Busy Little Story Teller!

My life is constantly changing! However for once, it’s almost like I’m done with the ‘struggle’ part, y’know where stuff just seems happens, so you can learn a very importantly annoying lesson. It’s like I’ve graduated that phase of my life. I had to do my lesson learning in Hollywood. I didn’t learn as well as I thought because I learnt a bit more via the fine art of the ‘hard way’ back home in the uk.

Now, at 40, when I feel like I’m doing alright! I feel ‘solid,’ filled with knowledge and most of all I’m HAPPY. Well now, the things that I’m learning are so much more fruitful because it’s all positive and life changing as it focuses on the joys, my loves, my passion and my career. Nothing bad is having to happen anymore that’s based on a futile moment of whim. I’m following the natural grain and flow of what seems to be happening in my life and I’m only steady pushing blocks where necessary. I trust the flow now & I’m thankful. Sometimes you’ve just godda trust the flow…and let it take you places without worry.

So yeah, all is calm, all is chipper…Ruby and Junior are DELIGHTED and I kinda feel like I’m on my way up, but this time I’m taking the elevator because I’ve bloody done all the stairs. 🙂

I’m BUSY and if you know me personally I’m at my FINEST when I have stuff to do! Haha. I’m certainly a workaholic. Yet I changed everything in my world to make sure that the stuff I did FOR work, was the stuff that made me happy.

When I say that I mean…Work that never feels like work. Work you’re always excited for! Work that you’ve dreamed of doing every since you’ve been a child. Work that’s never about a pay check and always true to your heart. I have that now…

So when I say I’m busy working…I beam with joy…It’s a good thing and I value it so much, as ofcourse it hasn’t always been that way.

If you’ve found yourself here, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy reading through some of my diary. If not…I don’t blame ya. Haha. I’ve been exceedingly rubbish at keeping up the blog. (I have kept a hand written diary though and I guess I needed it to be that way, as my life began changing. It seems that when transitions are occurring, I guess I no longer write them out in the open… like I used to and have done for over 10years. I need the peace and calm away from eyes, until I’m ready, sorted and excited to deliver.) When I was younger, now I look back, my life transitions didn’t seem that big. Probably why I found it easier to write about them openly. They felt big at the time. Haha. Whereas now, the changes are so HUGE and POSITIVE that I just want to make sure that the situations and myself are fully nurtured and that I’ve enjoyed them with my family or the people I have around me…BEFORE I tell my story…

…and I’m a story teller by trade, so it feels good to be doing it with the right ‘feels.’

I keep everything simple and I DO NOT do ANYTHING that doesn’t make me happy & I think that’s one of the most important things that I could pass on to anyone.

So where we at? I’m back in the studio on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ tomorrow, 12:30 Channel 4. ‘Packed lunch’ pretty much saved my lockdown life because being part of the ‘fam,’ kept me performing, got me out the house, kept me social. It’s just such a blessing to be part of such a fun, yet also innovative show! It’s filled with joy and we’ll it’s been recommissioned for another series, so every team member both on & off camera are pretty much overjoyed, because everyone’s worked so hard! We’ve had a break because of the cricket, but I’m back on the telly tomorrow…and every Tuesday from now on.

I have a ‘Zoom’ rehearsal tomorrow for ‘Another day’ which is a comedy feature film I’m in for Amazon Prime. I missed the last rehearsal by accident, so I’m overly cautious to not fuck up the next batch of ‘practice.’ Lol (If I’m being honest, I’m not used to rehearsing this much. Haha. But I love it. It’s such a funny film.)

But anyway, over the last week and a half I’ve just had an over pour of great news. Obviously I’ve been working a lot with Scott Jeffrey. He produced ‘Dinosaur Hotel,’ ‘War of The Monsters’ and ‘Dragon Fury,’ that were the features I filmed last year with him for Jagged Edge Productions.

Literally the best time, the most amazing quality of film, done so quickly, to such a high standard, and with the best cast & crew. The team is amazing and because of that I LOVE working with Scott.

I love to act, I love to be busy, so being able to do it with a great team is the extra shot in my mai tai.

So I’m absolutely delighted to have now been booked on 4 more feature films, the first one I film at the end of March, ‘Last Rite,’ and then I have one every month until May. (I couldn’t be more grateful. There’s just a magic about Scott’s sets and it’s great that he has a group of actors & crew that he uses and interchanges because we’ve all become really good friends, a family…which truly makes THE BEST kinda result!

I’m so excited to see everyone!

Plus, alongside that I’m currently working with Channel 4 Inclusion, with my good friend Colin, who I’ve known for years, who’s now head of C4 Inclusion!!! Amazing innit!!!

Diversity in Media means so so much to me, obviously with me being Asian AND Northern. So it’s such an honour to represent inclusion on television and film with Channel 4 and well I have a lil’ something coming up on March 11th!

Right I’ve rambled on now…other than all that, I’ve been binge watching ‘Bling Empire’ on Netflix & chatting to my very busy, yet wonderful friend Ryan..who I genuinely think the world of.

Ruby’s had a birthday, a lockdown birthday…and she’s now 10! I can’t believe that we made it to 10 in one piece. We had the most beautiful day and Junior loves spoiling his sister! (We did have to buy him an extra cake on the side to make him happy though. Haha. What? He’s the baby if Wunna land.) But yes, she was over the moon which made my heart melt. Their life has changed so much also! They’re both working and basically living their dream! I’m so proud!

What else? Oh! My friend Mel, was proposed to by her lovely Dave! When I read that text, I squealed with joy!!!! She deserves her ‘happy.’ In fact I nearly cried!!! I love her so much.
I’ve also been LOVING Zoom comedy nights on a Saturday with Russell Kane and Scott Mcgrane. It’s been a blast and helps Rethink mental illness, so life’s just been a blessing.
It was also ace to rechat to Ria Lina, who I completely adore. We have met previously and I’ve heard we’re about to meet again… So I’m forcing her to be my asian soul sister.

Other than that, it’s my best friend & celeb chef Ronnie Woo’s birthday today, I’m really looking forward to the Prince Harry & Meghan interview coming up, with Oprah! Conor Maynards mash ups are Amazing and I found this girl on TikTok that does the BEST most comforting asmr….So I’m now addicted to her soothiness!

Right I need a wine! You can ask me a question on my insta story or enjoy my new TikTok account.

Love you,
Chrissie x

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  1. You are one hell of a strong mum an amazing intelligent stunning woman who anyone would be super proud to have next to them.
    I know that I’m not in your top 10 hell 100 male known friends but you beam warmth kindness and a one of a kind woman


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