‘Britains Got Talent’ Interlude

Was going to tell you about my shit boring day about shopping and how i not only got called a ‘shithead,’ but also purchased four amazing dresses for a week of parties in London starting Tuesday. One every night. I’m gonna be ‘Glamour Pussing’ it quite tragically. Shopping was easy. I’m a 2 second shopper. I simply glance, pose, then pay up. I’m an action kinda gal. It doesn’t take me long to do anything and if it does, then i’m bored. Whether it be boobs, boys, boots, or best dresses. I am all on that shite and in 2 seconds flat! I don’t wait around for much,a s my feet are always tottering forward, whether i like it or not. (God i wish i was drunk.)

Anyway, i got home and ‘Britians Got Talent’ took over my life. Not being funny or anything, but i don’t think Britain had that much talent this year. I watched them all and well for me the winners will either be Shaheen (who is amazing) or ‘Diversity’…(who i voted for.) I voted for ‘Sampson’ last year…and he won. I do like Aiden too. Any of them really. (I really need a malibu pineapple.)

The best thing about ‘Britians Got Talent’ is the fact that the show is actually without us knowing, bringing the WHOLE of Britain together!! We’re all discussing it with each other, making our desperate opinions and unknowingly rallying together as a country. (Wunna likes this!) It’s a wonderful show and well whoever wins it (as long as it’s not Boyle…lol. I’m not that nice) is a very lucky being. They fooled us into liking each other and becoming ‘one’ as a country.

Other than that, I bought a giant pink rubber today (as in ‘eraser’ and not one you put over your willy,) which has the words ‘Big Mistakes’ printed on it. I went around the shopping centre rubbing people out, who did not please me. I’ve swiped everything worth swiping. Winked at evrything worth winking at and well loving this thing we call goddamn ‘LIFE!!’

My boobs feel like they are about to explode and well i hope yours do too. I love you!! Can’t wait to see who wins!!

5 thoughts on “‘Britains Got Talent’ Interlude”

  1. I really do love how you spell Britain ‘Britian’ when you put it in ”s, but then spell it correctly when you don’t have it in ”s!


  2. And Aisleyne from Big Brother with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp… and Punjab Radio… you forget EVERYTHING about me!! GOD I HATE YOU!!



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