Busy little Bee

Up early, in a bit of a rush! I have a super busy day and it starts kind like NOW! I’m feeling a bit sick, yet i believe that’s merely mind over matter and well, in exactly 5 mintues i ‘ll be on my dandy to Sheffield…where i will be spending the majority of my day. I think i’m stopping by the Uni too?? So if you see me, give me a wink or a holla..or even a juicy middle finger. I’ll also be trundling around Doncaster later….not sure why. Yet all good trollops trundle, right?  I’m on Twitter and will be twittering you to merry death as my day goes along. Lucky F****** you. So join my merry band of madness.

Godda go babies!

1 thought on “Busy little Bee”

  1. havea good day chrissie havea few shampoos or vinos for me today treacle i know uwill knock everyone bandi if i ever see u on my merry way i will kidnap u and take u for a drink and if u are lucky a steak meal take care treacle tada scratch


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