Bunnies, Bonking and a drink switch


Good morning my tiny trinkets of frilly panted delights! Today i’m feeling bubbled over with a distinct drizzle of ‘joie de vivre,’ life is all a wonder and my world is rainbow haloed with ‘ooh laa.’

I had a chill day yesterday, after a brief morning of once again having to enjoy the delights of the gossip, via the interfers. Luckily, i brushed it off with a wink, a wiggle and a strut. Grabbed my faux fur and diamantes and enjoyed a remarkable day with my delicious hubby-to-be. (Who currently believes you can never over book on bunnies.)

We went on a drive to celebrate our ‘four month’ wedding moment and ended up in a little hideaway, by a fish pond, that really wasn’t up to scratch. (I’m a bouji girl, i love luxury and a quick champagne pass, with a hair-toss and a yummy snacky foodie treat.) However, we managed to pull ourselves together, add salt to soup and high five our love with laughter, whilst we watched the rain by a breadroll. It was a much needed day of chill. However really, we both have a lot to tend to, meaning that when we take a chill day, we really are surrendering to the art of ‘laziness.’ Woohoo!

For the first time ever, i attempted to play pool. Now i’m a girlie girl. I love a bit of lipgloss, Victoria secret and stiletto-age. I’m not one for stepping out of my Barbie box of ‘kitty cat’…but yesterday and because i went with why not, i let my darling handsome teach me how to play pool. As predicted, i was shit at it. But i adored being shit at it because it means that i’m still the Ultimate puss of glamour. Keiran actually loved teaching me a thing or two. I could see it in his eyes. He thinks i’m hot with a pool cue, bent over a table with a giggle. Plus, he likes winning, therefore playing against me simply caters to his alpha male ego. I’ll not rock up with a pool cue again and well because we ended up accidentally smashing wine glasses and in my mind that is certainly a party fail.

Anyway, i didn’t want to *snooze* the day away and wanted to celebrate my time with my handsome…so we ended up finding a cuddly corner at an old fashioned cosy local, that was calm, beautiful and just what we needed. We laughed, we drank, we loved and we talked about the future. We’re really excited for the wedding and really really excited for the upcoming Book Launch/Bunny party. My dilema mid-wine was the fact that too many girls wanted to get booked on the bunny shoot with me. When that is your only dilema, then you know you have it good. *Wiggle-wink.* Keiran’s extremely excited at the thought of being surrounded by a gaggle of over boobied Playboy bunnies to celebrate my book. He enjoys the fact that i’m a girl of that sort and well i find it sexy that he loves me in a bobble tail and a wink.

We actually had a really lovely time, as we giggled, talked about love, what people think of us, how our fairytale has occured, whilst we cuddled and smooched. We’re mentally preparing for all that lies ahead and well it will be interesting to see how people close to us react, because right now we’re gaining a delicious amount of support from outsiders, who are inspired by us. I switched my wine to red, meaning i was far less feisty and great deal more cutsie. Made the night worth it. I managed to refrain from going ninja on my loved ones. If i drink white, i get angry, when stirred and after the tipsy line has beaten me. (You don’t want to have a go at me when i’m tippled on white vino. It’s never fun and always ends with broken nails. However, I will tell you that when i drink champagne, i’m apparently the most loveable bit of kitten ever. Naturally. It’s embedded in my nipple tassled system. We’ll often have it home and chill whilst we watch a bit ot telly. In fact, it’s the drink that puts us both in the greatest of moods. If you’re going to do anything, you make sure you do it bouji.

This morning we’re both all a chill. I’m craving a bit of sushi, yet i’m nowhere near any. Plus i’m craving a bit of Blackhouse. Yet once again, i’m nowhere near it. Baby Ruby has been hitting other babies in the face at nursery. We got told off for it today, making it all nice and awkward. Apparently if she wants something, she hits the baby, with the toy in the face and grabs it off them…then laughs. UGH! Not good!!! Maybe raising a ‘IT’ baby isn’t going to be easy. Rubes has been filmed for the show too and well even at ONE, she’s guilty of being a diva. I don’t even know what i’m gonna do. I kinda just apologised in a nursery filled with happy, playing kiddie winkles. I can’t believe my vagina has delivered a glitter headbanded bully. (Can i have a gin before noon?)

Not sure what i’m doing today. I’m meant to be guestlisting again and monitoring bunny girls for a Tuesday shoot. I have models galore, wanting to be part of the shoot, and come to the book launch bunny party. I don’t even know how to handle it. The boys believe they can handle it for me. 🙂 However, i think i’ll be fine. (I’ve pre-warned Keiran to refrain from calling the ladies ‘The Bunnies’ with a perv face and simply because they do actually and quite weirdly have names. lol)

I want to do something lovely today, like a yummy lunch with big hair? I’m getting really excited for all that lies ahead. However i will admit that it’s getting a little hectic.(I’ve already started inviting people that i find are a delight to my book launch…i just need to get on with the rest of it. I’m sure i NEED an assistant. 🙁 ) I’ve already managed to get distracted and accidentally have a bit of comedy bonky on the sofa. I asked my hubbster if i was going to be bonking me later. He said ‘yes’..but i guess later means now in his world. We were cuddling on the sofa and he quite cutely suggested i petted his ‘wink-wink.’ I kindly obliged and before you know it, we’re naked, i’m on top and we’re getting all a jiggy, in the name of love. I adore sexytime with my bit of toyboy ‘yum-yum.’ We have GREAT ‘ooh laa’ with one another and every single time.  We enjoy getting rather sexy. However anytime I have to pause giggle and say ‘Keiran watch that cuppa tea’, whilst I’m being carried and plonked on my back for the final round of ‘pump-a-lot’…you just kinda know it’s love. Keep your love life alive. Keep it fairytale, filled with laughter and don’t give two minor hoots about the people who enjoy to interfer. 😉


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