Business, Sundays and Pet Grannies


The single most hilarious morning ever. I mean it got off to a somewhat dodgy start, with all the rain and the bad hair day traumas etc…etc…and then having to go out in the rain, making my bad hair day trauma a great deal worse etc… get the picture.

THEN, I ventured to my local Co-op to totter around ad snatch a few essentials before ‘Mummyhood’ truly kicked in with full force and I managed to see my pet granny ‘Lilian.’ Β (Please DO NOT think i’m at all being disrespectful when I refer to her as my pet. I love grannies and respect the elderly. LILIAN HERSELF, is a brash, funny, talks about everything she shouldn’t kinda lady. She has a young spirit and well the time I spend with her lights up her entire day, world…everything really. SHE named HERSELF ‘my pet.’ And come to think of it, I think EVERYONE should have a pet granny. They’re ace. Mine talks about sex and I get to be ‘Mother’ and shake my head at her)

Okay, so on that subject..I bump into her by the bargain chocolates and I guess she’s with her new boyfriend ‘Danny?’ Lol. She’s boasting about this new phone he’s bought her. (It’s a Samsung from yonks ago, but I smiled because she loved it so much, as she whopped it out. It’s moments like that that make me happy.) And anyway, this is what she says…

‘Chrissie! Here! What does BOOTY mean?’


‘Yeah, I keep getting this random texts off some guy, who has the wrong number and he keeps talking about booty or summat?’

‘:) Well it can mean bum, sex, treasure (incase he’s a pirate) or just a text for bonking?’

She hands me her phone and well ‘Adam,’ whoever he is has been booty texting poor 86 year old Lilian, without even knowing and asking her for sex! LMFAO. He texted her at 1.25am ( all us girls know to ignore vile boys who text you for sex when they’re pissed, out or off their faces) but not Lilian. She was confused that some guy who she doesn’t at all know, not only had her number but wanted her to ‘put out.’ AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! HILARIOUS!

The ‘Adam’ got the monk on mid-booty-text stream and said ‘Whatever then. C you whenever. x’

It’s so funny because he thinks this girl who thinks him is ignoring him. The girl who bonks him thinks he’s ignoring her. (He’s a rubbish bloke anyway.) And poor granny Lilian, thinks ‘Adam’ wants to ‘booty’ her, because he said he wanted her ‘booty’ and needed it NOW. PAHAHAHA.

I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did, OUT LOUD. How funny! I just looked at her bewildered face, giggled by arse off and said, ‘of course out of all the people in all the world, you had to get a new phone that comes with it’s OWN booty calls.’

She then laughed and well she just looked happy because she made me happy. Aww! Made my morning.

Now, people are finding it odd that I’m doing okay and that i’m happy right now due to circumstance and I love you all for your concern. yet I don’t have anything to be upset about. I’m filled with love and have what matters and have a business that is about to bloom because I did all the right things at the end of the year. I didn’t waste time and you get rewarded for that. But on a more normal note, I’m not stupid enough to dwell on the negative,nor am I that self absorbed to realize that it happens to everyone and in fact there’s a lot of people in this world or even just on my block, that have it a lot worse than I. I’m irrepresibile and it’s always been a lovely trait of mine. I’m strong and i’m a fighter and really with all my life experience, you CAN’T GET THIS KITTY DOWN. I’ll laugh things off in the end with a ‘shrug and a cocktail.’ I don’t have it hard. I am the luckiest girl in all the land. I’m here to tell my life story, do the best that I can and empower or inspire others. Plus, I’m comforted by the fact that I made really great choices towards the end of 2013. It really has put me in good stead and well now i’m a kitten who knows her worth…again. *Wiggle-pout-Tom Daley dive*

More importantly how ace is my Daddy!

I mean, I’m both a Mummy’s girl and a Daddy’s girl in one and more a Mummy’s girl since I became a Mum. Yet I grew up being my Father’s pride and joy. Many a boy have feared his ninja swords if they were to date me and do me wrong. Yet this is what I love about him…Remember that the entire family are currently away in Burma to celebrate my Mums 60-something birthday. So, they’ve gone out for a stroll with friends, seen an alligator…like ya do….and of course my Father thinks the best thing to do is… SIT ON IT πŸ™‚ for laughs. πŸ™‚ That’s my Papa! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love him. I find it hilarious, as it’s something that I would do and well that part of his life (and he spent his life being a loving husband, a doting father, an orthopedic surgeon and a GP…a business man…) well part of his life he spent sat on an alligator. πŸ™‚ I ADORE MY DADDY! πŸ™‚

I’m having an ace day. The oldies are cracking me up!

I posted this blurry night time pic of me yesterday evening…I feel sexy right now. I think i’m fit. πŸ™‚ I’m growing my Kardashian thighs. πŸ™‚ Here kitty kitty. That mirror needs a clean.

I’ve had a brilliant weekend, away from work. But I love my work so it’s lso blessing once Monday comes around. Yesterday the babies and I did a birthday party of one of their nursery friends. I get on really well with a lot of the nursery mums and people who work there. I love their kids and they love mine and its a nice feeling to have that really rapport with so many others. I have really great friends and really great aquaintances and they are all so different, be they young, old, rich, poor…they all are decent people, with great morals and golden hearts. Plus, the nursery mums LOVE MY CHILDREN. they know i’ve been through a lot and they open their hearts to me and help me every step of the way. I like that they like me…because in life…but mainly with the insecure, i get judged and bitched about before people even bother to get to know me. Yet that shows the type of person they are…and that’s unsuccessful at being secure. πŸ™‚

The nursery mums are a happy, secure, loving bunch, from solid stable homes, who adore their babies. Ruby and Junior loved the party and well i’ve kinda got to organize one for Ruby next month? Lord knows what? I looked at the mums yesterday and said, ‘I can only do adult parties. πŸ™‚ ‘ Β Holly’s mum said, ‘Yeah like dinner parties and soirees. I know what you mean.’

I looked, giggled as Ruby was darting own some slide screaming ‘look at meee.’

‘… Just ones with booze. πŸ™‚ ‘ It got a laugh so shush! πŸ™‚

Life is great right now and i’m really happy. I’m really excited for the beauty line and because it’s my own company now and i’m bringing people, investors and creative ideas on board and all to make…

I’m hiring great PR. I’m hiring a top business management and strategic marketing specialist..he’s in the States and well he’ll also run finances and the call centres…for part equity.

I’m gonna be pitching to Angels Den and submitting my initial bit of love tomorrow. #eek Nervous but excited. I mean there have been people who have pitched in July and by August after raising Β£175,000 were signing off the shareholder contracts. Exciting.

I’m open to shareholders, who want to be a director or be part of the company, if they invest financially or if they have a skill that will benefit my business. This is going to be Β WINNER, because there is ONLY PROFIT to be made!


Make your dreams come true. Work hard, love hard, play later. The people who mean something to you, will always be there waiting for you. Go take on the world and make your glitzy mark! All this has happened so quickly and literally over a couple weeks.!


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