Breaking Hearts on a Daily

Hello, my merry morning monkeys! I love you all! I had a great nights sleep, and i’m quite chipper. I’ve already, bathed, groomed and run some important errands and it’s funny how much better you feel when you’re actually tottering around doing stuff, right? I was at the Post Office this morning (not sure why as i didn’t have anything to post) and got into conversation with a gentleman, (i’ll talk to anyone, as i’m interested in other peoples lives & personalities etc..) who was surprised that i was actually nice. I guess he thought i’d be more, ‘cut you in your sleep’ vixen, than ‘giggling moron’ bubbly. I’m kinda both and a whole lot of other things. Yet, i’m basing my extreme ‘chipperness’ on the fact that its SUNNY! I am completely solar powered. My body was built for fun and pleasure. Fun and pleasure is fuelled by fire power. And sometimes the fire inside me is just not enough.

I’ve been rummaging through suitcases of clothes and i found one of my old favourites. A baby blue/grey t-shirt, with ‘I Break (picture of a pink heart, with an ‘s after it) on a Daily Basis’ on it. It looks like it’s lived it’s life and is ready for an appointment with the trash can. Kinda made me laugh because it has blood stains smeared all over it. (Appropriate…even though i shouldn’t find that quite as amusing.) 

I was at ‘El Conquistador’ in LA and ‘Latin Lover’ (who’s also an attention whore) got upset because his ego was taking a tinsel bashing. Two gay guys had said rather loudly, ‘I love HER, (meaning me…ofcourse) but HIM…yeah not so much!’ I cracked up laughing! He got upset…(Lol, he can be such an arsey baby at times) and throws his Mexican coffee (coffee with tequila) on Me. I grow horns, pick up my mexican coffee and throw it in his FACE! It turns into some massive comedic fight, in the middle of the restuarant (haha) ending with me pulling his hair, and then scrambling on top of him, as i’m trying to wrestle him to the floor…whilst lesbians watch on. (It’s like bad porn.)

Mid scrambling, I break a nail, which caused an oddly large amount of blood to spurt out all over the floor almost everything. It was all over my skirt, all over my shirt, all over my dignity… well all over the poor damn joint. Then i wipe my face, only to have my own broken nail blood, smeared across my face like a crazy lady. It was like we were Superhero’s. Our Ego’s fought that fight for us! Anyway, i make the terrifying mistake of lifting my head up, and showing the jolly ‘trying to have dinner’ crowd my face…which turns into a panic, screams, applause and security heaving ‘Latin Lover’ out the restuarant. We laughed. We went home. We hung our heads in shame. We snuggled. The next time i went, they gave me free cocktails.

And thats the story of my ‘I Break heart’s on a Daily Basis’ shirt!’ Oh the memories! I’m throwing it out.

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