Bubble Wrapped Chickens and Lashes

Hey my little sugar lumps!

Life was great today, It was easy for a Sunday and well for those of you who are having to set alarms and get ready to do the whole ‘back to work in the morning’ tango…PAHAHAHAH…i don’t feel bad for you, as I’ve pretty much had to work through the whole of Christmas. It’s kinda only NOW, when working through Crimbo feels good, because you don’t have to ‘heave ho’ yourself back onto the work donkey (whatever that is) and pull yourself together for a bit of 9 to 5 . (Are we pouring that cup of ambition or just going through the motions?)

I mean, once we’ve had a break, we get lazy, don’t we! I know I do. I mean, I thought i wouldn’t make it through work today due to being ill over the weekend (code for lazy)…yet I did and it was fantastic. I mean, like my Facebook status said, any time you are sat opposite a girl who has her ‘Prince’ bu her Mini Eggs for a quid and you hear someone say ‘Can you just come up here and bubble wrap this chicken,’ you know life is great! Nothing is better right now. I’m surrounded by good times and as much as I live Hollywood and that lifestyle…there’ s just something about my simple northern life that I adore and mainly because I’m still very ‘Hollywood’ yet in Yorkshire you’re forced to appreciate the things that really matter in life…and bubble wrap chickens.

Sooo, i’m getting a lot of love right now. A whole bunch of messages have come through to my inbox, praising me for surviving a shitty year, inspiring people, and everything else in between. I got praised for being drunk, i got praised for being beautiful ( 😉 ) I got praised for being talented and for lashes! Lol.

Y’see, i’m the Queen of comeback. Life can’t throw any shit at you, without you coming out trumps! Have a dream, dream it and then do it…it will come true with the right amount of effort and charm.

So, I thank you all massively for your messages of support…you’re like Dolly Parton’s bra…much needed! I love you.

On the guy front…i’m getting a lot of guys wanting to ‘get to know me’ right now. Remember that this is my year of fun, business and dating. I’m going to wiggle and succeed this year. I can feel it.

Well…in my own head…i’ve chosen. I know the male that I like and i’m going to go for it. Well..i am going for it. I think? Well…slowly. But. whatever, this is just the beginning.

Yet, if i’m wise, i’ll go on lots of dates instead of putting all my eggs in one glitzy basket. Yet, i’m one who has a one track mind and once it’s made up…i’ve attached a firecracker to my frillies and i’m OFF!

So, we’ll see what happens Yet it’ll go well..stuff always goes well in my life.

I also realized that I don’t like the ‘faff’ of things. I’ve got to take my Christmas tree down, but i can’t be arsed..cos it’ s faffy. Like when i want wine, i just like to say ‘wine’ and have someone else open the faffy bottle and pour the faffy drink for me. I like to pack bags quickly…as it’s faffy and then have some gent carry them for me…Yet it’s weird because i’m the opposite to lazy. I’m an ambitious, determined kitty. Yet, the small things…i despise. I only enjoy the big things and it’s the big things that I DO WELL, be it with nipples tassles, my business head or with my heart, flicked to ‘on.’

I’m happy. this year is already going well. I’m weirdly not nervous or anxious and filled to the brim with confidence. Much better than this time last year, where i was bleeding into toilets and fighting with Keiran.

Watched ‘The Hangover’ with my celeb crush Bradley Cooper on my telly box all night. I actually watched it with my Mum, (who’s ace when it comes to watching funny, sweary or rude things) she’s quite laid back, like I am, so we can plonk on a movie like ‘The Hangover’ see naked Chinese men jump out of car boots and beat people with walking sticks and find it utterly hilarious! We were in STITCHES! It was almost as bad as the time we watched that ‘Granny Prostitute’ documentary, where my Mum thought they had a great career?? WTF! It’s great to fall asleep after laughter, so once we watched it, she left, I felt horny, but then fell asleep. (I swear it’s Bradley Cooper…it makes me melt. Plus, I’m a woman now, so i’m certainly not shy about claiming that I’m a hornball at times. If this shocks you, so what…i don’t care! 🙂 Its naturally…i’m at my peak. 🙂   )

Another creepy thing happened tonight. I was online just Googling random shit and well i accidentally came across an amazing piece of art work that i really loved. (Incase you didn’t know, I love art. I actually got an art scholarship into school and i could weirdly draw you in you wanted me tooo. lol Crazy, I know.)  But yes, I saw this amazing piece of art work…so like you do..I clicked on it…Googled further and it led me to a website…The website of Dan Shaw Town, who firstly I guess now is an amazing artist and lives in New York…but secondly…HE WAS MY IN HIGH SCHOOL BOYFRIEND. Like my first ever boyfriend ever! Lol I mean, at the time, when I was 17 and he was fifteen (i always go for younger…it’s weird) we were definitely in love…utter love. Lol. So how funny to have found him like that. It brought a smile to my face because it seems we’ve both ended up doing well in life…and well i admire anyone in the arts who is trying, en route or who HAS made it. I looked at pictures of him and his daughter and it was lovely. Then all these old flashbacks of our time together during our youth swirled in merrily and it made me inside giggle…I’ve had such a wonderful life.

But yes, well done him…and please do look him up. His art is modern and amazing. Dan Shaw Town. Go! Go! Go! I mean, i’m not in America anymore…otherwise i’d fly to New York and go see one of his shows. But when he ‘shows’ in London next…i’m there. I find that when you’re in business and it’s something creative, it’s great to support and love others doing the same. Especially if you know them. It’s good karma and come back on you threefold. Plus, he was my first ever boyfriend, so he deserves a clap for that, art or no art! Lol.

Okay, I need to get some kip now…the babies are back at nursery tomorrow, I’m at work all day and i’ve got a lot of lash stuff to tend to once work is done. I think i also have a business call with Zach about my marketing after work. (Who’s in The States.)

My lashes are doing really well and i couldn’t thank you anymore. I sort of looked through my business plan last night and had to breathe with joy and excitement. (I even had a cry.) I mean, I can’t believe how much i turned it all around. This year, I head out for investment…which i’ll get and all the PR gets going on them…so you’ll see them on your fave celebs, shows and in the top fashion and beauty mags, shortly.

I’m really excited about it all.

Night, night Dolls!

Love You x


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