Candy My Eyes..


Woke up this moring oddly locked in a room. (Hahah.) However instead of screaming, and banging for dear life, i put in a pair of ruby earrings, then danced around the room to a very loud  T.I track at 7am and well before you know it the door was opened and i was freeeee once more. Ooh the power of Gangsta rap. I mean i don’t even know why they need guns? All they have to do is be all thug style, hold their nuts, and jump around aggressively to hip hop beats scowling n growling…enough to terrify anyone really. (Well apart from me, as i’d think it was a party and just join in!) They’d be like ‘Gimme ya money!!!’ And i’d be like ‘Gimme YOURs’ (giggle, giggle, pout.)

I’m feeling amazing today, full of life, energy and that deliciousness that can melt the hardest of hearts. And well last night i got asked out on a date, by the sweetest of gentlemen. Quite mature, stable and completely not my type. (lol.) A really handsome man, who’d make a great Mr.Right…but just not MY Mr.Right. Thererfore i politely said, ‘I’m actually not wanting to date right now.’ (And i’m not anyway, so i wasn’t lying) and i guess i gracefully let that little fish back into the sea. I think i’m quite a hard pull, now i’m all ‘I Know my worth’ (Hahah…) It’s gonna be a lot more difficult for you guys because i’m actually really happy with where I am right now. I feel like i’m leaping from cloud to cloud joyously, with a cocktail in my hand and a cheeky wink in my eye. Yet when you boys see me out n about, and i’m playful, fun, laughing and dancing around…it doesn’t neccessarily mean i want to date you. I really am just like that naturally. (Code for ‘sexy idiot.’) Infact another boy called me from Cancun, last night. He’s on a boys holiday and ran up a hill all drunk and away so he could call me. (I like that…makes me laugh.) All he said, (do it in your best American accent)  ‘I just wanted to make sure everything was cool, with you and me. Like we’re not mad at each other or anything, right? Like we’re cool.’ How hilariously random?? All i said was ‘Go back down the hill and have fun. We’re good.’ (Cute.)

Anyway i WILL say that just recently i must have been walking around with my ‘blinders’ on. And i do do that when i’m in a relationship, i’m loyal…so i have a one track mind. But yeah I’m spying some really sexy boys and i always thought there wasn’t any?? Yet it’s like my eyes have just peeled open and the streets are littered with ‘eye candy.’ My kinda ‘eye candy.’ It’s like i’ve only just become aware again and i’m loving every second of it!! I’ve snapped out of my haze and all I can see is ‘deliciousness’ everywhere. I mean a couple days ago I was in O’Neils by Kings Cross, glaring out of a window, with a boy…and I was literally pointing out the window and saying, ‘There is no-one!! I don’t fancy him, (point) or him, (point) or him, or him….(point point).’ But then again it was raining.

I mean the ‘Abercrombie’ boys much! Fiiiiiitttttttt!!! I do know quite a lot of them and all over the world (lol…ofcourse I do, i’m a Wunna), but it’s dawned on Me that they are divine creatures of ‘Ooh Laa,’ who need to be worshipped, winked at and maybe LICKED. (Hahahah…) I want to lick them, parade them around and pretend they are my boyfriend. LOL. In LA I have a team of steamy straight hot boy bitches, and i think i’m gonna find me my own little British team of boys, who are bitches and steamy straight…who i’m ‘just good friends’ with. It’s healthy and all ‘IT’ girls need a collection, one on every continent.

Have a cocktail, have an amazing day and create your sexy story!! I’m loving up north right now. I have the greatest friends, who like Ovaltine over nights out (I had the best phone convo with my best friend last night. I’ve never laughed so hard at him…I was literally laid on my bed, pissing myself.) I love my photo up above, again taken by David

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  1. When they film “Wunna-ful: The Chrissie Wunna Story,” I’ll be looking for that scene with the finger-pointing and the “I don’t fancy him” diatribe. Priceless.


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