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Hi! Sorry there’s not been many blogs. I’m not gonna blame it on ‘busy.’ I’m not gonna blame it on anything. I just haven’t felt like writing it, until know…Oh and it’s not because i’m growing out of it. (Quite the opposite.) This blog almost acts like my therapy.

I just have so so much going on right now…and I literally can’t tell you ANYTHING about any of it, openly.

All’s good. Nothing’s bad. I’m really lucky. I’ve been with the kids. We’ve been stroking Armadillo’s at Miss. Murphy’s, over prosecco pours, by Yorkshire folk…Some with Raccoons on their heads. Some with jelly pots and samosas in their hands.

‘Why is there a Guinea pig, alone on the stairs?

‘Whenever i’m on a horse, it falls asleep.’

‘I need another prosecco.’

It’s just been a good old time with family and friends.

I’ve have great catch up chats and I’ve just loved life. To me…everything is about balance.

Miss. Murphy: ‘Do you want me to grab that snake, so you can Britney Spears with it?’

I’m smashing work. I’m almost grateful to the Jan 1st ‘hater’ simply because she ‘woke me up’ and made me feel like I had something to prove.

I pulled my head out my comfy arse…and got on with it.

Now…and because of her…I’ve had an excellent start to the year. I actually couldn’t be more grateful. Haha.

I’ve told you a lot about my life, haven’t I over the years. But as i’ve grown older and seemingly more popular, i’ve learnt to value my privacy a great more. Infact, I treasure it.

During this time of my life, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people tinker into Wunna Land (and I’m ever so grateful for your love & support.) I think i’m just in shock.

Social Media has officially changed my life…and I do actually love that. I’m just ‘in new heels and having to bed them in,’ so to speak.

Everyone keeps asking me about my love life. I don’t really know what to say, other than ‘i’m happy, right now.’ I always say ‘right now’ because you never know what can happen? But i feel really lucky. I’m excited.

(Kenny at The Mallard has just assured me that all is well in my life. You know you’ve officially lost the plot, when you have to ask other folk, if you’re okay? Haha)

Everything feels okay. Everything feels right. It’s perfect. In 2019, I told you, i’m all about giving things a go…and just enjoying getting on with life, without intruders & without listening to judgey people.

I’m doing what makes me happy (which isn’t really a stretch. Haha) I’m embracing new chapters. I’m doing life the way i’ve always wanted to.

I’m enjoying all that’s going on…

So I can put it this way….so far….I reckon I have a Valentine. Lol. (That’s about as emotional, as I’m getting..because as always, i’m ‘cautiously, cautiously’ along.’) He’s been nothing but great to me. He’s been all respectful and kind. We’ve chatted all day, every day…

Things have been great.

So yes, i’m happy. I’m ‘cautiously, cautiously, but with no judgements’ happy. Haha.

He’s great.

I’m also chipper because i’ve had the best banter with a now really good friend of mine ‘T Bone.’ (Who used to be ‘The Swirl.’ ) I wished them Happy Birthday, as they turn 33 today and after everything…I can honestly say, that no one cracks me up more.

We have such a weird understanding of each other and what i’m noticing is that our banter seems to be standing the test of time. It’s graduated and stepped up a level. (We both have public personas…and it’s good to not have to play those roles, with one another.)

So yeah….Great friendship made…and I love great friendships..Y’know the real kind, because they always last a lifetime.

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