Boys, Booze and Boobies


Today I look hot and I look hot because I feel hot and I feel hot because….i’m happy. Simple formula. Lets stick to it girls and bounce forward gleefully with our boobies and winks. Like I Tweeted an hour or so ago, I’m quite sexy today for a 100 yr old, ageing sex symbol 🙂 and it’s the days when you feel like that, that you know everything in life is WUNNAFUL.

I have two days off in a row. I don’t have much time to blog these days do to work, single parenting and life. Yet i’m still here…i’m not very queer..and I haven’t forgotten about you. I mean if anything, I adore my blog and simply because it will always be my therapy. YIPPPEE!

A lot of work, work and working ‘it’ has happened over the last week. Boys with thumping hearts and over active boners, trying to boomerang me over an invite. Like I said, noone settles down in Summer. Plus, my life is too greatness right now, with open options, meaning that I picking a great deal more carefully this time around.

Other than predictive text is a bastard. It typed ‘Cut me some SLAVES’ instead of ‘Cut me some SLACK.’ I love it really, as I’m quite fond of being glamourized as Princess Wunna…slaves an’all. Yet, it is actually really annoying when your phone just does whatever it pleases, instead of obeying your commands. (I’m currently feeling quite bad, because i’ve just turned away a very sweet male, who maybe wished for a Wunna entanglement. Well..not maybe…he told me he did. Yet, this boy is already taken..and we have a good friendship, meaning he’s very much in the ‘friend zone’ and unfortunately needs to remain there. Especially whilst he’s unhappy in his relationship. I mean, I hate it when girls guide boys in the wrong direction. Obviously, if a guy is heavily committed, married, or whatever else to a lady, (be she a lady or not)…especially if there is a child involved, it is important that you remind them of what they loved about that girl and that bonking the pretty, hot chick, isn’t going to make them feel better, if they still love her. Plus, if a guy is still with a girl, he deep down, no matter what still wishes for her to be by his side. I always say it…if the grass looks greener…water your own lawn, give it a little love and it will get better. I mean, i’m a girl that was left holding…TWO babies and i would never ever bring that hardship and all that I had to go through, on another woman. My life isn’t easy, it’s hard. Yet because of love, money and so much help…i’m lucky. That’s how I survive it and cream it over with success. I don’t know how any girl would do it if they were literally on their own with no help from family, no cash, or no love. But yes, that’s just happened…and it just didn’t realise that I was a distraction. A hot one…Men find their way to me, in these situations, because of the tan, boobies and ooh laa. Or even for the ‘trade up’ game. I’m used to it now, so unless I know when things are real and when they’re just moments that don’t need to happen. )

I don’t know what it is with Men and I…but they like me.If I was an Xmen that would be my accidental power. I don’t get, but it happens? I mean, two of my LA exes now want to date. One of them, Lee…I used to always refer to him as the Ralph Lauren underwear model and well that’s because he is…or was…he’s now flying over to England to visit me…as friends…yet also says that he’s just got out of a relationship, he’s been thinking about me A LOT over the years, he wonders what would’ve happened if he didn’t break up with me and has thought about it almost every day of recent and although he is currently in a play working, he is not going to be dating anyone from now on and waiting until he flies to England and sees me?

Y’see this always happens with me and boys that i’ve dated. At the time they think i’m shitty, but after dating others or doing life without me for a while…they realise how much of a great woman I am 🙂 and how much they actually miss me.

Without dating him or  anything, I get on with Lee really well anyway, so it’ll be fun to have a bit of LA back here in Yorkshire.I much prefer getting on with gents than not. I hate the cycle that Keiran and I go through.  Yet apparently you only have cycles when there’s still love there. I get on REALLY well with Pete and it’s refreshing. He actually looked quite dreamy on Sunday. He’s lucky because he doesn’t have to watch what he eats or really even work out and has his accidental athletic body. He was in a vest and quite muscly. Ruby only likes men with muscles, because it’s all she’s been raised around. Lmao. (OMG, i’m sat in my living room, peering out the window and EVERY HOME has a shirtless window cleaner or gardener right now. LOL.  Mike the handy man just left. He had his shirt off, because i needed a door fixed. He had his shirt on though because he’s respectful around boobies…sometimes. )

I’ve got loads of errand running to do but can’t be bothered because i’m enjoying having two days off. I still have the home to sort out and a million things to buy.

I spent the morning booking holidays. I’m the worst for it, as now it’s turned all  five star…literally… ALL five star, for the whole entire event. If they tried to sell me a donkey with diamonds on and butlers to ride me up to the hotel, I would’ve taken it.  I’m like a sales reps dream, when it comes to holidays. Shit for my bank balance though. But whocares, i’ve had a rough 2014 and my children and I deserve this treat  now that everything has turned out sparkly.

Shit!! I forgot to tell you. I got run over my a granny on a moped at a till in Morrisons the other day! Lol. She lost control of the moped and it just came heavy pushing towards me with force, an electric noise… and wouldn’t stop. 🙂 She felt really bad, but i was pissing myself laughing. It really hurt. But what were the chances of that happening. LMAO. Moped’s are like bulls. Don’t wrestle them…just RUN. I actually felt a bit embarrassed and i NEVER feel embarrassed EVER! I was trying to push it back at her. HAHAHAHA. ..with nappies under my arm.

(I’m currently sipping a tequila lime Desperado, in order to summon my inner Mexican. Mike was like, ‘Drinking at this time?’


It’s times like that when i miss my London and LA friends. LMAO

Okay, i’m going now to try and attempt some errands.

Love you lots..

Happy Wednesday! 🙂












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