Call me Vixen

Okay, so yesterday evening, after I tottered  through my appartment, enjoying my very rare bit of ‘free time-daddio,’ enjoying a glass of the most delicious red graped wine and spending a couple of kitty cat hours on my book. (My Mum was babysitting Ruby and Loverboy was out teaching humans how to drive. I actually met one that smelt like wee the other morning.) Anyway, yeah, I bimbo Mc-tottered down the hallway, innocently pushed  my way through a cream bedroom doorway, realized that Pete had actually come home early in order to ‘surprise’ me and found myself locked into a bit of kissy with my ‘Handsome’, who decided to get my bum out and ask me what it was? ‘It’s a bum, Pete.’

Withing minutes and with a *giggle.* I found myself laid on my back, nudies, with my legs wrapped around my dear boy of ‘Lover, lover,‘ doing ‘ooh’ faces and maybe grunting a little as we tended to a bit of spontaneus ‘rumpio-pumpio‘ and to the soothing sound of delayed ‘make up sex.’ Delayed ‘make up’ sex is alrigt. Yet when your handsome thanks you sooo much for it afterward.  (And he did.) You KNOW you’re officially a poor excuse for a floozy. I mean Wazza even noticed that i’m watering down my wine these days. Really now…what have i become? (Oh yeah! Rich! 🙂 )

Anyway, ever since we’ve had a bit of the old ‘bump-a-lot’ we’ve been really great! We’ve managed to get our relationship back on track. Pete loves it because he claims it’s like living with a hilarious-boobie-woobied doll, that giggles, swears and loves you in leopard print.  Our love is back to romantically comical. Ruby is now older, therefore being a dream baby of ultimate ‘Diva Diva.’ We BOTH have our lives back in place. We’re both working a lot more and being parents at the same time. To a lot of folk that may not work. Yet to us it makes life healthy! No-ones ever gonna go hungry. Everyone’s living life so fully. Then to top it all off we’re the most amazing little family the world has ever seen and our daugter is simply delicious!  Mmmkay! (I LOVE that he got off work early just because he knew i’d be home alone, for a bit of tickles and canoodles. It’s like he’s a teenage boy who’s obsessed with his big boobied girlfriend.) Becareful were you wander girls! Behind cream doors there could be trouble. Luckily, i ended up with sex. You could end up with cucumbered nuns. Why am i remembering a time when I was sooo poor that my boyfriend (of that time) and I had to have a shot of coconut rum for dinner. We wanted our shot to last, so we had chipped tiny bits of ice into it, in order to make it last longer? I pretended I was happy. But fuck that…I wasn’t! 🙂 I’m a kitten who enjoys luxury. I’ve worked hard to get it. I also like rum. However not when it’s my only option and trying to replace pork dumplings. 🙂 Things have their time and place and rum has it’s own moment to worry about! (My vagina was called ‘Cold Turkey’ today.)

I’ve had a gorgeous day today. The weather has been delightful. I’ve danced around an office, with another Glamour Puss named Kelly. We’ve decided to stalk Pharell Williams. Googled shoes that we believe the weather is making us purchase and worked our little cotton socks off…for a whole entire 4 minutes! I then ventured ‘downstairs’ with my cleevage, and wink, passing body builders with ‘stonkers’ and with sushi in my bag. (Why do men lifting weights always ave boners? I only like boners in lycra and because it reminds me of that game at arcades, where you beat down the multi- coloured moles, with a mighty foam mallet.) I then got verbally abused by a couple himbo’s. Talked tans with a blond. Rested my jubblies upon a desk and then decided I was bored, so went home.

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