Cash Fans, Daddies & Racing

Have you noticed that folk who are fanning themselves with cash…and that’s cash that they have either won or accumulated somehow by surprise or hard work,  ALWAYS have BIG JOLLY smiles on their faces and that are filled with utter excitement and glee? I have…In fact is has been a weekend of noticing the delightful past time of cash fanning, in almost every corner. So, if that’s the case…is money really so bad? Or is it secretly our friend? 🙂

Okay, this Saturday was a Saturday of joining forces with Blond Emma and her husband to be Goodhall, with a merry bunch of their friends and work colleagues to go splash it all out, in a fancy, posh ‘at the finish line and above the riff raff’ box, aptly named the ‘George Goodhall Box’ at the York Races! We did it better than most and simply because we had a free open bar, lunch and afternoon tea in our box, with bojui service and a balcony where in which we could people watch like Gods…in frocks and ties. I knew we had it better than most, simply because people kept appearing from down below, who either scagged their way into our box (girls in hats) and others, who were guys, seemed really grateful to be there. It was all for free, all in the name of class, champagne and fun and well it was really great to actually get out (Mum’s hardly ever get to) and it was great to hang out with Em’s (her first day out after baby birthing)..Richard (who by the end of the day got everyone kicked out of a minibus outside a mansion) and meet new people! The good thing about getting kicked out of a minibus outside a manor house, that belongs to one of the gents in the party, is that life is still pretty good. 🙂 The bus driver had it worse, especially because it seemed funny at the time to not let him out of the gates,after he did the long winded venture back down drive, whilst he was being verbally abused and called ‘Captain Birdseye’ because he had white hair and a beard. 🙂 My dress arrived, well got opened in the morning at 8am… (Thank you Celeb Boutique.)

By 8.01am it was on. 🙂 (I’m a quick dresser…mainly because i’m used to it and also because i k ow how to get out of places FAST. :)) My car arrived to pick me up a few minutes later. (It was sort of in the fashion of a bouji driver…in Pontefract.) Then I rocked up to Emma and Goodhall’s, in Leeds, in my whorey, but fun boobie, pink, athena, lace dress, had champagne for breakfast, after cuddling baby George, being given the lowdown of what was going to happen during the day at a white and black, glossy dining table and then after a brief bit of banter, with Rugby a the background, we travelled off,with an additional fellow to Bar and Grill for more early morning champagne before jumping in the minibus to York. Loved our box and our time there massively and well I also loved the fact that all the ladies, who were partners, wives etc (including moi) …of the gents involved in our little group were treated like Princesses. It was lovely to see men be men and girls drink champers in gift given Prada and smiles. It was fun. We had a blast. I mean, it lasted all day and all night, as I didn’t even get home until 2.32am, with a giant England shirt over my dress and heels and a big grey hoodie. (I looked like a homeless person…mixed in with the cast of ‘Clueless.’) The rest of the bunch went out partying around Leeds, for the evening after the races, as as we all know it was the World Cup…but i got to chill in the Manor House. The big old luxury pad of aceness and watch it in the comfort of someone’s home…which is always better. I even won cash and I’m even quite sure how? (Always a bonus!)


I was given betting money(very nice, I know)  and well my bets were put on for me, after I chose just the prettiest names…and ‘dadaaaaa’ I WON! Yippeee! I didn’t even realize until the end of the night, or  in fact the morning after and simply because my winnings kept getting shoved in my hand bag throughout the process of the day without me knowing. York races was GREAT FUN and because we did it with ‘ooh laa.’ (I totally thank Goodhall for that! And Ems for inviting me. We now however, feel like shit. Partying when you’re a mum is impossible. Men tend to do whatever they want. The good thing is the right men treat their ladies with a touch of Princess…making the blow of mummyhood, during the hard times, not so bad. 🙂 Fabulous time


My boobs had a good time, they were everywhere. I only remember i have boobs these days when i’m in a going out dress. They pop out of nowhere, like the funny parts of a Carry On film and wink at people, or giggle. They were a hit and once again, I have no idea why…but right now in life I am literally not only smeared in total ‘mojo’ (boys dig Le Wunna)…but i’m really fucking LUCKY. 🙂 I don’t know what’s actually going on, so i’m gonna go with good flipping Karma, because this last year of ALL years, i’ve been more than a decent human. They may even be dusting off a seat for me behind the ‘pearly gates’ when I die, after this last year. But yeah, everywhere i turn AMAZING things, just keep happening to me? I’m being greeted by opportunity, love is everywhere, the boys love a bit of Wunna, i’m money making, accidentally and via hard work, the babies are happy, life is almost FANTASTIC. Dreams are coming true and i’m sort of getting everything I want? It’s SO WEIRD. But do know, good things happen to good people and even if you go through a bad time (and i went through a shit year) as long as you remained great through it…and by ‘great’ I mean still of pure heart, THE UNIVERSE cuts you some slack and well as it is doing with me, it’ll give it back to you with good fortune, happiness and ‘wow…woo..wee.’ I cannot believe by luck, right now! Then to top it all off Sunday was AMAZING, because I got to spend it with my Papa. As i Tweeted, when it’s come to a Daddy being 100 there for you,like a Father and a best friend, emotionally, financially, mentally, physically..and over wine, I have the BEST DADDY in the world EVER! So good, that you all should be very jealous. By father has never ever once in his entire life shouted at me, or even raised his voice at me in anger, because he didn’t feel it appropriate and instead has done everything with warmth and love. I always get to be a little girl and i am so grateful to be his daughter. He tells me how much I mean to him all the time and it was great to do lunch with Paps, Mum, my Brother and Junior. (I double dutied it with Junior on Sunday. We did Father’s day early, with his father, over dinner, so on the actual day he enjoyed some Mama love!) As time goes on, i’m noticing how lucky i am to have such great parents, such loving, kind and 100 supportive parents who have ALWAYS been there and never let me down and worked on their marriage in order to hold our family together with happiness, love and stability. It worked. 🙂 I love them so much. It seems not many people that i’ve bumped into recently have that. I always thought it was really normal? So it makes me feel even more special! But yeah I love you Daddy! Thank you for everything. We are the luckiest kids EVER!     Wunna land is WONDERFUL! Yeah bitches!

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