fun, laughter, family and love. It hasn’t been a crazy one. It’s definitely been a chilled one and i needed that after my awesome week at work (work feels really great right now because we’re getting there, we’re doing fabulously and like i always say, i’m surrounded by like minded fun yet driven people. 🙂 ) Makes me happy! )

I’ve sort of forgotten about guys this weekend, after a chitter chatter and a totter over some ‘after work’ cobbles, with a dash of friendly advice, from someone that I newly look up to. I’m a girly girl, but i’m an ambitious girl, and i know exactly what i want in a man and can express what I want and need very easily. In my head, he’s sort of the guy version of me. Lol. And i’m a chick who holds herself in her highest regard 🙂 I’m not limp or beige. I’m a dazzle of everything. So  yeah, the man of my dreams….he’s pretty special. HAHA. I WILL get over myself shortly. Just not yet. 🙂

I’m really happy. I’ve spent the weekend doing brunches at American diners with Ruby and Junior, throwing them at home dance parties, we’ve lunched, we’ve played, made up music video’s for kicks…we’ve sunbathed, mowed with bubble lawn mowers, travelled, slide and swirled around parks, done posh dinners, chilled and had cinema nights at home…we’re fancied dressed, we’ve fought a little ;), we’ve spent dough and we’ve enjoyed each other. WE’ve lived this weekend. Then as they tinkered off to visit Daddies…I spent some quality time with my Mum, which i know that she loves…and we shopped and did coffees…yet the shopping for us, is simply something to occupy us as we chat, banter and catch up. I’m really close to my mum and dad, and they’ve always been such great role models…worked really hard and always a;ways adored me….even when i’ve narked them off. So today was great. I’ve been happy. I’ve happy danced in my car. I’ve sang out loud, i’ve bought pencil skirts (it’s an addiction) and now i’m home, after absorbing the sun, with a vino and in neon orange flamingo pyjamas! 🙂

Life is great! And chilling feels awesome, as i get ready for a really busy tomorrow.

I went out for a couple drinks last night, only for literally a couple hours as i needed to destress a bit. I had a lot on my mind an it was bustling…and I just needed to cut away for a second and enjoy some escapism. Wow, did that go wrong. Pontefract’s, such a weird place at times. All was well, all was chilled. Good meeting people that I know and adore. Good meeting new folk who just wanted to come up and say hello. It got to a point where i was only in the second pub, looked around and wanted to just go home. Lol.

I’m not gonna say anything about anything…but it ended up being dramatic…and I ended up having a mini argument with a being…a little one, but i’m passionate, and when i’m passionate about something, i’ll debate it and with the heart of a lion.

I was in a discussion…a touchy discussion…and the person frustrated me so much, you know when you just can’t argue with someone because YOU KNOW that what they’re saying or doing is wrong and they refuse to ‘hands up’ to it.

I’m feisty, but i am literally the most loving and tolerant person anyone will ever meet. I’m understanding, confident and warm. It takes a lot to rile me up..but i got so internally cross that my eyes filled up that I took a breath, grabbed my Mulberry and with a hair toss strutted away from a negative conversation, as fast as my kitten heels could take me…over the cobbles, under the night stars…with mini ‘i’m frustrated’ tears…not listening to the being following me and left. All I hear was them shouting ‘Christina.’ But i just needed space.

Got home, calmed down, cried it out a little (which is always great because it’s a release) and then just like that life was dandy again and I went to bed. 🙂

I felt free…

I shouldn’t have gone out! HAHAHA. FFs. I need to take up yoga.

I want next week tot be filled with good news, fun, positive glows and love…excitement.

I think i’m ‘work glamping’ on Saturday! Then the following week I’m off to dilly dally at a ball. Oh and i just wanted to mention that there has been a lot of shirtless joggers today and i thank you for that! 🙂 It has been fully appreciated.

Feels good to be chilling. I’ve had an AMAZING DAY. 🙂 Hope you have too.

Y’know, more people should focus on the positive and the great things they have going on in their lives. When people team up or couple up… be it work, play or in love, it’s important that all parties are coming from a positive place or everything is doomed. You will fail to achieve that good kind of magic, if you’re heart is not fully radiating warmth…a good positive energy. Yet at the same time you need to also know what’s NOT good for you and slide it away for some other being to play with. 🙂 Simples!

I’m good like that, i can cut away the negative with an easy snip and as a chick, i’m easy going and brimming over with positive energy. yeah, i’m honest and blunt…but i’m decent. (And also a bit sexy 🙂 ) I mean God, my first husband used to always do his Jay Z quote and tell everyone (when he was first trying to be an actor) that he really did have ’99 problems’ and ‘his bitch certainly wasn’t one.’ Lol

Romantic in a not very romantic, hip hop, way. 🙂 (He’s not even hip hop at all. So, i don’t know why he used to say that. Lol. He ended up being really successful but his foundation at home (ME lol) was strong..and I think when men feel whole, they can conquer the world. That’s why behind every great man, they say there’s an even greater woman. He actually got me quite a lot of things…but the only thing i saved…(and i didn’t even save the scrap book that he made me for Christmas one year) was a twig, that he pulled off a tree in Central park, as he still lived in New York at the time. He told me to save it and treasure it and it was made from a good strong foundation and that one day we’d both be a success. He was a good man..the next man i marry will be a good man.

I still have that twig.



Knights, Love, Guys & Balls


So, I have ball gown and a new watch to buy. The ball gown for a June 18th ball, with Vicky and her hubby to be Guy. Thanks for inviting me. (I heart them, they’re such a hot, sassy but madly in love couple. I love hot power couples. 🙂 Don’t we all. Lol.) And well once i’ve bought the dress (…and it’s all rather dangerous, might I add, as i’m getting carried away with it all…I SHALL FLIPPING GO TO THAT BALL’ and strut in with a beam and a giddiup,) but more than anything I get to prance around in a beautiful ball gown, (which is utter bliss to girly little me) like a Cinderella singleton dripping with…wine? 😉 Can’t wait! Still haven’t got my dress yet! Ball gowns make for good selfies and snapchats! Picking one is almost emotionally as I keep having to say ‘no’ to myself because some of them look like wedding dresses. Lol

I need a watch, it’s one of those things that I always intend on purchasing get never get around to doing??? When i was tiny, my Mum (the GREAT Wunna before me lol) bought me this little Gucci watch…but i had a boyfriend steal it and sell it for rent money! Lol. What a douche! As if anything..hahahaha…and i get we all have problems…but that was off sentimental value much! Work longer hours…get that rent paid! HAHA.

Then Keiran bought me one ages ago when we were doing the ‘hubby/wife’ thing…it was actually lovely and pricey and very sweet of him. (The good thing about Keiran is that he is super romantic…which caters well to Wunna land) he had ‘to my beautiful wife’ engraved on it…so now I can never wear it, as it now just feels odd, because i know it’s there.

Since then…i’ve never bought a watch. JORD the company sent me one for free to selfie in…but that’s about it. Plus, i’m sick of looking at my phone to tell the time and i enjoy being on time or early. Lol. But like I said, it’s just one of those flipping things that I never get around to buying.

I must do so.

Away from that, I’m feeling good. I’m feeling sexy. Daz (who sits in friend zone ….merrily…sent me a text last night.) I actually think he’s a fun guy…he’s hilarious. I’m not going to date him, as well…we make better friends. And that’s fine. He’s fine with that…and i’m glad that he is, as it makes for a good friendship and an easy adjustment. He’s been lovely and persistent (which i like about guys) and his text told me that he loved me and my company to bits. And he enjoys my company because he can just be himself and I won’t judge him…just laugh along. He can relax and feel comfy. He’s a good, fun friend…but we’re just that…. I’d hang out for a ‘nothing will happen’ drink. Good guy!

I haven’t spoken to Cloughey that much, other than a replying to a ‘check in’ now and again…but he’s still great. I love it when he writes stuff at me…that blows me away an he hasn’t in ages. He’s really talented and well I enjoy great people who can stimulate mentally via intellect and words. (I’ve just made him sound so amazing. Lol.) I hope he’s doing okay. I hope you’re doing okay.

‘Chris from Happn’ is moderately narked off at me, i think. Not properly narked, as i’m too lovely to be that narked off at. Lol. But again, normal and sweet. Very kind..and lucky as i’m not on Happn anymore because it was full of weirdo’s who were only a few feet away from me. 🙂 OR business men who had wives. Lol. I couldn’t be bothered. I enjoy traditional, normal old school dating…that isn’t meshed in with a Tinder/Happn swipe. It annoys me. What happened to normal, like a girl, ask her out, if you still like her, woo her, make her yours. I don’t want a swipe and charm sent. The best way to woo me is always with your most direct foot forward or romantic foot. What? I’ a chick…if i like you anyway..I’ll adore you for being all loving and brave.

Did i just go on a rant? LOL.

I will say that there’s this guy that i can’t stop thinking about and even though i try to stop thinking about him…and I try to shake it all off…i just can’t. There’s a *pull.* I don’t even know how this has sprung??? Well…I do know why I can’t stop thinking about him…but…i just don’t get how I could feel like this mentally…or physically, and all of a sudden??? I mean, GOD…does he even think about me, the same way??? I’m sure i’m looking sexy and foolish all at the same time.

I feel confident and vulnerable all at the same time, should i say. Lol. But i guess that’s just a positive part of being a girl. I like it. I can handle it.

I mean, surely he’ll come on in and swoop me off my feet like some kind of Knight, right??? Suuurrrely??? Ugh! I am *cringe.* Imagine if i thought about him all the time and he never thinks about me. Lol. Lovely!! 🙂 During moments like this, I need Lee the ‘i’ve disappeared’ policeman, as he’s really great at being brotherly and sorting my head out. Lol

But for now…let’s just concentrate on work, single mummying, ball gowns and watches. 🙂

Life is good!




L is for LOVELY


Right now, this second…I’m feeling quite lovely. I’m feeling kinda feminine. The fresh picked pink rose kind, that dew glistened and filled with life, yet peace. I’ve had this great day at work, where in which i felt the jigsaw pieces glided together with a kitten smile and now that i’m home, i’m chilling in a delight of calm girly joy, in my pyjamas, with a beam, and a very comfortable warmth of ‘kicking off the work heels’ and ‘unbuttoning,’ into the bliss of a rather balanced life. I’m pretty girly anyway, without being aggressively girly. Yet this evening isn’t about power and determination for me and just about being happy, positive and swirling about in a dainty dance of ‘ooh laa.’ (With a corn beef hash. Lol. Not very girly, but i really fancied it, so i had to make myself a bunch of it for comfort. It makes me smile so you can shut it.)

Things are pretty great right now, like i’m getting the hang of life and it’s also getting hang of me. I’m feeling whole, i’m feeling happy and i’m radiating this sunshine that make women that extra bit more attractive. My life has been FULL of living…i have stories centuries old that would make the devil blush. Yet, now that i’m old, young spirited..but old…I’m kinda enjoying the fact that they’re now just distance memories and life is much more peaceful. Nothing feels better to me right now then pj’s, a vino, a bit of rubbish telly watching, my corn beef hash 🙂 and doing it whilst chilling with Baby Ruby. (The first born.) Plus, it’s one of those sunny, light evenings, where you simply couldn’t be in a bad mood if you tried. It’s what i used to call ‘beer garden’ weather (and don’t get me wrong, i love a good beer garden 😉 ) yet once there, you find yourself caught up in a bustle, a noise and moment where you feel like it’s the olden days and you’ve accidentally turned your tv channel to ‘static.’

Right now, i’m adoring peace, quiet and satisfaction. It’s a refuel, a refill, yet without feeling run down. It’s awesome. It’s kitten esque. It’s bliss and i truly hope you’re swirling in your own kind of bliss tonight, no matter what it may be. As long as it’s not fuzzy and static and everyone has their own version of bliss…I hope you’re enjoying it, embracing it and doing it with internal peaceful smiles.

You asleep yet? Am I boring you? 🙂 Don’t fret, i’m not about to whop out the knitting needles.

A sixty year old lady told me months ago that being in your 30’s was the best time of your life, be you a guy or a girl and you had to make the most of it. She also told me that I couldn’t do growing to 80 and old, without a partner as it will feel really lonely.

My parents have been together for years and i guess that in my heart i’m traditional like that, i’m really traditional…yet via actual life it hasn’t quite panned out that way. And that’s fine…as it will eventually…I’ll have everything then. It’s good as it sort of gives me this gentle vunerability, alongside a sharp sassiness of drive and ambition. I just know that in life, anything can happen, as it has to be through decades. Lol. I mean gosh when my Dad met my Mum he was engaged to another women…yet all he says to be about it is that, ‘she was so beautiful, and i was so drawn to her, I was so happy when i was simply near her, that I just knew.’ They lived happily ever after…with babies, the love… the lot and to this day they look after each other as promised….always 🙂 Makes me smile.

You can meet anyone at any time…I mean i know a couple who met when they were 14 and have been together 38 years to date. Then I know Vicky who met the man of her dreams Guy, after dating a string full of hopefuls, at 40 something…and well they’re now getting married shortly. 🙂 I know a lady who told me a story recently that she saw a guy in a bar and he was so hot that she was ‘having’ him…He was going home with her that evening, because she knew that no matter what… she would never get to ‘get sexy’ with a man as hot as that again. They went home together that night, she never thought anything further of it…She took it for what it was…But they ended up falling madly in love, getting married and are still together to this day, with a son. 🙂 I love it!!!

So i guess there’s no rules to love…you just have to enjoy it. I mean you see those text book couples who seem picture perfect, yet the nuts and bolts of ‘what’s really happening’ isn’t quite what i’d memo as happiness. It’s more square peg forcing to fit the round hole and constant emotional head bumping..until there’s an audience and then there’s smiles. I’ll never end up in one of those ‘shindigs’ lol…i’ve been there. It’s exhausting. So when things are easy…i’ll be happy.

But right now, i’m equipped with my pj’s, wine and corn beef hash.

Life is bliss… 🙂







Sexy Feet Sweeping & Dilfs?


Great day! I think i’m just surrounded by ace people every day, which makes life utterly worth it. Today I was ‘sat down and organised’ and it made my kitten heart smile with glee. From that point…life got much easier…so i’m even more delighted as now, i know i’m on the path forward to ‘more than getting there’ but eventually championing it. It felt amazing to have a being care about making me feel more confident and be sassy enough to know how to do it.

I did a post work supermarket shop today, as I never seem to have time to whop out a supermarket shop…and to be honest, when the weathers chilly and i’m always chilly…i can never be arsed. I hate supermarket shopping by the way. It’s filled with bad lighting and frozen food isles. Urks me out! However, today, it was filled with DILF’s. Not that it made too much of a difference to my love life…Yet we girls love a bit of eye candy. There’s hardly any eye candy in Pontefract, so like I say…watching a bundle of ‘after work’ DILFY ‘suits’ wandering around with wire baskets, plonking in wine and oven baked cottage pies, not only made me giggle, but made me feel like the world’s a safer place. They even had tans and everything. I KNOW! And when i’m saying ‘DILF’ i’m meaning older, working ‘looks like a business Daddy’…with a tan….kinda guy. They don’t have to be an actual Daddy. Lol. I heart a ‘tall dark and handsome.’ A couple tried to do the ‘eye contact’ by the veg thing…so i simply smiled and tottered on. DILF’s in supermarkets are only there for the purpose of being eye candy. Youhave to let them go back home to their wives. People enjoy being around hotness, it makes supermarket shopping a nicer and so much more of a calming experience. 🙂

Then some mid life crisis middle ager kept revving his Ferrari ‘boy toy’ outside the grocery store..I know…a DILF in a Ferrari. Lol. I deliberately didn’t look, simply because I knew he’d find it so annoying. 😉 *Not just a pretty face*

Away from that. I’m home now with a wine. I’m watching a video that ‘Chris from Happn’ that i haven’t actually casually chatted to ages sent me. It’s about bikes and him riding them. You’d think it would be an odd thing to send a girly of my sort. Yet, I think it’s great that he wanted to share something that he had made. I didn’t say much…but i watched it. (I know you’re reading this, so well done.Great vid! Goes well with wine.)

I’ve had some great chats today with the girls. We’re all sort of driven ladies, different by nature…but have the same thread of ‘want to succeed’ running through us. It’s great. It’s energizing. We buzz off it. Anyway, today we managed to fit in a conversation about guys and what we all want…and it seems we all desire the same. Three different girls, three different generations…all attractive, all ambitious…and when all’s said and done…we imaginary chose stylish, charming, ballsy, sassy, but loyal, kind and sexy. A guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of being a manly gentleman. A hard working, ambitious type, who’s fun yet the right kind of chilled. He knows how to take care of a girl. He does it with this desirable ‘ooze’ of dynamic, yet calm ‘swigeddy.’ (That was my word. Lol)

We all described the same imaginary dream guy. Then we laughed about it and got back to business. That was after imagining who we’d end up with in years to come.

I think fulfillment is everything. I say it over and over again, it’s just about a connection and the wrong connection is dull and almost frustratingly suffocating.

‘You literally just say what every girl is thinking…it’s hilarious.’ said the tall, glamourous, Beyonce dance off Queen, to the little ageing Glamour Puss by a pink hover. And i love it.

I’m pretty direct and i don’t mind that about me as i’m polite with it. I’m not a dick. I know how to smear thinks with charm or humour. 🙂 Or be decent. My heart is good. Plus, now i’m old i get away with it. People always see me as some diva, and i can be when i’m passionate about something and when ambition kicks in…but there’s a young playful innocence to me…and it’s kinda just something you’ll only realize if you have the honour to meet me in real life. HAHAHA.

So, i guess…it doesn’t matter whether it comes to your choice of work or if it’s regarding love…if you’re doing something that you genuinely love madly, you feel excited, fulfilled and that one think that we’re all looking for….an that’s happiness.

Now, i’m happy and i’m always a girl who’s really comfortable when single…and it’s honestly the key to success. Hot, confident girls are the sexiest. I never go into anything love lifey, by pre planning it, like it’s a scheduled event. I don’t plan the wedding, the kids, the perfect white picket fence, after 3 dates. Lol. I find that suffocating. I just go with the natural flow of everything and enjoy it. People forget to have fun and let people be who they are at times. And yes, if you date the right choice, it makes all the difference. But the fun is what makes it sexy. The trust, loyalty etc..will be there anyway if they’re right for you. It’s not something you should need to fight about. If you are fulfilled, you’ll know it, because your eyes will beam with excitement.

Love isn’t that hard. I’m pretty loving. I find it easy. The stuff that’s hard are the crappy bits that frustrate you because you look to your right, after months and months and the ‘candy’ you actually chose yourself, lol…is now a nuisance. The good thing about ‘us girls’ today was that we were actually pretty confident that we’d be swept off our feet…that what makes US sexy!



To the boy that stole my heart….


I love you son! Happy birthday!

AS IF YOU’RE THREE TODAY! We did it!!! We got there in one piece and i can’t even believe it.  I don’t even know how, but we did it! I single mummed it with ya!  I can’t even believe how much I adore you and how close we’ve been simply through you’re first 3 years! Gosh! *Yes, i’m about to have a big cry, but it’s fine, i’m your Mother, i think i’m still in shock.*

You’re amazing…and I feel so proud to be your Mama. And even though Ruby strops at you sometimes (because that’s what girls do) …she’s adored you and took care of you constantly from the time you were born…even when she thought i wasn’t looking…See!

You’re really lucky, as even though Daddy and I didn’t quite work out ‘on paper’…we both have and still do love you MADLY!! I celebrated your birthday with you last night, simply so you could celebrate your day again with your Dad…make sure you rinse it. 😉


On the day you were born, you even popped out, fresh from the Wunna womb, with a ‘party arm.’ 🙂 I love you…No one could get that arm down???

You’re massive now and even though i’m delighted at how much you’ve grown and become…it’s heart breaking to see you so big! It really really is…. 🙁

I’m sorry i did your hair like this… 😉 But whatever you looked amazing and that pout is on point!

Happy Third Birthday! As if you’ve only lived 3 entire years on this planet. I love you so much.

Don’t worry…you’ve had a life of luxury. 😉 And been the only boy to have not care or acted strange when you’ve been this close to me in a bikini! 🙂 🙂 😉

You’ll always be my baby…the littlest ‘Wunna’ (even though you’re a Thompson) on the block….

Words can’t even describe how much you mean to me and i live truly content knowing that you’re the only boy that i’ll always have in my life who I will adore unconditionally forever.

Every day that you’ve lived so far, you’ve smiled at me with your eyes….You have my eyes…(You actually also have my face, when I don’t have my ‘face’ on. 🙂 )

In the words of your sister…




Mum.. x

B is for Busy


Yeah, it was a busy one, a good busy, but busy! I’m by nature highly driven, ambitious, fun with it, yet focused when it comes to work and wanting to do well. Right now, i’m on catch up, as busy gets the better of me…but i’ll get there and i’m NAIL IT. Once, i’ve got my head around anything, i’m all empowered and super sonic…I just need to get my head over it. So, until that point, it’s wine ever night! 🙂 But yes, it was busy and we all knew it was busy as when you scanned around your work space, environment…atmosphere….everyone was busy…with a phone attached to their ear, a chatty manner and a mind that was utterly on the game, on point and working.

It’s weird because i’m an absolute workaholic, so i’ll let work take over and i like that! I love free time, play and chill also, yet i’m very much juiced by work. That’s why I can hardly ever date boys who aren’t also workaholics. I see them as ‘foreign’and almost as if we don’t see the world through the same kind of eyes. PLUS, i’m always passionate about what I choose to do. I’m a single mum. I have mouths to feed, schools to pay for and hearts to fill with joy. I’m on and i’m there, i’m going for it. You could be a guy I date and only be a little bit lazy at times..and i’ll wrongly see you as some kind of awful sloth. Lol. Bad, i now, but it’s true! I’m good like that. My head judges and scans all the time. But i have  busy mind…and well I know when to have a good time, I’m known for that…don’t get me wrong, I’m the most fun ever…yet i know when there’s a time to focus…and that time is now. I’m lucky because i’m doing something that I love. (Always makes things better.)

I think, i’m just not ‘grey.’ I’m always black or white. Always all or nothing. So, i’d do a life of working my ultimate arse off, OR an absolute life of being a luxury lady of leisure. I can do both really well…just not the inbetween…when you’re sometimes this, or sometimes that. I’m always one thing…and that thing is AWESOME. 🙂

So yeah, right now i’m zoomed in on work…and because i feel challenged. I need to nail it and i’m not smashing it the way i wish to be smashing it. But i will.

Today was good fun. It put everything into perspective…it got me ‘juiced’ and passionate…and right now, i feel like the most determined kitten in all the land.

It’d be hard to be a guy who wants to gain my attention right they’d have to be utterly tremendous to cut me away from all that i’m doing. I’d do it…if i felt or even better knew the guy was worth it…I did it recently…and i’m pretty good at balancing things out.

Thank god i have a wine.

Happy Tuesday. x




Love, Dating, Guys & Ball Gowns


Is it Me or is everyone on the Hen or stag do? Everyone is!! You all are! Told you everyone was partnering up for Summer! I want a Hen do. Not quite a wedding just yet, unless i’m swept off my feet again and I can’t help the connection. But yes, a hen do would be good! Marriage is an easy thing made complex…as is love. Next time i’ll get it right. But yes, you’re all on them..being Hen’s or honouring the code of the stag…and that’s everyone BUT ofcourse…. ME. I never get invited to weddings? Except for my own. 🙂 *Giggles.*

Okay, in love…don’t chase dead leads. In fact, if you’re a girl, go out there and give them the ‘green light’ as even the most confident guy needs to feel safe and then let them be the man and chase you. If he wants you…he’ll come get you….regardless…no matter what, there’s no rules when it comes to love and passion. Yet do you go for love and passion, or do you play it safe and go for ‘almost right’ simple and stable? (This was the conversation i was having at The Carleton, over drinks in the sun yesterday, when some guy was chatting about Banksy, another about aliens, and another about feeding dogs and i work with their cousin. 🙂 )

What you go for is what you want….people cross paths for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

I’ve done it all, so in the past i’ve gone for someone who doesn’t necessarily fit the mold, yet was so nice…so sweet, would never do me wrong…they were mad about me…yet they were boring. Not to some girls however…but to someone like me…the connection wasn’t there. Then you have the guy that is all dynamo, yet no substance, just wants to get his end away and show you off a bit, in a flurry of flash..yet has no real heart in it. I’ve done that in my time…it was just as shit..:) but only because again the balance of it wasn’t correct. One day, that guy finds his perfect match, settles down and is happy. A completely different guy. So it’s all about the right connection.

I know what i want. I’m a direct girl. I know who i fancy, who i don’t, whether i could potentially go all the way with a being or whether i couldn’t. I’m more happy waiting to do ‘settled down’ and married when i find the right one…rather than towing the line with the wrong one, who’s perfect for another being.

You can’t really force passion or love. It’s an energy, a connection…a buzz that you can’t help and a friendship, a trust, a sensuality and true love mixed in with it all.

I kinda want a being who is everything i want. I’ll base my choice on an energy…yet i know what i’m looking for. He’s dynamic, smart, sharp, intelligent, charming, sexy, sensual, romantic, loving, fun, traditional…works hard. I’ll never feel bored or suffocated by him. because the jigsaw pieces are exactly right. That’s what everyone is looking for. Fulfillment. Happiness. I want to be swept off my feet, but by someone who isn’t dull, who i’m utterly attracted to, who is good hearted, confident, does well and loves me madly.

All of those things…yet none of those things matter if i don’t have that chemistry. None of it. And chemistry isn’t the whole ‘he looks good, she looks good, lets shag’ thing. It’s an explainable pull…that you can’t deny is happening. A pull that you can’t resist…and both parties know it. But it happens for a reason..and when it happens, like i’ve always said…you have to hold onto it, as during our time on this little planet, it’s the moments like that that you need to treasure as they don’t often come around.

I want magic. I love magic. And i know that in the end, a substantial magic that lasts forever will become me…and i know that because i’m awesome. 🙂 Yet adies, he will come…and he will make you his, if he truly truly wants you and you’ll never have to do the ‘ooh i want stability. or ooh i want a sexy bad boy’ ever again…as he will be a decent balance and spirit of both…so you will always feel satisfied. Same goes to you boys. Sorry to be sexist.

Anyway, today, i’ve lunched with my children, I’ve bought my son his pre birthday gift which was a giant Henry the Hoover, to quench is obsession. He thinks they’re toys, which sucks for me, not because i have to purchase the entire hoover line, which would cost me hundred and hundreds of pounds,..but simply because once i’ve purchased the goddamn thing, i have to CARRY THE FUCKER half way across a shopping mall..centre….whatever you want to call it, by myself, single mummying it with two ‘winkles’ in tow. My arms killed. SO YES, the man i marry will carry boxes or hire staff to carry boxes. That is all. He’ll also give massages. Far too many boys and it’s usually the ones who are classed as ‘sweet’ don’t do massages. They play the sweet card because it means the can pull…but once you get them, they’re dead selfish…Lol…and not that sweet at all…and YES because they don’t massage me. 🙂

I mean GOD, if you were smart, massages turn into sex. If i was a boy, i’d be the most amazing guy on the planet. I’m so in tune with what should happen or how people should feel. So get with it guys, read the text book, say the Lord’s prayer, whatever you need to do and get it right. I believe in you. 🙂 Dating weird to me because i on’t spread myself thinly. I feel too busy to. So i almost check list guys off, without speaking to them unless i want to…and move it along for better or for worse. I think i’m a surprise to most, as obviously the see me as some random erotic shag piece. (Ego central…but to girls, it’s rubbish to be seen as JUST that, if you’re of substance.) Yet, if they get to know me i’m also a whole of other things…like fun, intelligent, emotionally together, from a good family,  honest, loyal, hard working, passionate, generous, kind, direct…all sorts of things…i’m ticking boxes../ and it freaks them out? Or like i said to a guy a couple weeks ago…’you’re going to like me a lot more than you think, you are.’ Even when i was younger in LA, I was sat in a car with my best friend Ryan and he said, that people are always quick to judge me or simply see me in one way…and then are fucked…simply because if they get to tango with me…they end up  bamboozled because i end up being so much more than the ever imagined…in a good way of course. 😉  I remember that night specifically, simply because my other friend Jordan said the same, that very night..but at the bar, when it was all dark and mood lit. The right guy, wouldn’t judge in the first place. He will be brave and go with it, full steam ahead.

I requested a bit of girl god advice off Victoria today. I can’t function correctly without her knowledge by my side. The awesome thing is that my shopping list for today had ‘ball gown’ upon it because of her. When that happens, you know you have a good girl friend.

Give me love.




Fun, Being Old and Cobbles

ac17 - Copy (2)

(I wrote this yesterday, but fell asleep on the sofa, with my pink laptop on my chest and a Desperado by my side. ‘Mob Wives’ was on in the background. Ready…set…go.)

You know when you just have one of those fun, drinky blow outs with new people, who have become close to you, simply because you’re lucky AND because you live your same ‘day to day’ with them, where you’re part of a team that wants to SMASH IT LIKE CHAMPIONS. You’ve had a busy week…you’ve got through it with smiles and an unconditional bond, a thread that weaves through each being you’ve shared this time with, with trust, laughter and hard work…THEN you’ve smashed it and you’ve achieved with bells on and corporate buns…Well in our world, this means get drunky! 🙂

We did! We did drinks. We got drunk. We celebrated and had the best fricking time EVER…and all at the same time we BONDED. I’m loving every single moment of my new chapter and I know i always say it, but i honestly couldn’t be luckier.

Without telling you too much…there was the most AMAZING Beyonce  to ‘Single Ladies’ dance off with a guy, on a dance floor, who even wedged in a back flip into his routine to attempt to win the shimmie. (I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the Beyonce dance off, i was in awe…If i ever loved a girl, it was in that moment. It wa so good, i was pissing myself, whilst thinking, ‘this should be a show.’ HAHAH.) There were talks about marriage, skid marks, ironing, dating, boys, matching underwear, matching ail varnish….Tinder…life…work, one of us got (UNCALLED FOR) slapped by a Lesbian and went home in tears, someone ‘offered’ an associate of ‘the Lesbian slapper’ out, and I got PICKED UP and flung a bit. Lol. I did cocktails afterward, so i wasn’t that bothered.

There was laughter, drinks, nachos, drinks..sunshine, glass clinking, late night cocktails under the stars, people thinking lemons were limes, pitchers…banter, work talk, honesty, weird guys, good guys, gossips, determination, laughter and dancing in bars, on cobbles, in alley ways. BOOM!

Just an amazing night. A night that we didn’t really know the result of. Yet, they’re always the best. There was prosecco swigging, calf stroking, girls, boys, acquaintances…chitter chatter, madness…excitement, calm..joiners (Ben came and met up with us all) and from that point, it turned chilled, turned chatty and we drank more cocktails under the night stars.

Lots was said, in an open fun bliss. All of us are pretty direct. Pretty ambitious. Pretty good people. I drank my drawer booze, i danced…I ended the evening with Desperados down a Malt Shovel alley way, on the cobbles, and then a box of chilli cheesy fries at we added more banter, talked about willies not working and finger nails. *A gentleman always has great fingernails.*

Today i’ve been shattered…but got up anyway to spend time with the babies and take them to lunch. I’ve been at The Carleton all day, doing steak and chattering in the breeze and then sun, as the babies ran around blissfully like the didn’t have a care in the world.

Sweets, gin, laughter, love and then Ollie walks in in a FLAMINGO SHIRT that ONLY a girl like moi could appreciate! IT WAS AMAZING.

Time wrapped up…and I was glad to get home in my comfies. I’m far too old for the Bank Holiday party. Don’t get me wrong, i’m social, i’m more fun than anyone…yet when you’re old, you’re old…and when you’ve done it, Tshirt in check…you’ve done it. I love nights out…but t doesn’t half knacker e as i balance it with work and mummyhood.  I think i just want to settle down now…I’m feeling really happy right now, and when you do, great things happen! *Wink.*