Feeling delicious dipped in a sunshine peach of yum-fest! I’m currently blogging from bed, with my little life soldier Ruby laid next to me with her gummy giggle and the hiccups all in one. It’s like she’s an old drunk asian man…yet in a white onesize that reads ‘Bunny’ on it. 🙂 (My mum is also squidged under the sheets with us, in order to tickle the fruit of my loins, to make sure that she smiles for the rest of her life. Here I am blogging away, in my bra and secretary glasses and all i can hear, in one of those whispery, excited, baby voices is ‘Did you dream of fairies last night bambino?’)

Okay, today is the day that i’m not going to let anything bothered me. I’m adoring my knew single status. I’ve just emailed a bit of my book to my agent. I’ve just realized I only have one contact lens left and i’m weirdly excited about work, because I need me a little work to keep the ‘Puss’ in my ‘Glamour.’ Kelly (the next swivel chair next to me) and I work a little, then give up to pout at our mirror images, re-gloss and spritz. We’re the best bad influences on each other and well through this merry old time of ‘a little bit up & a little bit oopsie’ we encourage one another an unbeatable kitty cat feist.

I’ve woken up feeling like i’m on top of everything. New single Me is totally worth it and well when you ‘day job’ at a gym, you realize that sailing into ‘over you’ is made a hell of a lot easier. 🙂 I’m getting messages galore this morning and well it brings a wink to my eye to know that Ruby and I have the love of the world on our side. (God, i really fancy a samosa for breakfast. Nice to see that the ‘heartbreak diet’ skipped Me. UGH!!)

I’m concetrating on my career. Loving my little girl. Adjust my bra straps and strutting this  next chapter with style. *slips on heels.* I’m sooo over all the drama of Pete’s tediously, mouthy sister of ‘no-one cares.’ I mean, she’s already lost her brother everything, which pretty much shows that she would sacrifice her brother’s happiness, in order to fight a pointless cause. If that’s love…then lucky them.

Today, i’m feeling new, new, new and i’m going to tend to such merriment. (We all do it, don’t we.) It’s like a cleansing process. We get new hair, or find new ‘Handsome.’ I’m a girly that’s gifted with opportunity and if there was ever a time to enjoy it…i guess that would be now? I’m guided by the lucky stars dolls. *Wink-giggle*

Therefore i’ll leave you with that thought, as I do kind of have to get ready for work now. I don’t have much to report until the ‘circus’ of the day begins. However all i will say, is if you are going through the same kind of unneccessary madness , grab your sparkle scissors and start cutting those ties away. Little Bo Peep really lost her sheep DELIBERATELY! 🙂

I finally feel refreshed…

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