Busy little beeee….

Quite a lot has happened in the last 24hours in Wunnaland. I just got back about an hour and a half ago and i’m one exhausted kitty cat. It feels like I haven’t blogged in ages?? I mean, the last time I remember I was gonna tell you all about this bizarre Facebook guy, who kept trying to ‘woo’ me by sending me pictures of his apparent Ferrari, telling me he had a girlfriend, yet was over her, due to needing a trophy wife, with him being so famous? Then he claimed that he would’ve covered me in diamonds and ride me around on his 60 ft yacht, if i went out with him, followed by expressing the fact that he was allegedly going to be doing coke with Obama on his 60ft yacht. (Whatever. 🙂 ) Oh and that he never had to work, because he comes from a tremendously wealthy family…but he once did a porno because he has a big willy? However, all that seems so ages ago to me now. Ancient news, due to the dramatics that have danced around my life of recent. Oh and by the way, I wasn’t one bit excited by his tragic attempt to get in my knickers. I’ve heard it all before. Decent rich men never actually talk about how rich they are. They really just show you. Plus, i’m completely and utterly taken…with baby on board.

Pete and I are wonderful right now. We had ‘Date Night’ last night and spent it at Ask giggling and romantically enjoying each others company. We loved, we laughed, we made fun of each other and then over red wine and the most delicious spag bol, we almost decided to go out for a bit of ‘party party.’ Pete was already accidentally on purpose dressed up for a night on the tiles. Yet I was still in my work clothes (all black office wear.) Therefore the majority of my ‘dinner’ time was spent scooping my boobies out of my shirt, to form the Ultimate cleevage, in order to grab a little attention. We had a really wonderful time. Really wonderful. And i guess EVERYONE had decided to go to the same place for ‘date Night.’ I pretty much saw every being I knew…and all on dates.

We ended up going home, drinking more wine and having cheeky ‘hanky panky’ instead of going out on the pizzle. I had lines to learn for the next day(…my big audition,) therefore we both wined up, laid on a living room mattress (i don’t even know why we still have the mattress there, when we do have actual bedrooms) and went through my wines. I was actually better than Pete thought i’d be. (IN YOUR FACE!) Infact, i was so good i was cause for inspiration. He then grabbed my lines off me and started learning them. He ended up performing them numerous times, all drunken and with emotion. It was like we were on ‘HollyOaks’ or something? Wine unfortunately makes us competitive. Before you knew it, we’re had mattress acting championships going on. At the end of the day, fun was had. I went to bed at midnight and OMG missed my baby Ruby looooaaads!!! I hate being away from her. All my free time is taken up!

Today was a full day of travelling to Manchester for my audition. I had a full English breaky at Debenhams before i left, in Doncaster, hopped on a train, (missed the first one, due to the posh fry-up,) began to get nervous and made my way there. Looong day, yet an amazing day. I don’t know how well I did? But you just never do? Do i have acting chops? Have i done well enough? I hope so. Vicky Binns from ‘Corrie’ was there and so was Kelly from ‘ages ago’ Hollyoaks. (Lovely girl.) It was terrifying. But I’m so glad i did it. I got a few winks from the boys. I shook like a leaf during my actual audition.  I mean you actually feel the fear running through your body!! Then i looked around the waiting room. (Waiting rooms are awful places before an audition. They get you all worked up for no real reason?) During my look around, i saw how prepared everyone else was. They had read the entire works of the audition speech we were given and well my pre-audition prep had been drinking wine and learning lines drunk, naked, on a mattress with my Loverboy. (Yep..he’s finally re-earnt his title.)

I wasn’t worried about the fact that everyone else was seemed so much more prepared and more serious, in their ‘actor blacks.’ I was armed with confidence…a  killer tool. The tool that got me on the Hilton bit of telly. I initally learnt acting in Hollywood and well my teacher taught me that acting was all about life and story telling. I might not have studied and analysed every word professionally. Yet I’ve lived. I know how love feels. How heartache hurts. How happiness can make your world whirl with delight. I did the best that I could. (In my skinny jeans and big Hollywood hair) and had a really great day. If i’m honest, i actually met some really cool people. I loved them. (Hot boys too!!! 🙂  I flirted, i winked, i did my little do. Then i got mad at my belly for hanging over the top of my skinny jeans! UGH! Kill me!!!

Anyway, after 2 hours and a long train journey back. (Had to drink a minature wine on the train to de-stress, like a tramp.) I finally got back to Doncaster and was greeted by my Mum, my brother and my gorgeous baby RUBY!! OMG, i love her! It felt like I hadn’t seen her in ages!! Infact there was a moment where everyone in the waiting room was doing the , ‘i have kids’ conversation and clicking up phone pictures of their delicious offspring. I weirdly said nothing and I said nothing because i missed my delicious offspring soooo much that if i even thought about bringing her up, i would’ve had to have a random ‘mentally ill’ Kleenex moment. LMAO. A whole night and whole day is the longest i haven’t been able to see her for. But i have her with me now, so i’m back to feeling magical.

Anyway. i’ve got to go for a bit of dinner, a bit of love and a bit of celebratory wine. I’m  completely knackered. I can’t even think. I need a bit of a rest. I love you all! Thankyou for joining me in my life! I’m really excited about life again. I can’t wait for my book! I finally have a lot going on! Yipppeee. #winehere

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