Camels, Breasts and Elves

It’s the weeekend!!! My weekend began at 6pm…yet i’ve screeched my ‘brakes’ on kitty cat ‘stoppage,’ in order to have a much needed little bit of rest. I’ve been working, working, working and not only has it made me feel better. It’s actually kinda let me take my mind off the whole ‘going into labour soon‘ circus of scream-fest and aided me on the merry path of denial. When i’m occupied, i forget all about the manner in which my bambino will enter the world. (Hopefully with a ‘bump & flex.’) However, then mid-pause, i’ll find myself not being able to see my toes, breathe the way a Glamour puss should beable to breathe, going through momentary back ache and then glaring at pictures of Jessica

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