Bored Innit

It’s almost 1am, i think i have nappy rash and i am completely and utterly BORED out of my boobied fucking box! This is my week of staying in every night and not going out of the Razzle McDazzle, to prove to myself that I can, and well it seems that I can’t….and i don’t care. I’m a socialite. I need PEOPLE! I’m literally watching paint dry and dying away slowly..yet prettily. I honestly do not know how people do it!! I mean, i always call those people ‘gusset scrubbers,’ Yet even they’re one up on me…i have no gussets to scrub. The sheer fact that that would interest me thorougly…worries me.

Why am i even like this? Why can’t i manage to be home in the comfort of my own home for a whole week (note, that we’re only on Tuesday) and be A OK with the whole dealio? To be honest and i will kill myself for saying this, but it’s not even about the ‘getting drunk.’ I just enjoy the ‘meeting of people,’ the carefree, danger, fun fun, experience of ‘doo lally.’ I’m a Kitty Cat. Homes cool, i’m grateful i have it…but i am 100& sure this is how people go insane. I mean you never want me to be bored, because then i do foolish dickhead things, that consist of trouble, bullying and well i guess boys! 😉 There’s not even any entertaining pervs on Facebook to lull me in! Even the pervs aren’t out! (Well apart from one that is begging to sniff my crotch…which i find odd?)

What i should’ve done is invite people round. Yet ofcourse, i think of the good idea, far to late, where i can no longer put it to use! I mean i had one friend text me stating that they would’ve come round if i told them to. However, now they’ve taken 2 Nytols, to muddle their body clock back to ‘sensible,’ and can no longer see. I told them that ‘seeing was for losers.’ They told Me, that i should be a motivational speaker for the blind! lol

Other than that, i believe i should have a wedding. (I’ve have about 3 weddings already, i think, in this lifetime so far. I like Weddings…just not marriages. I’ve never been a Bridesmaid, but always been a Bride. Infact, i’ve never been to anyone elses wedding but my own. (That might be a lie?) But it’d be nice to see someone else utter vows of devotion to a darling….before the divorce. No-one wants to invite me to there wedding. The Brides think i’ll wear white. I would too. I don’t think there should be rules at such an event. It’s about unity and love, not what i’m wearing. (I always make it about what i’m wearing or ME!)

Ugh, now i’ve run out of booze. Not only is there boredom, yet there’s no booze to quench it. Anyway, that is all. I was just wanting to report my excitement. 🙂 I still do feel as though i have nappy rash. Bizarre really? It feels like i’ve wet myself all day, yet I haven’t? I believe it’s my vagina crying and telling me she’s fed up with it all too. Ah well…not long to go…

I enjoy how my Love Horoscope on Facebook, that is meant to tell me my daily future in the lovely world of ‘romance,’ ( I even have it on my profile page, due to my fondness of it) has given up completely. Everyone else gets a long rosey paragraph of ‘Happy ever after.’ My begins ‘Chrissie,‘ then completely stops. Hahahah! Oh dear!

5 thoughts on “Bored Innit”

  1. u should never be bored miss wunna u are to funny and to sexy not to find amusment yourself or find someone to amuse u babe especialy judging buy that pic u look amaizing chrissie it is my favorite pic of u babe if ever u get bored and want ot natter bell me up buttercup and u can mug me to cheer u up

  2. I love your blog so much you are amazing and so hilarious! Glad you are doing so well in life and enjoying it, you deserve it gorgeous! xoxo


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