Busy Little Bee

‘Is Wunna drunk again?’

Like music to my kitty cat ears! My favourite thing on an evening, if i am unable to be all ‘ooh laa’ and a bit of a Glitzerella…is to grab a wine, guzzle it like it l’m a pirate and tend to Facebook chatting. However, not with anyone i don’t actually know ( I learnt that lesson young, when i was into an industry of Glamour Modelling..an industry i really don’t care for anymore.) But with my soldiers, my friends, no matter what land then may be drunk on. I was on there for 5 minutes and during the 6th minute..i get a message from Lisa reading, ‘Are you drunk again? I love drunk Wunna. You crack me up…i need a laugh.’ My reputation proceeds me. Again my witty contribution to Cyberland was Greatness last night. I’m very impressed. However now i’m in pinstripes, with the London Riot news on, getting ready for work.

Okay, so on the love front. I’m starting to feel bad for Loverboy now, because he loves me very dearly, yet where as i’m quite independant..he is a gent who is quite the opposite. I’m not going to back down however, because a few glum faces, doesn’t make up for poor behaviour. You EARN your ‘hero’ title back and well i’m keeping him on his toes. I’ve noticed that when i give him everything, he grows a giant ego and starts being a prick.

I’m powered by fun and due to me thoroughly missing LA and having a good old witty flirt with the town, i’m looking ahead and keeping life alive, exciting and just the way i like it. I’m Chrissie Wunna, i’m a winking, pouting, flirty nuisance. I guzzle wine, play the art of ‘ooh laa,’ i’m cheeky, straight taking…and now a yummy mummy. You can’t fight who you are and why would you want to. The hardest thing to hold onto in life is who you really are. We as girls give ourselves away too easily. Pete’s hissy fit, made me really think…i need a bit of free time to shimme his drama off me and i’m captaining that ship to ‘temporary’ better times. I don’t like a boy who wants to drain me…emotionally, financially, or even mentally. I just want a playmate and well his ‘diva’ fit has really made me rethink. Like is the way to dance through like, only grand when solo?ย  He’s a good guy…yet a distinct lesson needs to be learnt..and who better to teach you it, than little Chrissie Wunna. I’m over it. I’m on my free button right now and loving it.

I’m watching the London Riot news right now and i can’t actually believe how out of hand it’s all gotten. I mean, what is actually wrong with everyone? Lol. Chill. Make out and get it all sorted the Wunna way and with a wine. Grab wine instead of rocket launchers, steal hearts instead of tellies from Argos ๐Ÿ™‚ and make LOVE…not war. However, i guess it’s the only way the people feel they can GET HEARD. I say ‘get a blog.’

I love that my gay friend Daniel…(as in Tully) dreamt that i had fallen out with him in the ‘Jersey shore’ because i had chosen Pete (who was not the real Pete) for…well i don’t know why, but i upset him sooo much it actually made him wake up crying. ๐Ÿ™‚ HAHAHA. I’m even a bitch in dreams! Yippeee. However, don’t fret, I assured him that ‘doing hair’ trumps any straight boy in dreamland. I’m never not chose him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Busy day…off to grab coffee.. Love you. Happy today. Filled with love!

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