Boys, No Booze & Babies

Much better today! Had a giggle, a laugh, an ‘updo’ and a faux flower in my hair. What could be better!?! Work was great today and i realized that no matter how tough of a Glamour Puss you are, you NEED you’re beauty sleep and not just to aid the process of ‘deliciousness.’ Yet to also actually function the best possible way you can the next day. If i’m exhausted, i need to remember to sleep…instead of constantly entertaining the masses, with *winks.*

Today, i’ve watched a gent play fight an imaginary bear, rubbed my bump like i’m Buddha in the warmest public toilet mirrors known to mankind. I’ve swayed in an office to Christmas tunes by East 17, with a boy who enjoys to play football on the coldest of nights. I’ve let people fondle my *bump* (which i am sure has started to swear now.) Infact, according to various websites, my *bump* that contains a baby ‘Glamour puss’ can actually hear now and has apparently got used to the soothing sound of my voice. 🙂 My voice is probably the exact opposite to ‘soothing.‘ It’s a giggly, bimbo, witchy, cackle of nasal verbal output that i possess. But i love it. You can hear me coming a mile off. Yet i don’t care.  To my *bump* (which both Lovwerboy & I have named) my voice is THE VOICE that will give her entrance into this merry place we call the world. REALLY HAPPY TODAY!! Weirdly getting flashbacks of me pretending to be a boxer today and nearly getting run over by oncoming icy traffic.

My work life is warm. I’m feeling the crimbo spirit. I’m currently at my mums and watching to Kerry Katona documentary that i missed. I’ve been a spectator during a rather random moment of homo-eroticisms and was then asked how my boobs will contain milk, if they are filled with silicone? I have milk boobies, ontop of  ‘boob job’ boobies and a belly that suggests pie eating. It’s wonderful. I can’t WAIT to be a mummy! Loverboy’s been really loving of recent and it’s really making me feel more and more secure. (I’m telling you, watching ‘The Notebook’ has changed his life. lol. Well temporarily anyhow. Men always go pre-prompted phases of perfectness. It lasts about a week. TWO weeks if you’re lucky and then they go back to their regular annoying selves. Luckily my ‘handsome’ (who wants a Nissan GTR track day for Xmas) is pretty lovely, even at his worst. I’ve got a keeper. FINALLY! (Took you ages Cupid!)

Other than calling a boy ‘Balboa’ for a good hour and then watching a teenage girl with red liquorice cry at a counter, i’ve managed to fit in a chat with a guy, who wants to re-tell the story of Pete & I’s love for one another for a magazine. I have two photogs confusing me, with how they wish to shoot my preggo bump and I? I’m craving chocolate, wanting to see a psychic and can’t wait until it’s my BIRTHDAY! Not long now.

I picked up a random phonecall from a boy in London…a footballing one, who just called to try and get in my Christmas knickers, before going on about how ‘famous’ he was..which i find rather repulsive. Nice guy, yet just wants to me loved, described himself as a ‘hot piece of hunky ass’ (lol..i get the best guys) and i refer to him as ‘Romeo.’ I actually loved how i told him how happy i was, how sober i am, how loved up i feel and how preggo i’ve become. It’s brilliant. For once,i’m being an ACE girlfriend!! (Just reading a Tweet. A friend and I had lost a

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