Boys, Girls and Rum Tings!

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Girls that mean business are the sexiest girls on the planet. Girls that can handle life with a wink and a delicate, victory, air punch are heroines! The chicks that can fall over, dust themselves off, shrug with a belly laugh and be just alrighty in heels are the best and the femmes that can dash off that bit of negative ‘blah blah’ merrily and with a confident giggle of ‘i know my worth’ are the ones that become a success. πŸ™‚

Life is really short, so it’s super important that you really try to fulfil all your wishes and dreams and truly enjoy the blessings that you’re given in life because just like that…it can all be over….and then that’s it…no more…shows over…lights out. I learnt that years ago when my Daddy had a heart attack, but survived at the last hurdle and i was reminded of that the other day when an amazing lady that I work with, who had her husband suddenly die…just like that….taken from her…without notice or consent….in a moment told me how important it was to really be positive and really live for all the right people (yourselves, family and love) and not be cluttered with everyday negative nonsense that doesn’t matter in the big picture. I enjoy positive people. People who can always still stand strong, see the good in everything and after such a giant hardship. Especially when there’s the folk that make giant shitty mountains out of very tiny molehills and for no real reason other than the great art of being miserable. πŸ™‚ I’ve learnt a lot this year and well i’ve never ever worked harder and i’ve never ever been happier!

Sooooooooooo…date night went well. We went to No7 The Rum Rooms in Doncaster. It’s a tiny little place, hidden away by the markets, but HOLY MOLY the food there is five star, yumminess!! It’s creative, it’s all about fine dining and it’s a wonderfully delightful surprise, oozed over with the best customer service…and an awesome rum bar! I mean, ANY PLACE that states the ingredients of the drink in question (when asked by an ageing Burmese glamour puss) is ‘rum…lime…ginger and TING’ is the bomb diggy. πŸ™‚ We indulged in pigeon breast, crab claws, medium rare rump steaks, the most delicious desserts, served beautifully and with utter class!

It was comfortable, but classy and perfect for my date…which actually went really well. It felt right. It felt easy. It felt like it should do…y’know…natural….like two people who were meant to have a go at ‘doing life’ together should feel. I think new couples often get swirled up in the excitement of a new romance and the real ‘can we do this’ part comes years afterward….when the swirl of excitement has hosed down a little and you’re let with love, the real kind…that if you’ve found your true love, is the strong kind that no matter what can survive a lifetime, quite easily. The ‘grow old together’ kind of love. Life partners are important and the person you finally choose to do life with…matters. I’m actually getting hit on quite a lot right now…and it’s because my theory is right and people just want to couple up for Christmas. I don’t care what anyone says….they all want someone to snuggle up to by the cosy warm fire and share gifts, love and Crimbo with.

But yes…’No7 The Rum Rooms’ Doncaster…AMAZING little surprise. Its’ definitely worth going there. ESPECIALLY if Doncaster is your local area. We had fun!

Today has been my FIRST day off in FOURTEEN days. Yes, i’ve worked fourteen days in an entire row, without a break…I’ve still managed to do it smiling, laughing, commit to loving my babies and doing all the Halloweeny hoopla, that we as parents have to undergo…along with work hard on my eyelash business and cross my fingers and toes all at the same time…whilst looking DIVINE. I’ve been a proper glamour puss this last month and it’s been great. Women have even stopped me in the street and said that ‘it was lovely to see a girl actually loving and being A GIRL!’ I likey! I’m a girly girl, with a fun boyish sense of charm…or humour and it works for me, so there. And if really doesn’t matter when weirdo folk say horrid things about little moi, as i laugh it off with a giggle and simply because not only am i an egomaniac, but i also know that i can be a swine. πŸ™‚ Life is good right now and i just don’t know why or how it is….all i can think of is the simple fact that i secretly always knew it would be. πŸ˜‰ You need a happy internal soul…and i’m that…even when i’m having a ‘pity party’ weep. I’m very aware of what life is about, people and love. So, i’ve scored points. BOOYAH! (I need wine.)

It’s almost time for my eyelash line to be thrown out there for your goodie goodie hands. I have lots of support from the people that matter and lots of aggression and blanking from the people who hate me for it? Lmao. Everyone matters…so i couldn’t categorized them as ‘not being worth a look in.’ πŸ™‚

I’m excited. I’m happy and i’m doing really well. We’ve finally made it to November and well thank GOD Halloween is over. I just want to get Bonfire night out the way and shimmie it along to Christmas and well even before that MY BIRTHDAY!

Stay positive. Live well and ALWAYS be a kitten!

I’ve done a lot of putting other’s before my own needs this year and as soon as I prioritized…life got better and the right people, who always cared, stood or are still standing right by me. I’m lucky. πŸ˜‰ Be lucky. Love life! Care for those who you SHOULD be caring for!

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