The Most Gorgeous sleep…


So, there’s something in the air today…? It’s definitely a time of change in Wunna land. However, it’s not the kinda chnage i’m used to, as i’m used to a sudden ‘rug pull’ from underneath me and when a sudden ‘rug pull’ occurs…I handle it like a glittery champion of life, light and heroism…all winks, boobies and cheers. I’m really great at being a hero. I’m best when things are sudden, difficult and harsh, as i have this magical strength that can save myself and other souls, all at once, in the nick of time. I’d be a superhero…if i could be arsed.

HOWEVER, when change occurs and it is pretty much planned, sensible, strategic, sorted, and organized…I get all terrified, because the sorted’ness of it all creeps me out. Things don’t go that easily for me, do they? I mean, i’m lucky. Really lucky. The luckiest bugger in town and i’m so grateful for that. I really am. Yet mixed in with change and being a champion…this time comes emotional ‘bye byes.’ I’m not good at emotional ‘bye bye’s,’ AT ALL. I’ll say nothing, smile sweetly, feel it madly, and with dignity and poise strut away with charm and goodness radiating from my being.

Right now, i’m terrified and because everything’s flown by and become so real. It’s all really real. Things are real until they actual happen. It’s like talking to someone online…yet when you actually meet them shitting yourself. That’s what i mean by real. (Yet, I ace dates. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is far more real than that!!)

Friday late afternoon, will be the end of one chapter. I’ll feel all grown up, emotional and like i’m saying bye to a family, cutting ties to people who are accidentally really close to me because you end up being near them every single day, learning about them, laughing with them, at them…just everything…with them. ย Then… I’ll get drunk with these really great people…(THANK GOD OR THAT.)

Then, just like that, it all changes……Monday morning, it will be over…done…deposited into a ‘memory box’ and i’ll be walking into a brand new chapter…all shiny…all new…all nervous, but proud. (With great hair, in pinstripes…and ofcourse heels.) But i’m trying my best to not be scared because it’s like my ’embarrassment’ theory. If you are never embarrassed by anything…then you can never FEEL embarrassed. I’m not scared of new people. or new chapters…i’m just emotional about it all and i have no clue why? I’m not that kinda person.

(Oooh, hang on, my gardeners popped round. He’s lovely!)

Okay…i’m back!

Basically, what i’m saying is that no matter what change is good. Al the way through my life, i’ve changed, loved, lived, worked…moved…cried, been the happiest being alive, felt so low that i haven’t known where to turn…i’ve had the best experiences ever and every day i’m thankful for them…without deliberately sounding cheesy. I’ve attracted good things to me in life (I mean, GOD, i’m a little Yorkshire/Burmese chick from Donny, who ended up living it large in Hollywood, being on the telly and all sorts through my 20’s,) but wonderful things have happened because i’m naturally positive..they’re attracted to ME! The best thing that i have going on in my life, in my world are Ruby and Junior. They are my BIGGEST and most REWARDING achievement.

SO YES…there’s something in the air today that is swirling and meandering around us all….yet the people that cheer up and get the good stuff, are the people who can see the foggy, smoke thread meander of ‘negative,’ understand it, know it’s there and either break free from it’s spell or simply step back, let it pass and dance around another being, who may not yet be able to champion a ‘something dodgy in the air’ recovery, until it’s their time.

Now, i feel great! You should too! Things are only as bad as you make them and only great if you fully experience them, and embrace them!

Happy Tuesday evening! I really truly hope that you have the most gorgeous sleep that you have ever had tonight!

Thank you for following my life. x





I feel like i’m in limbo. That weird stage of ‘in between points’ and nothing gets to me more than that! Like, i’m a chick who hates the grey…so i never like October because it’s never Summer, or Winter…just inbetween and I never enjoy Tuesday’s because it’s not the beginning of the week, nor near the end. But i love everything else..I ride unicorns to them and everything. Yet, right now…i’m in limbo. Limbo is rubbish. Not the game…that’s awesome. Obvs!

I’m searching to feel that rush of excitement, umph, delight. I’m not down my any means, i’m positive but peeking for escapism. Anyone offer me any? No? Cheers! Lol.

Once Friday is done and dusted, i’ll be all free and dandy, so i’ll be skipping to the beat of life once more. But it’s Tuesday right now..and on Tuesdays…when nothing is happening but work…and your getting a flash back, remembering that your 2 year old son walked into your room last night, looked at your boobs and said, ‘Who’s put them on ya?’ LOL. There’s not much else to do…but whop on a song…

Sunshine, Boys…Life


Morning my ย loveable licks of Summer sunshine. God!! It’s so hard working when the weather decides to be delightful, isn’t it? It’s awful to be locked in away from life when it’s sunny. I’m certainly struggling, but going with it anyway, as being a single mum means ‘making money’ proceeds everything. It’s funny because in England we sort of cling onto the sunny weather like it’s some kind of bad relationship that we can’t kick and because we never get it. We’ll have it for one week and then turn grumbly again for 3 months. So we kinda have to make the most of it. I LOVE working in Winter, simply because there’s not much to do other than Christmas and mulled wine.

Everyone was hot, bothered and in a mood yesterday. There was this air of really thin negative energy, meandering it’s way around my work place and I don’t know why…well i do know why…but let’s just say we all had our own kind of niggly issue, that we basically let get on our tits. All issues different, all issues just niggly. The sun was out…so when at work…we moaned. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, i’m feeling dandy. I’m okay. I’m on my last week and working my notice so i’m on doss mode…I only have a few shifts left and then yeah, that’s me done…with a leaving Do Friday and a *can can* into a weekend of new chapters and party! (I can’t wait to be out Friday…we’re starting off at The Carleton and ending up in town. I’ll need it.)

I’m moderately narked off because i’m having to postpone my botox, teeth whitening bonanza for another day now, because there isn’t any cover. ANNOYING. But away from that, i’m happy, i’m chipper…and i’m doing pretty alright.

Boy front…not much going on…Just boys. They’re messaging me and that’s about it. I haven’t hung out with any..aside form Tony on Saturday. But i’m a chick who enjoys single life, i don’t feel too needy, but also enjoy to have a guy around to love, to love me and to just share experiences with. Summer is good for that, as you ALL NEED a guy bestie, when you’re a girl to have fun with guy besties, it’s always friendly, but a bit flirty. Even if it means nothing.

I want that!

I know who i like and who i don’t..but like i said i’m just watching, as the ones that often present themselves as bad initially usually end up being champions an the ones that present themselves as the ‘good boy’ can end up being hideous boyfriends. Then there’s the ones that are a bit of both…and i like that because I am that and with my ego being massive…it helps. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know i like smart, creative sexy, smart…romantic, loving, kind, smart…:)…works hard……I like them to be well turned out and care about what they look like…know how to have a good time and be happy. Make an effort. It’s not too much to ask for. PLUS, it helps if they’re honest…I enjoy honest. I’m blunt. Right now, i’m enjoying work, life, new chapters and everything else. Boys are taking a back seat in Wunna land, as everyone (aside from Daz…who is ON IT…hahah is sort of also taking a back seat…yet still fancying me. And i guess the trick with me, is to catch me, whilst i’m still excited and go for it. Like when The Doctor lost my excitement..that was it..I haven’t messaged him since.)

Daz actually text me last night saying that I’m making him feel as though, he’s like some ‘random American kid, trying to impress a senior girl at school,’ (I’ll let him off with ‘SENIOR’ girl ) and that I keep either ignoring him with a ‘bless’ or a giggle. I don’t really reply to him too much simply because i’m going through a busy period right now. Life feels mentally hectic. But i’m happy.

Like i said, i’m out this Friday and i will scan, scope and see…

To all of you enjoying the Sun today….you’re all planks! Get jobs! ๐Ÿ™‚



Hey, Cupid…


Happy Monday! I’m not usually at work on Monday’s…EVER and i usually gloat at everyone else having to be! However, today I am an i’m not too bothered as i’ve sailed off a fabulous sun filled, family weekend and i’m read to work. (By nature my work ethic is superb.) That’s why i’ve done alright in life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ PLUS, i’m leaving my current place of work in 4 shifts time…so i’m going to enjoy my time and the people there as much as I can! Everyone means a lot to me…it was such a wonderful chapter of life…I feel so lucky.

ANYWAY…boy front.


Right now, i feel like i’m a juicy little target…strapped down upon a slow, spinning wheel, all kitten like, smiley and sexy…with a glint in my eye and a beam in m heart, as boys…men, males from ALL OVER THE PLACE…across the land have a go at ‘cupid arrowing’ me. It is currently testosterone central and i’m actually pretty flattered. I’m not doing anything about it…just enjoying feeling adored. The sun must have come and whammed them all in the boner and pointed them towards Wunna land, as I do ‘t even know what’s happened??? But it’s delicious…and well the thing that is great about is, that all the guys that are trying to get my attention are all lovely, being lovely and not remotely pervy or disturbed. They’re great, which means that i’m finally giving off the right kind of vibe. ๐Ÿ™‚ That makes me happy.

On Happn…this really great guy sent me a secret charm, that I openly ‘charmed’ back and just like that he started briefly chatting and he’s great! Again…very new into Wunna land…Investment banker…my age…travels..funny…but lovely. He can’t believe i’m single. Finds it odd that I am. I utterly agreed, cos jeeze, i’m SURE i’m a catch! Lol. His name’s Tony…and yeah, he’s been training it back to London for work…but lives in Leeds…and he seems super interesting. That’s all i know about him…Oh and he’s not terrified of my children! Lol. Awesome!

Cloughey (i like Cloughey, I love Cloughey) is back from a Saturday of Stag doing and suit wearing. He’s feeling ‘ouchy’ but still found the time to message me, which means he did think about me, once he got back! Major points scored. A hippie definitely asked him out on a date, but he doesn’t do dates and doesn’t know really, but she was hippie…ish…. that’s all he remembers. HAHAH. I love having Cloughey back! Before he went Stag doing…we actually had a really great conversation…which ended in us both doing lots of smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚ We make each other feel good and that’s wonderful. What more could you ask for! Such a great guy! I *heart* Clough! Even when he’s not in a suit…:)

Pete, Ruby’s Daddy…WELL, he’s been in Germany for a Stag do, this weekend. He just got back today and obviously I’ve known Pete fr years, decades, since he was 11. We went to school together and again dated before…had Ruby…etc…etc…since then we’re always been close and co parented better than any other two people could in the world. We just have great respect for one another and that’s based around our little girl. We’re really different people….but we get along wonderfully. Always have. I mean, gosh the other night Ruby laid in bed, and asked ‘I wonder what Daddy’s doing?’ (At that exact moment he was in Berlin at The Ritz!! Hahaha. Glammy co parenting rocks!)

Anyway, for the first time in what feels like a hundred years Pete did ‘flirting’ with me, last night via text! I know! LOL. It’s sort of jokey because obviously we’ve had Ruby and everything inbetween…but he was going on about how good i looked in my pictures and that I was ‘milfy.’ Hahaha. And i am. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I guess, it’s difficult..and the same with Keiran to sort of have me as your ‘baby mama’ because i’m super lovely to them both, we all get along so well…and the babies adore us all…yet i’m doing well…doing glammy…working hard, being fun…apparently rocking this ‘sexy’ thing and they just have to live with it…normally….regardless…even if they have both a place in their heart for me (because of the children) or a boner. Lol. But yes…he did ‘flirting’ ย yesterday and he never ever in a million years would…because by nature he is the shyest human on the planet. He must still be drunk from The Germans? But yes, obviously Pete’s great…he’s actually really hot now he’s older…again good, solid guy…my daugther’s Father!

Y’know…just all sorts…everything.

I’ve got a shoot planned. A family photoshoot. I’ve been up all night doing paper work for my new job. I’ve got to get up early to drop it all off, and then go to my current work place…to work. Lol. Madness.

The Sun must have gotten to everyone…

I just want to get to the forest!


Leaving with you with a tune…


Family, Sunshine, New Fun, Old friends….


Gosh! I have had the most AMAZING family weekend EVER, this weekend and BOY have I enjoyed this delicious dose of sunshine. I’ve laughed, shopped, relaxed, and lunched with the babies. Junior chose to lawn mow with Grandma today (boys and their toys,) whereas Ruby wanted me to take her for jasmin tea and fried seaweed pancakes.

After lunch, we all settled at my Mum’s for love, garden times, cocktails, food and sunbathing, I don’t think the babies have been this happy in AGES, neither have I and i’m a pretty happy human. There was a moment today when i watched my Mum and dad just ‘be’ under a giant pink garden parasol, with generations of Wunna’s around them that they created. They looked so in love..and it made me smile, as it gave me hope. my parents have been together forever and every day I am grateful for them, their love, their support and the fact that I have the most beautiful family and children. It doesn’t really matter when you find your ‘Prince’ as long as in the end you do and i only say that because i’m not a girl who wants to be sixty years old, with no life companion..who’s seen me through the best times, the tough times and looks at me like i’m his world, his rock, his baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunbathing was amazing!

The downside to living in the UK is that you don’t get that constant LA sunshine 24/7. I mean, I never took that sunshine for granted when I lived there…but i’m the palest i’ve ever been, and STILL more tanned than most around these parts! Lol.

I love living in Yorkshire, even though i moan about it sometimes. In fact i’m a chick that would make the most of anywhere that I chose to live. But i did think that I was maybe residing on the wrong continent earlier…as when the boys in Ponte go for a casual beer…they don’t look like this..

…just regular guys in LA, en route for a drink in the sun. It is LITERALLY LIKE THAT everywhere in LA! Hotness always!

But then i got over the ‘suns out, guns out’ brigade and whipped off my top to enrich my garden tan. I love being Yorkshire…and the weird thing is, that the boys in LA ADORE a ‘Yorkshire’ gal. I guess, you always desire something different as it seems so much more exotic? I’m a lot more popular with the boys in Hollywood than I am over here in England…and i kinda feel popular with the boys here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just sayin’ lol (Shut up…i do!)

The whole weekend has been amazing. I’ve kinda just kept myself to myself, and my family…aside from yesterday when I met up with Tony…a really great and good guy friend of mine who i adore. I love Tony, because he’s one of these really good guys, who isn’t ‘beige’ nor is he dull..he’s fun and vibrant…in the same way as I am, as he’s not weird, or edgy, or too much. He’s just fun. He enjoys the finer things in life…and well we both enjoy the same sorts of things. To be honest, before i dated Ben, when we were all friends, I actually got along better with Tony than I did Ben. ๐Ÿ™‚ And everyone knew that. Hahaha.

He’s a great guy…such a good balance of fun and normal aceness.

Anyway, the other good thing that we as friends have in common, is that fact that we are BOTH PARENTS. I like that! People who aren’t actual parents aren’t exactly the same… as people who are real parents. Don’t get me wrong, there are great step parents…lots of great step parents. But you completely understand the lifestyle change, if you’re a proper parent, right? Do you get it?

Bottom line, great to see him, great to hang out with him, like we used to…great to chat to him about out shit love lives…and most of all, great to have a sit down and be able to do as OUR LITTLE GIRLS, played in luxury cloth play homes and sand pits and made us pretend food, whilst munching on cookies and sausage rolls. I bought them ‘tea parties in a tin’ and Tony planted pumpkin seeds with them, with Dave the Minion.

That’s what’s good about Tony…AND the fact that when we’re out..we both know how to be the MOST FUN ever! ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy him! Lots! Yet the only rubbish thing about him is that we’re in the same circle of ‘Ben’s’ friends…which puts ‘awkward’ on it all…until we discussed it all, laughed and went with ‘fuck it.’

I mean, GOD, life is so short…people can do whatever they want, when they want…I’m single.. It’s great!

But yes, as our little girls played and we treated them…we chatted about everything…like we do. He’s also like a guy best friend…but he’s good because he’s not in ‘friend zone’ at all because he has this ‘spunk’ to him. He chatted about our love lives. He was on a date that night. WE laughed about our singledom..and just had a really good time. He ha this great way of putting me on a pedastal (like boys do)…without deliberately putting me on a pedastal…as he’s not mushy with me at all. It’s all friendly, yet NOT boring boy banter. He doesn’t even hit on me, or come at me like that…just does this thing where i know i’m attracted and I know he thinks i am…lol…YET, if he did, the advantage that he has over other boys, is the fact that he knows… me pretty well already….Like it’s just a text, ‘let’s hang out’ and because he’s already close friend, it’s a ‘Yeah sure, when?’ And he’s in….But he doesn’t come at me like that…

(Ewww…Junior’s just handed me a fresh bogie.)

Anyway, our Mother’s made an entrance, his by text, my via real life show ups..and like us, our little girls went home happy.

It was great!

I’m gonna do drinks with Tony. He’s uplifting. He’s great fun and actually by accident gave me great advice…we see things the same way.


I’ve had some really great times with Tony…he’s awesome. It’s been awful to feel like we couldn’t hang out because of the ‘Ben thing,’ but i’m glad we’ve gone with ‘fuck it.’ It means we’re grown ups! ๐Ÿ™‚

Life is good!







Girl Gods, Changes, Suits & Guys…


Happy Weekend you little puddings! I haven’t had an entire weekend off in what feels like ages, so right now i couldn’t be happier…

I get to spend extra ‘much needed’ time with the bambinos and I get to wake up on a Saturday morning and just chill for a bit, before we all get out and about…as i’m naturally an ‘out and abouter.’ I’m a kitten who prefers to do things, than do nothing at all, unless i’m shattered or hungover. It’s important to make the most of your 100 years on the planet. It’s not necessarily about ‘doing things,’ (i’ve done a lot of ‘things’ but only because it’s what I chose to do) and more about keeping yourself happy, chipper, smiling…I mean, God, you could chill all day, every day and if that makes you glisten…then that’s all that matters. Often people forget to remember that all folk are different and I know that sounds fundamental…yet i hate it when others try and mould beings or label beings…instead of embracing their differences…and looking for the sliver lining. It happens a lot in relationships right? I moaned (yet was secretly delighted) that one of my good, good LA guy friends woke up in Japan two days ago and then Bali this morning…yet it’s only because i’m a ‘doer’ and it makes me feel excitedly jealous, but proud of him for doing life! I mean, he loves his life…yet can’t wait to settle down, be married, doย forever love, have a million children live and stabley ever after. I guess, it’s all about balance.

I can tell i’m getting nervous for all the changes that i’m about to go through. I’m secretly getting stressed and i know that as i’m finding more and more things to stress about, instead of staying calm. I cant just chill in these moments, i always do the worst and try and challenge myself with ‘lots more to do’ to try and ‘victory’ it. It’s scary, but exciting all at the same time. New chapter. Great chapter. But you can’t get ahead in life, if you don’t constantly change or develop…and enjoy it.

I just feel like i have sooo much to do, so much to organize and no time to organize it in. I’m just stressing and using stress because i’m nervous. I should have a morning mojito. I’m sure they do that somewhere in the world? I enjoy how Jennn and I had to perform a ย ‘canned alcohol’ compromise at the Ackworth Co op, yesterday after work. The day before she bought ALL the Desperados! All of them. Lol. This time, we went together and we negotiated our booze in a can buys.

‘Right, i’ll buy two of these, and you can buy two of those.’

‘Ooooh, they’ve stocked them up!’ ย Lol

It’s always the little moments that i remember…they make up life..don’t they? I’m gonna miss Jen, but i’m spending great little chatty moments with her at work…as from the end of next week…*Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* Wunna moves it along. (Money making machine. Lol.)

Lee, my favourite policeman and almost guy bestie is still in Barbados…being a brand new hubby. It looks so happy on his pics, which makes me smile. Guys always try to palm off how they really feel about a girl…but you can look in a guys eyes, when he’s on a picture with a girl and tell if he actually fancies her. He’s in love and it’s alive. I like that! But i miss Wunna/Policeman banter and i won’t even get that now…so i’m having a Princess huff. He’s great in these moments when i’m stress. He’s like a giant stress reliever…and knows how to take it from me and frisbee it. Just so you know guys..THAT IS A EXTREMELY WONDERFUL quality, that ALL men should have. Girls want to feel that you have their back, you support them, you KNOW how to make everything right again, you can take away their stress and you know how to make her smile. It is a very important guy quality…that lots of males don’t have! In my last relationship, i got zero support when i needed it the most…because that being (Ben) was too busy throwing his teddy out of his cot and having his own little pity party/stubborn war. It made me dump him because he put his own negativity… before the ‘right thing to do’ morally. And yeah, he’s done the apologizing for all that…and i’ve forgiven him…Yet it doesn’t make me like him as a human and because I would DIE before i did that to someone…as would Lee, as would any of my friends, as would ANY normal human being…and i did tell him that..because I would, ย wouldn’t I…But you can’t make excuses, instead of taking responsibility…as that’s girly. Women don’t find that attractive.

So yes, i’m having a family day today, at the same time as doing a whole bunch of paperwork for my next chapter.

I was chatting to ‘suited and booted’ Cloughey for a bit yesterday evening after work. I love Cloughey, he’s just awesome. I can’t help but *heart* him…because he has this addicted personality that you can’t stop being hooked on. He’s funny..but swanky with it.

Guys always look like the more sophisticated version of themselves in a suit, don’t they. I like it. I lot. Again, I did tell him that. He’s a great guy…we did ‘making each other smile.’ It’s a good habit to have. I openly perved on him, in it. But like i said…a girl’s godda doo….

Then i got a message from a guy who asked to take me out, just so he could be on the blog. I’d actually do that and simply because i feel it’s very brave of the guy. Very honest of the guy. I mean, He must be pretty confident with his ‘ooh laa’…as i’d write out exactly what happened…how it happened. He’s not remotely terrified. But I don’t know him at all. Is that part of the adventure…or just silly? (Victoria?)

Just so you know, I’ve made Girl God Victoria burst my bubble whenever she has to! I get lost in swirls and she knows how to keep it real through being much wiser than I! Hahah. Although direct, sassy and fun…she’s also polite, so sometimes doesn’t like to bubble burst. Last night…i demanded she POP IT…whenever necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Junior is currently bushing m weave as we chat..well as I blog.)

Chris from Happn sent me a message. He’s impressed with my blog. I like boys who like the blog. He’s actually extremely lovely…because out of all the Happn guys ever, he’s just so honest and easy to chat to…like i said, happy…normal…London and great! Lol. I like that!! He did say that i’m ‘out of the leagues of most guys, i date.. including himself,’ย and that is really polite and very flattering. Thank you, Chris!! But am I? I’m just a chick, looking for love, who’ll one day find it, like billions of others..which unfortunately makes me pretty regular! *Weeps.* But i like Chris from Happn. I don’t know why i keep hearing ‘out of my league.’ And i don’t mean it egotistically, as i promise that i hear it a lot…it’s like going to a job interview and they tell you that you’re over qualified. It’s not fun.ย Or men are less confident? I don’t know? But very sweet nonetheless.

Daz still gave an ‘Oi.’ More than an ‘Oi’, but i had already gone to bed. Lol.

Then another gent sent me a message, who i don’t know at all…and have probably only reply messaged…once? And that was with a ‘Thank you,’ because he said something lovely to me. Very kind. Yet it was really bizarre, as he seems to think that he’s ‘Cloughey’ in my blog?? And I mean it in the sense that he believes that I’m using the nickname ‘Cloughey’ for HIM? I’m so confused? Lol. I do use nicknames for people…for fun, to hide their identity or just because I want toooo. Yet, surely each person i talk about (even i they are under a guise) would know that it was them or not, due to the chatter or experiences that they’ve directly shared with me, right? I’m soooooooo confused??? Haha.

But incase you’re not from Pontefract and wouldn’t know…everyone i’m talking about is a REAL PERSON, yes. It is a true like documentation of my life and not a fabricated blog. I refer to Cloughey….as ‘Cloughey’ because that’s what everyone calls him..and his last name is ‘Clough.’ Lol. (I can’t believe i’m having to explain this? Lol. So odd. ) He’s a real life human and everything…that has crossed paths with Wunna land, via recent forest banter. (I knew OF him before that.)

So just to get the glitzy record straight…I’ll usually refer to a being…in a manner that will make sense to me, or them..or any experiences that we have shared. OR it could just be their actual name. Lol.

Glad to get that sorted! I’m gonna need that mojito now.

Have an awesome Saturday!

(Oh and thank you to everyone reading the blog, as it’s still read on every single continent…in 187 different countries of the world and translated into 40 different languages daily…Cheers! *Wiggle, wink*)










Hatfield Dental Care


I’m sooo incredibly excited because this time next week I will be travelling to Doncaster to visit the most amazing dental care specialist Afsar Hussain for a delicious round of first class teeth whitening and my first EVER shot at botox. (I’m getting old and i can see it, i can feel it. I’m Hollywood raised, so my vanity gets the better of me. Yes, Victoria..I know.. Lol.)

Anyway, I already went for my consultation (remember) and Afsar couldn’t be more delightful. There’s this calming, yet dynamic dash to him and for someone as vain as moi, these procedures are a BIG DEAL, meaning that I would ONLY ever go to a specialist who i KNEW offered the finest quality of care and was one of THE BEST at what he does…and he is!

ย ย ย 

I immediately felt looked after, I can’t wait to see him next Friday and well i just KNOW that i’ll walk out of his practice feeling over the moon! ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, in my mind you have to be really careful as to who you choose to do your botox, fillers, teeth whitening… there are a lot of ‘not properly qualified’ darlings out there, who will botch it up and have you end up in Princess tears or living under a bridge like a hibble hobble witch. ๐Ÿ™‚

You need to trust your specialist…hence why i’m letting you know about mine! He is AMAZING and i’ve lived and experienced all kinds of procedures everywhere, all across the lands…even LA…I even come from a medical family, so when it comes to health safety, something that is vital to me, I know where to look and Afsar at Hatfield Dental care is literally THE BEST!

His practice is modern, swanky and of course exquisitely clean, he is my first choice or dental care and cosmetic enhancements…and I cannot WAIT to take you on my journey, as your invited to see the whole thing happen! Lucky you!! Honestly, he offers the most professional service…AND let’s you take selfies! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahaha. Take a look at his website…follow Hatfield Dental care on Twitter, ‘Like’ them on facebook. Go for it!

This time next week! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll look ten years younger! He’s a great guy really knowledgeable, honest, reliable and calming, he is utterly professional and so incredibly intelligent and creative! I’ve known Afsar since he was very young…I went to school with him…as did Pete, Ruby’s Dad…So it is amazing to see him do so well and support him massively in his career life choice!) Where else would you go!


Friday Feelings and Boy options..


Hey, my delightful licks of deliciousness! How’s ya Friday feeling?? Can you smell the weekend seducing you? Is it tickling at your toes? Or are you already in a beer garden, making people at work (like moi) very jealous! ๐Ÿ™‚ *Hair toss, hip bump.*

Y’know, when you need 2 nights of early nights…that’s what I need. I’m soooooooooooooooooo tired. Lol. I just want a holiday and to be out in the forest, the luxury of woodland hot tubbing, with a champers and in ultimate peace! And even though i’m having a ‘fat day’ (i do feel chubby and old today,) I’m wistfully craving the finer things in life….which as we know is something that I ADORE. There’s nothing like a touch of class, a dazzle of luxury…a bit of ‘ooh laa.’

Anyway, y’know how i told you that my inbox decided to be quiet and the world was at one again…IT GOT BUSY…and really late, so my little kitten eyes couldn’t handle it. I’m tired. Now, i’m not sure if it was because all guys decided to be up late last night, or because they had seen my ‘cocktail in a can’ picture…but again…they went for it!

I spoke to Cloughey…he’s always lovely and has just got back from drinks by a local river, after a day of suit buying. (I told him that i had stalked his pictures…and I had. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, t’s what we all do…you’re not human, if you’re not stalking people’s photos.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, i’m stupid enough to tell him. *Cringe.*

My old school friend and Mayfair ‘hangerouter’ popped by my cyberland space to say ‘hello,’ as he can’t possibly believe that i haven’t found a man to take care of me and my little ones. ‘Ponte Daz’…went for it. Now, he’s been going for it for the last week…and opposite to most…he has taking the very brave and very forward approach. He’s not terrified of me at all. He’s juiced! However…his forwardness did infact terrify me at first…Lol…well not terrify me, it just made me think that all he wanted was to bone me and that was it, his agenda, his hoopla! It seems now…that underneath all that and if I look passed the ‘show’ and the bravado…he actually likes me…and would potentially wish for more. (Yet, in m mind, i’m just very aware that he’s just suffered a heartbreak..and i think he needs to heal from that before he bedsurfs…but on the whole great guy. Funny. Not funny like Cloughey, as Cloughey’s a bit more intricate. But more ‘clown like’ slapstick…’high fiving’ funny. Did that make sense?

There were other boys, but i was really too tired to reply. I was ready for bed by then and i couldn’t deal with normal chitter. A guy that i know from years back when i was married to Keiran, who i bump into all the time after work at the supermarket…a couple of others i didn’t know and then Chris from London, who sent me a ‘charm’ on Happn. He’s from London but works back and forth with a client in Leeds…so he’s in and out of Yorkshire…on….trains. He’s newly stepped in to say ‘hi’…and when i say ‘new,’ I mean fresh into Wunna land…by hours! But he’s lovely and NORMAL. Yipppeee! He did think i was an escort at first, which is alarming. Lol. (I am the opposite…you’d ask for a refund.) However, after finding my blog, reading my blog, he labelled me a ‘genius.’

You see, guys can find my blog and read all about me, learn all about me and come at me, with their ‘love game.’ They get revision notes and everything. I don’t get to do that…so it’s totally unfair. *Princess paddy here.* Hahaha. Its much easier not knowing, as i can just be myself. Lol. However, i will say that if a guy hasn’t got to know me personally, or doesn’t know me personally, it puts them at a disadvantage…as they will organize their approach simply on what they are reading…and yes it is ME…it’s all about me…Yet i get to control what you read and what you don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ And not only am i clever (Lol..had to get that in there) but there is a lot more too me that my little bloggy ‘tipper tapper.’

Happy Friday to gorgeous beasts!




Guys, Inboxes & Positive Outlooks

ac6 - Copy

Morning!! Y’know, my wee kitten body still HURTS from my night out with Danielle last weekend. My calves still kill, i’m that old. I could literally sunbathe or stay in bed for approximately 2.3 weeks. I’m having to drink cocktails in cans, with umbrellas jabbed into them simply to take my *ouchy* mind off the ‘no being cares to massage me’ body.

(Yes, i’m snapchatting. I’m chrissiewunna1. I have no clue who the other ‘Chrissie Wunnas’ are? )

Today, i’m going to attempt to fill my world with silly, yet at the same time be THE BEST version of ME that I can be. Which will just be loud, sarcastic, sassy and shit. I’ll think i’m funny, but i won’t be will I! I’ll just come across as abusive. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’ll get away with, as my charm is immense.

It’s odd how we as human’s always complicate simple things and get defeated by life so quickly… like losers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always been a sexy, ambitious type…and i usually win. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yet today isn’t about winning…it’s about living, loving and just cutting myself some slack…enjoying…and boy can I do that! I can almost feel the weekend approaching. It is touching distance away. I’m not doing anything crazy this weekend, as i’m saving myself for next weekend and well if anything, i want to spend all my time with my babies. I love nothing more in this entire world, than being ‘Mama.’I have never in my entire life, dated a guy who has been great enough to just let me be ‘Mama,’ so i’ve had to slog my guts out and work like a champion…which i don’t mind. It’s good for you. The time i have with Ruby and Junior is so special to me…they utterly complete my world. I adore my weekends with i never get a full weekend due to work. Plus, Pete (Ruby’s dad) is currently flying to Germany to go on Loretto’s stag do. So, i’m in a way extra lucky. So many Stag do’s this weekend. Cloughey’s on one too.

I’m on a countdown…I only have four more goes and then i’m done and dusted at my current work place. It’s flown by, but time does without you realizing. AND work is much harder when the sun is out. Lol. It takes hardcore discipline, when the ‘off workers’ post as many ‘i’m in a beer garden’ selfies as possible, just to kill you that little more.

Things are pretty calm on the boy front right now…as in my ‘inbox’ isn’t chittering ย nonsense or total sense at me. Lol. ย That’s not bad, as it’s quality over quantity. I’d rather have good guy, who sweeps me off my feet and let’s me know, that he cares…than hundreds of dick pics and messages from boys who don’t know me, but like boobies, littering my messenger. (Again, i’m flattered. But ‘flattered’ doesn’t mean a date. Lol.)

I’m positive…and on my way up. I’m feeling awesome. I’m keeping my heart open, but head sensible, and my eyes peeled. I’m listening. I’m watching. I’m a chick who concentrates on both action and words. I’m not a game player, so i don’t like things to come too easy or be too hard…just normal and merry is the key. a good pointer. I’m not a puzzle to figure out, just a chick…who’ll adore you, if you’re right and if i’m right for you, it’ll work. Innit.

I’ve finally got a gardener! I need to book a photoshoot. I have an awesome car mechanic..and i’m about to tell you about my AMAZING new dental care and botox specialist! (All in the next blog…)