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Happy Tuesday!

I’ve had an eventful weekend and what i’ve learnt throughout this jolly weekend of life is that Autumn freaks me out, cars that are fixed run better, love is all you need, a glamour puss wins every time and that when it comes to life…it’s always the simplest pleasures that make me happy. I spent yesterday doing very normal, yet very loving bits of life with a being who stands by me as ‘my other half.’ Even though we’ve done so much and both lived lives of largeness, it’s those moments that I know I’d miss if life was to ever send us on another detour.

Nothing is put  in front of you that you can’t handle and well yesterday was a great day. Positive, loving and back to how it used to be. Mummy hood is a dream. My love life has kicked back into action. I’m feeling much better within myself. (Pregnancy can be draining.)  I’m back to glammy. I’m winking. I’m smiling AND my sex live has revved up it’s little rusty engine. I naturally quite enjoy a bedroom’ rompy-doo’ and when you don’t have it in a while, you forget how much you enjoy it when you do. However, the person you choose to have it with MATTERS. I’ve chosen a great life partner when it comes to that area of ‘wink-wink’ and well i don’t think i’m too bad at the art of ‘sexy’ myself. When you’re a chick, you definitely enjoy sex more when you’re in your 30’s. I don’t know whether your inner cougar kicks in or what? But older ladies are better at sex and simply because they know what they like, they experiment with themselves, they’re less inhibited when it comes to ‘ooh laa’ and much more confident between the ‘shh’ for sheets. For Christmas I think I want more boobies. I love boobs in general and mine are much less comedy these day after two children. I kinda found them much funnier when they were giant bazuka’s of bouncy ‘boom-boom.’ I want them back. I swear down they’ve shrunk!!!!! And yeah I guess everything’s in proportion once more, as they still look decent enough, with a wiggle and a wink. But I’m a glamour puss. I like status, power, boobie, diamond dripped EXCESS… in moderation of course. 🙂 And yeah I get the whole, more than a handful is a waste. But all i’m gonna say to that is Keiran has big hands? 🙂

Aside from that, the children had an amazing weekend, filled with the magic of Christmas, fairy lights and dinners. I’m balancing everything out accordingly now and i’m back to being my chipper, silly, whimsical self. Not only do I enjoy it more, but the kids do also. I mean, I spent the morning giggle dancing to both of them before nursery in my zebra pants and this was after I had sprinkled what I called ‘happy dust’ (it was imaginary…don’t ask) on my husband so he wouldn’t wake up grumpy. 🙂 If you think that’s weird, I pretend ‘oiled’ him last night because he looked like a creaky Robot, during Peter Andre’s life, on our telly box. I’ve decided that I definitely want Peter Andre’s life. Have you been watching his show!?! he has it all these days and well i’d quite enjoy the masses worshiping me for a while My heart is always always with entertainment as it’s the one thing I know how to do and actually always love. I never have a bad day when doing it. However, once you plonk out a couple of beautiful bambinos…things change and stability, alongside a whole lot of money making needs to take place quite quickly. You find yourself sacrificing your dreams in order to securely build a  foundation of the future if your little family. If you’re already ahead in the game of entertainment at this point, then you’re lucky. If not, you have you readjust and rethink the chances you take, because you can’t afford to waste time or lose money.

But, nonetheless, I believe that whatever is meant to happen in your life will. I believe in true love. I believe in dreams coming true and I believe that everyone gets what they deserve or what they attract to them. Being positive matters and it was in a moment yesterday that I remembered.

Yesterday morning, i managed to have a lay in. Laying in never happens to me these days. Not only did i manage to lay in, but I also managed to wake up next to my chunka-hunka. Then we got to naked chill in bed as we looked out the window into the sky, just chatting about life and the world.

You really should make the most of the 100 years you are blessed with…as we really are just little lemmings, on this giant disco Earth ball, orbiting the sun, which is suspended in the Universe. Very ‘Trekky’ of me I know. But it’s true. The little bits of negative don’t matter. You, your world, your life and the people you love DO MATTER. Make the most of it and please don’t waste your time on the things that don’t.

Ruby and Junior are amazing. They fill my heart with bundle of giddy giggles every day. Keiran and I are two peas in a pod. We go through a lot, but once the balance is formed, we’re always okay. It’s sort of like watching Junior try to sit up. He’ll wibble, he’ll wobble..he’ll topple over again and again. But one day he’ll just plonk down and sit up, straight and strong and once he can, after finding his balance, he’ll be able to do it for the rest of his life successfully and with a smile. That’s us. I guess the thing that powers the both of us is love. Not a bad thing to be powered by, by the way. We’re able to see the good in one another and often we get clouded by the negatives, but we never let the negatives get the better of us, in the end. We have a family and we ARE that family. We owe it to ourselves and the children to give it our best shot. That shot should be without question, with supreme stability and forever. From day one, we’ve lived by the ‘sink or swim’ theory. To this day, even those we’ve lost on armbands on occasion…:)…we’re still swimming and i’m proud of us. We’ve done everything really quickly and I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think it’s just the way life wanted it to be for us. Like I said in my previous blog, the most successful beings are those that can take the bricks that life throws at them and once taking the hit, begin to  lay a strong foundation with those very same bits of rubble.

I’m excited. I’m happy and i’m proud.

Enjoy Tuesday folks!









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